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    Last week we have provided some information about cheap sport rim / sport rim murah at Rawang. Now we are going to give you another information and review about 3 most famous place to buy sport rims which is Klang, Sunway and Rawang. Why? Because they offers a very good deal in terms of price to the customers. There are differences among three of the places. So, lets check it out here..



    Our first journey is straight ahead to Jalan Kapar, Klang, Selangor. We planned to go to Klang first then to Sunway and the last is Rawang. In Klang, there are about 5-6 sport rims shop near by Jalan Kapar. But you need to travel by car to go to each shop.


    Our first visit is the most famous kedai tayar & sport rim that most of us talking about and rated as “kedai tayar & sport rims paling murah” by many Malaysian. It is called the “Kedai Papan“. But now no longer kedai papan, it is a concrete building with orange painting. the name of the rims shop is Perniagaan Tayar Hing Leong Tyre Services.

     This is the busiest sport rims shop in Malaysia i would say. When we arrived there, there are so many cars and the owners want to pimp their own rims. I have been there last year and the situation is the same. So many people there. There are 3 separate shop. What you see above is the center one selling sport rims with size of 13″,14″,15″ & 16″. The left one selling sport rims with bigger size. And the right one selling sport rims with all sizes but it is actually smaller different shop. This shop is actually the cheapest in Klang compare to few of the tyres and rims shops that we have visited there at Jalan Kapar.


    This one is the other shop nearby Jalan Kampar. The Perniagaan Tayar Hiap Hoe Loon Tai Sdn Bhd. Just opposite of carrefour Jalan Kapar Klang at the traffic light there. This shop offers variety of bigger size of sport rims. The price and offers is quite good. Not so many people here so you can have a good negotiation with the owner of the rims shop.


    Our next visit is Sunway Pusat Tayar Tek Ming Auto Service. This shop is famous due to its wide promotion in the internet especially in lelong auction website. You can visit lelong.com.my and search for their online shop there to view their available sport rims. This shop is not the cheapest among three places (Klang, Sunway & Rawang) but it is the cheapest in Sunway only. The price cannot be negotiate further compare to Klang and Rawang. What you see at the price tag of the sport rims is what you are going to pay.

    The customer service is not so good compare to Klang and Rawang. Especially a girl at the counter there that didn’t allow me to take some picture and even touch the sport rims. What the..?? I just want to compare which rims is good and i must touch and turn it to see the spec of the rims at the back and feel the weight of the rims. Furthermore I am going to buy one, not just looking at it. So not a sporting girl.  But others employee has no problem with me. There are variety good design of second hand sport rims at sunway. Among three of the places, if you want to search for second hand rims, this is the place because the second hand rims displayed there are acceptable and still looking good (in good condition). But wait and think again. Maybe you need to see other offer for new sport rims at Klang and Rawang first.


    Then we continue our journey to Pekan Rawang. There are a lot of Sport Rims Shop near a round about (Bulatan Pekan Rawang) beside the Mc Donald at Pekan Rawang ahead to Tanjung Malim old road. Once you get in the round about, you will see most of the tyres shop there. It is easy to look around there as you just need to walk between one rims shop to another shop nearby after you park your car there.

    Above picture is one of the sport rims shop (Pusat Servis Tayar V care tyre & Auto Services) This is where you can get a best deal to buy a new set of sport rims and tyres. It is an unbelieveable deal. The price might be the same as Kedai Papan but you can trade in your sport rims and tyres with the highest value.

    I put one example here for a Proton Saga BLM stock sport rims 14″ with tyres. At Kedai Papan, they can give the best trade in value of RM800/900. At Tekming Sunway, they only take RM500, which is the lowest value. Here, a Saga BLM owner can put a wider smile on their face because most of the shop offers more than RM800 up to RM1200!!! It is really an unbelieveable trade in value. So if you want to trade in your tyres and rims, just go here and you just need to add another few hundreds of Ringgit to buy the new sport rims. Even an old stock rims (rim besi) of kancil they will take it for RM200. Below is the other cheap sport rims shop in Rawang.


    Other thing is the shop here sell most of the rims of exlusive and luxury cars like Mercedes Benz and BMW sport rims with the cheapest price offered by them. During our journey, I also want to search for Sport rims of Mercedes Benz C200 17″. At Klang, the best price of the rim Taiwan made rims for Mercedes is RM3900. Rawang offers the best price of RM1700 only.
    So, overall between Klang, Sunway and Rawang, my vote is for Sport rims shop in Pekan Rawang. Even the price of Rawang shop and Klang Rims Shop is not too far, but at Rawang the price of sport rims in each shop is like competing with each other because they are quite near between shops and they will offer the best high trade in value for your original stock sport rims and there are not so busy, so you can talk with them and get your car changed with new rims faster.
    Whatever it is, if you want to buy new sport rims, just go and make a survey between those three places. Take your time and enjoy looking around for your new sport rims. Then get the rims at the best price and with the design that you really likes. Hope this information helps.
    P/s: This article now updated in another articles on pictures of  sport rims at those three places (Rawang, Klang and Sunway)
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    72 Responses

    1. ahamdnisfu says:

      No’s of tyre + rim shops in rawang bercamcah mcm cendawan tumbuh.10 yrs back, nak cari kedai tayar pun susah.Kalu nak best alignment & balancing shop, you should go to ” kedai no 3 ” next to famous kopitiam in Rawang Old Town. Tapi leceh sikit, kena tunggu . Customer ramai. Anyway, sambil tunggu kereta, better pekena roti bakar + butter & 2 eggs kat kedai sebelah. Fuiyooh, this coffee shop memang best la. Masak air & bakar roti still pakai arang. Dia punye bau .. tak boleh tahan la. Selamat Mencuba

    2. mie says:

      uhhh gila nie, Rondo baru keluar pulak tu, minngu nie apa lagi singgah pekan rawanglah kita…….Good research

    3. kdi says:

      ha.. nak singgah pekan rawang? Ni ade tips baru. Tadi baru je lepas singgah sana beli sport rim utk kereta baru 50km jalan & 2 jam lepas keluar kedai.. hu2.. sedih gak rasa tukar rim terus. Tapi tu lah yang terbaik. Kalo nak tukar rim, baik tukar terus lepas je dapat kereta baru. Sebab harga trade in memang the highest die bagi. Selagi “tiang2” bunga tayar tu ade lagi.

      Tu bukan tipsnye.. hu2.. Tipsnye adalah, jangan mudah terbakar!!! wahaha.. Set kan bajet untuk beli rim tu. Sebab tadi dah terbakar sampai hangus jadinye. Amik tayar yg lagi bagus, letak rim lug yg lg mahal n amik rim ori lebih RM500.. uhuks! Tapi kalo nak membakar diri ape salahnye.. Tgk keperluan la..

      Recommended, terus ke kedai sport rim “V Care” di pekan rawang tu. Memang situ the best price dapat n dapat harga trade in paling tinggi. Try cakap ngan Soon, pekerja kat situ n cakap je korang tau kedai die dari http://www.kereta.info. Sure bleh kawtim agi murah punye.. So selamat menukar rim okeh..

    4. Hey dude,

      I feel very offended and insulted right now. What situation i met was, i drive all the way to RAWANG. Its not like what you say! I traded in my SAGA BLM sport rims for only RM800 although i got it 3 days ago. Which mean my car only 3days old!!! I told them forum says around 900 – 1.2k but they say abit old oledi. WT… After that, they charge me another RM500 for a 15″ rim… and with 2nd hand tyres. Front and back different 1. So overall im not satisfy with this shop. Strongly recommened KLANG’s shop at least they won’t cheat ppl!!!!!!!

    5. kdi says:

      Yes dude,

      ARE YOU SURE??? Or you are the one who CHEATING? We just went there 2 days ago and ALREADY traded in blm 14″ rim for RM1200. Why should we lie to you? Which shop do you go? What is the name? 15″ sport rim RM500 with 2nd hand tyres? OMG. Pity you. They offer us to pay RM350 only for 15″ rims with new tyres silverstone 50series with lug nut and the tube.

      My advice is, if you are not satisfy with the price, dont buy! Why did you buy it if you are not satisfy? Make a survey first and THINK carefully la bro. If you feel that Klang is good, go to Klang and buy there. Don’t blame anyone for not THINKING properly. ok DUDE?

      Sorry kinda emo abit. =p But we are on behalf of NO BODY. We make reviews fairly and base on facts professionally.

    6. Hey there,

      Im pretty sure. I called them in the morning, after that the lady there ask me to go there first so that can let them see the price. When i drive all the way there, they asked a guy called Ah Soon, the supervisor i think, to talk with me. After a while, he says maximum can give me RM800 for trade in. Then i top up another RM500 for the 15″ rim and 4 second hand tyres. Think carefully, what for i wanna lie here? If u guys really can help me get back a proper or nicer rim. Please let me know. Coz i really feel so disappointed with the shop. The ‘V care tyre shope’ … Blue colour 1. I 100% sure i got cheated. Sob… I did survey and when i see your post, i called them the next day morning (SUNDAY) then directly go lo.. Sigh, what to do? I already using it now. I don’t think anyone can help now. Just wish i can advice to those who’s seaking for infomation too… =(

    7. kdi says:

      Ok then, thank you for your sincere review about that shop. By the way, maybe you are not lucky enough to get cheaper price like what i and other buyers experienced. Like what i have said in the article above at last paragraph:

      “if you want to buy new sport rims, just go and make a survey between those three places. Take your time and enjoy looking around for your new sport rims. Then get the rims at the best price and with the design that you really likes”

      This means that you are not really read my useful articles. I have spent one hole day to make the survey and review on 3 different places. So i just hope my information really benefits others. Instead of V care, the shop opposite called “Lenso” like the picture above offer RM1000 trade in price for 14″ sport rims and tyres and just need to add RM400 to get new sport rims and new tyres.

      Hatescammer.com shows one example of mistake that people usually did when choosing and buying sport rims. Hope that anybody will not do the same mistake and make sure you read all the info properly.

    8. yes in deed. Sigh. I wish no more blind customer will walk in to their shop. They’ll simply tell you wrong information. Btw, this website is useful.

    9. VDread says:

      Nice info you have here.
      If only I had read before I purchased and traded my Satria Neo rims at Shah Alam.
      Keep up the good work!

    10. jun says:


      sometimes its not worth it for some ppl to travel alot just to get rims or tyres so they need to claculate cost (petrol + toll) vs price of the item.
      I would say this is a good review, because if you are living in Klang, you know which shop is good now,
      if you live in near Rawang, we can know which one to go to.

      good job!

    11. \kent says:

      do u have TE 37 19inch (bronze) for fairlady?

    12. wltw87 says:

      How much would it cost for saga blm, tyre+sport rims??

      Sorry im not very good with cars.. someone offered me a 2nd hand tyre+rim for RM250 used for 3-4 months.

      Any advice?

    13. kdi says:


      what do you mean? do you want to buy tyre+sport rims or you want to trade in your BLM tyre + sport rim? cost for new saga BLM tyre with 14″ original sport rims is RM800 to RM1200.

    14. gheezz says:

      waa…very good&useful article… i planning to go change my sport rims today.. ready to go to klang..but after read your article..
      i think better i go survey to rawang 1st… but i’m not familiar with area rawang dont know how to go there..

    15. Ahmad says:

      Hi guys,
      My new Vios J to be received in next two weeks time. Definitely to change the rims and perhap to go for 15′ rim with 195x55x15 tyres. Any recommendation which type of rims suit with Vios and how much trade in value for steel rims and tires. Last but not lease, how much roughly need to to-up for the difference.

    16. jeffer says:


    17. jefferson says:

      sorry ,… im a newbie here n im really impressed with this site..very useful n informative

    18. Bel says:

      Hi everyone. I have a 1997 repainted satria 1.6 which i love very very much. unfortunately it got stolen not too long ago but police managed to find it. Got it back and insurance has refurbished with original parts. However, it’s not same anymore. I need to put some magic to her to make her beautiful again. I’ve just moved to Pennisular M’sia and this site has been a great help for the rims survey. However, can anyone tell me where can i do my internal fixing of the car? i need to change the carpeting of the doors. Thanks.

    19. Micha says:

      Good morning KDI,
      This article is very useful indeed. Any person who reads your article will immediately understand that this is just a review of tire and sport rim shops at Klang, rawang and Sunway. And you are not part of the deals. Of course these shops carry the reputation of selling them a bit cheaper from the rest. May be it is good not to mention any prices. A lot of mis-interpretation. Just stick to overall review like what you are trying to do. Anyway, hats off to your effort.

    20. - N - says:

      ok, thanks KDI for your info…

    21. Ahmad says:

      Any update?

    22. kdi says:


      already received your vios? actually it is depends on what type of tyre you use and the rims to be traded in. and i highly recommend you to go do a survey first then you can decide which one suitable for you. basically, for 14″ alloy sport rim, they take around rm800 with the tyres. not too much difference with 15″. you can roughly estimate. 15″ sport rims with tyres set is around RM1500-2000.


      you can go to any accessories shop and ask them about interior modification. Or maybe you can join the satria club and ask them where is the best shop that can give best price for satria owners club members. that is the best solution.

    23. go0 says:


      i need help here. i want trade in stock 16″ rims with tires that use for 1 n half years n buy 16″ rims also with 2nd hand tyre. How much do u think it will cost? Just an estimation will do. thanks in advance.

    24. Ahmad says:


      i’ve been to klang and the deal was about the same as mentioned by you. Since the ori tires had already been used for quite sometime, their offered was RM700 and i have to top up another 1.5K for new rim and good tires. But satisfy and my ride and handling seem much better compared with the old stock. Thanks KDI.

      Forgot,…the shop that i went was that one appeared first in your review

    25. Poltergeist says:

      Hai sume orang.

      Recently i go to Rawang to get a second hand sport rim. As reviewed by KDI, i go to sport rim shop with signboard ‘LENSO’. My car is atos fitted with 14″ rim.

      When i reach the shop, i saw a 14″ second hand sport rim priced at RM450. The rims is very2 new. I can’t see any little scratch on it. I’m 110% very sure about it. Lightweight (ringan je pegang) & berkilat lagi. I trade in my atos rims (with lots of scratch) at RM250. So, i’m paying RM200 for the very2 new 14″ second hand rims.

      I fit the original tyres to rims. Yes, it fitted pretty well. I add another RM60 for new steel valve & RM230 for new chrome boltnuts & centre cone. So, all together i spent RM490.

    26. edyes says:


      I just nak tanya, antara rims 16 dan 17, mana yang lebih sesuai untuk kereta waja?
      ada yang kata, tayar rim 17 lagi banyak dan lagi murah dari 16.

      kalau boleh saya nak guna rim 16 instead of 17, cuma nak tau komposisi terbaik untuk rim 16. is it 205/55/17 atau 205/45/16 ?

      tolonglah suggest pada saya. tayar yang baik dan tak mahal sangat.

    27. Poltergeist says:

      Hi edyes,

      Orignal rim Waja ialah 15″. U blh tukar rim 17″ tp i suggest u pki rim 16″.

      By right, rim 17″ gives u better ride & handling tp x seswai nk lalu jalan yg berlubang, bonggol2, jalan berbatu. Takut rosak rim nanti. Keta pun bergegar masuk lubang, lalu bonggol. Ada rim 17″ yg berat, so blh effect fuel consumption. Rim 16″ is better enough.

      Tukar rim 16″ yg lightweight. Tayar yg baik n x mahal sgt rasanya Silverstone 205/45/16. Lagi satu, i suggest u psg strut bar for better handling.

    28. edyes says:

      terima kasih polter.

      sebenarnya saya sedang guna rim18 (225/40/18). Tak larat la nak tukar tayar baru, tukar tayar 2nd cepat pulak botak.

      205/45/16 seems ok to me.

      lagi satu, rim18 saya tayarnya dah tak cantik… tapi rims brand kosei Japan, ringan. berapa trade in yang sesuai? saya target lebih dari rm600.

    29. Poltergeist says:


      Kalau rim yg branded, lightweight patut dapat high value. Bab ni kena tanya org2 yg suka usha sport rim. : )

      Maybe u blh tnya satu kedai sport rim kt Rawang new town. Kedai tu nama GT-K tp taruk signboard LENSO besar2. Katanya kt kedai ni blh dapat trade-in value tinggi.

    30. edyes says:


      saya cadang nak pergi rawang instead of kelang.
      jaraknya lebih kurang jer kan? macamana dengan harga tayar dan rims? klang dgn rawang harganya hampir sama kan?

    31. Poltergeist says:


      Jarak ke klang or ke Rawang lebih kurang je kot. Kt Rawang new town tu ada byk sgt kedai yg jual sport rim. Kedai dok dekat2 je satu sama lain. Rambang mata tgk.

      Orang kata harga tayar n rims kt Rawang dgn Klang lebih kurang je. Tp trade in value kt Rawang lagi tinggi. Try tanya kedai LENSO tu brp diorang blh trade-in.

    32. edyes says:

      ok tq… confirm saya akan naik ke rawang.

      ikutkan hati nak ke kedai papan, tapi sebab pikirkan pasal trade in tinggi, ke rawang lah jawabnyer.

    33. edyes says:

      saya nak tanya lagi…

      rim saya skarang nie 18″, brand kosei, ringan. Tapi tak larat la nak pakai 18 utk kereta waja. then saya nak tukar rim16. agak2 berapa org kedai tu leh ambik trade in? bunga tayar tak elok dah, sebijik jer tayar cantik.

      saya takut tersalah beli rims..

      taiwan punyer tak bagus kan? so, ada sesapa boleh recomend brand rim yang tahan, susah nak bengkok ke… (dan harga around 1k untuk rim16)

      saya nak beli kat rawang, cuma risau la takut dapat rim yang cepat rosak. (atau elok saya pergi ke kelang sahaja?)

      ada lagi satu soklan tambahan, pada siapa yang sudi jawab lah.

      tayar silverstone evol8 tu ok ke? ada bad complaint ke..??

      terima kasih kerana sudi tolong saya.

    34. edyes says:

      Saya dah beli rim baru kat Rawang 2 hari lepas.

      pasal rim saya puas hati, tapi yang hati tak puas ialah saya espect tayar yang elok skit sekurang2nya silverstone evol8. Tapi saya dapat tayar wanli(sunny) sahaja.

      ok ke tayar sunny-wanli nie? ada komen?

    35. omar says:

      nak cri rim tuk toyota ke 20 ?kat mana rim klasik

    36. Oneroughe says:

      Edyes..U tak tanya dulu ke tayar apa yang diorang bagi sebelum pasang kat kereta u?? wan li ni made in china..tayar murah ni..try google for more info…

    37. abun says:

      Aku baru kat sini. Aku nak tanya, sesuai tak civic 1.8 guna rim 17″. Maksud aku ada effect tak dengan penggunaan petrol nanti?

    38. Bahau says:

      Pertamanya wa nak ucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada KDI sebab review inilah wa telah mencapai impian yang dihajati selama ini

      2 minggu lepas lepas baca thread ni wa terus ke Rawang sebab nak tukar sports rim 17″ n tayar waja eboseben wa kepada 16″ selepas 6 tahun bergelumang dengan 17″ (dah bosan). Berdasarkan thread ini, wa survey di 4 buah kedai di Rawang (yang berada berdekatan). Mcm biasalah setiap kedai akan offer trade in, sports rims n tayar yang berbeza.

      My first comment is MEMERANJATKAN!!! Selain Rawang, sports rim 17″ Taiwan made yang dah 6 tahun dan tayar lebih 2 tahun akan diamik dalam RM700-800 sahaja, tetapi kat sini semua amik RM1000-1100 (Melopong wa ngan member2 yang lain). Humang aii dah lepas modal tayar baru. Wa memang x akan deal trade in dulu sebelum dah buat diskaun sports rim n tayar baru. Selepas dikaji secara teliti, hanya kedai V-Cares sahaja yang wa puas hati tahap gaban, sebab dia sahaja yang ada Sports Rim Japan Made Evolution Type F (itu yang wa nak pun). Lepas nego hege sports rim tu dan tayar baru, wa nego trade in n dapat hege di atas. Apalagas wa hanya keluarkan duit buta-buta beli sports rim sahaja (tayar dah cover ngan trade in)…memang puas hati. Pekerja n tokey kedai ini akan berbincang dengan mendalam apa kemuskilan dan niat sebenar tuan punya kete. Dan yang paling best, dia akan bagi customer tayar yang paling baru dia ada tanpa byk soal. Wa dapat tayar pertengahan bulan 7 2009. (Benda yang jarang kita dapat di tempat lain) Tayar wa di bg 1 tahun warranty x termasuk 8 bulan warranty xda bunyi bising (wa dah bosan dengan tayar 17″ gua yang membising selama 6 tahun) Perghhh…dan x pernah2 dibuat oleh tokey yang sibuk dengan customer2 lain, towkey n pekerja dia bagi wa penerangan selama 20 minit tentang apa itu sports rim 2 n 3 series masa kete wa diorang tgh buat..kedai lain dia akan buat bodoh jer bila korang tanya (siap angkat dan tujuk betul-betul 2-3 jenis sports rim utk bg wa n member2 faham).

      Xda cas tambahan, as xpected wa kena keluarkan duit beli bolt n bolt lock sebab x akan sama size dengan wa punya yang dulu. Sports rim ini lebih kecik.

      So tq KDI for your the greatest valuable thread. Wa caya sama lu. Sebab thread inilah wa dah save budget giler babet, n sebab tulah jugak modal wa untuk make-up kete EBOSEBEN wa bertambah sehingga semalam wa berjaya rembat GAB Adjustable baru yang wa impikan selama ini. Wa caya sama lu….Sebab wa caya sama lu, wa akan contact MonsterModz untuk dapatkan PU Bodykit Waja Eboseben wa…

      TQ. Semoga tuhan memberi pahala yang banyak untuk korang. TQ Again.

    39. cd macho says:

      nak tumpang lalu ckit…
      aku pakai naza citra, ingat nal layan rim jgk…
      apakah jenis rim n tayar yang sesuai ngan mpv ni..
      thanks atas pertolongan

    40. abun says:

      rim taiwan lebih murah daripada rim jepun. banyak ke bezanya antara edua-duanya?

    41. norman says:

      Yes,Rim Jepun ringan sikit dari Taiwan,Ape2 pun kalao masuk lobang dua2 pun kondem,Tayar paling penting buat gua,Buat ape rim champion sampai 7k kalau tayar celup punye

    42. abun says:

      Ohh, cam tu ka. Kalau pasal tayar plak, tayar apa yang baik, lembut dan tak bunyi bising?

    43. kdi says:


      kitorang tumpang gembira dapat bantu geng2 pembaca kdi dgn review tu.. =)
      anyway, monstermodz tu bukan kedai kitorang. tu pun kitorang review gak tuh..

      Rim taiwan ke Jepun ke, xdela byk sgt beza. tgk mane cantik sarung je.. hi2.

    44. Ganarark says:

      how about kuching , sarawak ?? any info ?

    45. abun says:

      Tadi aku ke Pusing, Ipoh sebab member-member kata rim dan tayar kat sana murah. Memang betullah, rim 17″nya yang cantik-cantik, baru lebih kurang RM800 je. Kalau rim 14″ tu, aku tengok baru RM300 lebih. Tapi harga tayar aku tak le perati plak, Katanya kalau rim 17″ complete dengan tayar baru, lebih kurang dalam lingkungan RM2K.

      Any comment pasal rim yang murah-murah ni?

    46. Izzat Isa says:

      Thanks KDI,
      Walaupon info nie dah lama, tp saya cuba juga survey kt kedai V-care kt rawang nie.. Harga trade in utk stock rim saga flx saya diorg amek RM600.. tayar dgn rim tu sya dah guna 2 tahun. Saya dah tya kt kedai2 lain. Diorg nk amek rm200 je. So total saya kena topup ialah rm1100. Mcm xcaya je rim lama saya diorg amek rm600.
      So kepada yg tgh nk cri sportrim. Pegi je kedai kt rawang nie. Hehe.. thanks KDI.

    47. anif says:

      Hye…sy nak ty..hjg mgu ni myb keta sy kluar…nissan almera e spec auto…if sy nak trus tukar sport rim…brape hrga diorg amik tyre n rim besi almera tu….coz keta sy jenis rim tampal…..15 inch….

    48. Riney says:

      Hye kdi n all
      Nak tanya kat mana bole dpt best price nak trade in myvi original rim n agak brp bole dpt.

    49. Azizy says:

      hye kdi,
      im just asking wish one more better Lenso or V-care shop?

    50. kdi says:

      Just go and survey both. Take the best deal.

    51. Nurul says:

      Saya nak tanya kat mana nak dapat tayar dengan harga murah? Saya baru tukar rim 13′ kepada 15′, sekarang semua tayar dah botak coz owner sebelum ni pakai tayar 2nd. Kereta iswara 1.3 aeroback. saya tinggal kat shah alam. Sebelum ni pernah beli tayar kat Tek Ming Sunway tayar 13′, tetapi harga 15′ tak pasti murah atau tak coz tak pernah beli di kedai lain. Boleh tolong suggest kedai tayar mana yang boleh bagi best price. Thanks :)

    52. dzul says:

      kalau tradi in boleh ke?

    53. paklong says:


    54. krz says:

      Salam KDI
      mmg berguna maklumat ni.. tapi post ni dari 2009 , rasa2 harga dah naik ke masih dikire murah dkt kedai V one tyre & auto services , rawang

      tyar persona mmg dah nak kena tukar, dah 3 tahun 2 bulan beli.. kalu trade in dia amik high boleh jugak nak servey kot2 nak tukar RIM 17 ke..

      terima kasih

    55. mimi says:

      rim te37 17′ 114…215/45/17 tayar MC5 continental +disc performanceisc swap dgn standard rim honda RM1350..harga leh nego lagi..pm me..0174097714

    56. Lucifer says:

      Bro saya baru semalam pergi Rawang v care tyre… Memang lebih kurang dgn Klang….tapi tyre dia charge lebih..Silverdolf dia jual RM275…kat kl boleh dapat RM205, kat Nilai boleh dapat Rm220…silap saya tak survey harga, saya rugi Rm300!

    57. kdi says:

      Ya.. yg lain jgn lakukan kesilapan sama.. sila buat survey dahulu sebelum terjah pasang..

    58. cflee says:

      I Want buy lenso rim C.five sport rim cap only from Malaysia !

    59. loqman says:

      hati2 dengan kedai kat rawang, masa call semua tayar ada, dah sampai sana, dah buka tayar baru bagitau tayar takde stok dan suruh ambik tayar lain dan katanya alignment free, masa buat alignment kata nya camber dan kene charge tambah skru tapi sebenarnya diaorang tak tambah apa2 skru pun..

    60. kdi says:

      Tq loqman utk info tu.. bleh bagi nama kedai tak? Sekarang ni kita dedah je mana2 keda yang buat hal. Consumer always right. So semua boleh hati2.

    61. am says:

      Tyr silverdolf ni btul ke murah lg sbenarnya? Kt kajang rm280/pcs, corak bunga mcm tyr toyo.. ad yg prnah pkai x?

    62. Dr Mohd Rashid says:

      Need 16′ Sport Rim for BMW 318i e46 module in Klang
      Whats the price then.

    63. entisam says:

      helo bos.. saya beli secara borong sportrim 17 dan 15 harga berapa bos bagi dalam 1 set rim?
      dan rim 4×4 size 15,16,17 berapa bos bagi call saya 0196631882 sam

    64. zocco says:

      Nk tanye..selalu rim alza advance 2015 klau trade in diaorang ambik berapa sekali dengan tayar?…

    65. Shafie says:

      Ada tak rim 17″ atau 18″ 5/139.7 offset 30-40 utk upgrade rim sorento model 2008 16″ 5/139.7 46

    66. denny says:

      Hi..im looking for sport rims for range rover sport..pls whatsapp me at my brunei number +6737178507..now im in kl..

    67. Faizal Mansor says:

      Hi friends,
      Can suggest me were to buy best deal for porsche cayenne rims.? with tyres.

    68. Azam says:

      Saya pakai chez cruze rim 17..dah round sume kedai kat rawang tapi xde yg skru 105..deorg suggest pakai spacer/braket so boleh masuk any rim..ada apa2 kesan x dr aspek pemanduan kl pakai spacer/braket tu

    69. LeilaniSmall says:

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      good, keep up writing.

    72. zali says:

      Hi. Im looking for those old Proton Saga 1985-2000 wheel caps that has the old Proton Logo.
      Agak2 around Rawang shops there ada ke?
      Im restoring my late father’s old 1990 Saga 12 Megavalve hatchback which I bought for him – now want to pass to my youngest son for him to continue driving it.

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