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    Teksi 1Malaysia launched with brown and white colour price from RM59k for taxiTaxi drivers can now have a 1 Taxi (TEKS1M) issued the national car company Proton Holdings Bhd, complete with all the requirements and tools to operate taxis.


    Land public transport Commission Chairman, Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar said the Proton Exora was chosen as TEKS1M because the vehicle has the quality, competitiveness and price match his ability.


    TEKS1M is an initiative carried out in collaboration between SPAD and Proton under 1Malaysia Taxi (TR1MA), he said at the launching ceremony of the TEKS1M in Shah Alam, yesterday.Syed Hamid said the budget taxi TEKS1M is created to improve the quality of taxi services and the country’s industry thereby contributing to the local tourism industry.


    “To start with, a total of 1,000 units of the Exora will be issued in the next two months, with a focus around the city such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru, “he said.TEKS1M is offered in two options: automatic transmission and manual and two options of engine fuel petrol and natural gas (NPV) in addition has a capacity of four seats and luggage space.


    The vehicle also features the meter charges travel and global positioning systems (GPS) in addition to having a system that allows passengers to use the credit card and a debit card to pay fares that apply to them. TEKS1M depicted in elegant Brown represents the supremacy over the color of taxi available at the same time creating a new standard in the taxi industry.


    Teksi Proton Exora would be sold to RM64, 000 price harga per unit starting this June, but taxi drivers who are interested can get it at a price RM59, 000 because the people’s Foundation will provide financial assistance 1MDB RM5, 000 to ease the burden of the people.In addition to the assistance, taxi drivers can also borrow up to nine years for the purchase of TEKS1M.

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    1. Lee chan keong says:

      boleh tahun macam mane mohom teks1m .

      Lee chan keong

    2. nizam says:

      macam mana nak mohon teksi 1 malaysia

    3. rajen says:

      saya mahu mohon teksi 1 malaysia bagaimana caranya.. 0137498447

    4. mohd ridzuan bin jaafar says:

      Dh lame memohon tp xdpt…

    5. mohd ridzuan bin jaafar says:

      Berminat jgk 0129423929

    6. Ramesh says:

      I’m taking driver. I want to apply for texsi 1Malaysia. How and where to apply. Currently I’m driving texsi.

    7. subra says:

      macam mana nak mohon teksi 1 malaysia dan saya nak tahu apa syarat-syarat untuk menjadi pemandu teksi

    8. RICKY says:

      get one msiateksi at texi company

    9. FOO CHEE KUEN says:

      May i know how to apply 1Malaysia Teksi?
      PM me in this number 0107989001.

    10. shee keat seong says:

      i dah mohon teksi 1 malaysia tapi tak dapat lagi,i dapat satu smg dari oct 9,2013 (SURUHANJAYA PENGANGKUTAN AWAM DARAT(SPAD):makluman:ingin dimaklumkan bahawa permohonan TEKS1M tuan/puan telah diterima dan diproses oleh S.P.A.D.kami akan memaklumkan keputusan tuan/puan dari masa ke semasa.sekian

    11. saw praadsing says:

      can let me know how to apply this taxi and what the condition should i need ? 0127340822

    12. Teha says:

      Macam Mana Nak Apply Teksi Ni?? Buatlah Application Khas Untuk Teksi Ni Senang Sikit

    13. Kumararaja says:

      Hi macam mana nak mohon pls pm 0122693071

    14. Navukarasu a/l Bilasamy says:

      Saya mahu mohon teksi 1 malaysia nah beli bagaimana caranya……014 7984586

    15. Razali says:

      Sy berminat untuk memiliki teksi 1 Malaysia bagaimana cara untuk memohon 01133755091

    16. mustapha says:

      Nk tahu cara nk apply teksi 1 Malaysia

    17. Benny lye says:

      How to apply ? Teksi 1 Malaysia Pm pls 01132771707

    18. Balu says:

      I nak bawa teksi nak mohon macammana

    19. Norhaslizan says:

      Mcm mana nak tempah Teksi

    20. kanes says:

      how to booked 1m ? what is the procedure?
      my contact details 0102416106

    21. Rosdi Muhamud says:

      Macamana caranya nak mohon teksi 1 malaysia ?

    22. sia siew moi says:

      Bolehkah sy tahu macamana cara untuk mohon ni.
      my contact 012-7002841

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