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  • SHELL Sees Sustained Growth For LUBRICANTS – Shell Helix Is A Good Choice

    Shell sees sustained growth for lubricants

    Shell sees sustained growth for lubricants
    PETALING JAYA: Shell sees Malaysia’s lubricants market continuing to grow at a single-digit rate, with demand moving towards higher value lubricants.

    Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd marketing manager (South East Asia-South Cluster) Hardeep Singh said consumers were demanding better lubricants as vehicles produced today employed improved technology and were of a higher capacity.

    “Ten years ago, mineral-based lubricants enjoyed a larger market share but today semi-synthetic and synthetic products have become more suited to consumer needs,” he said after the launch of Shell’s new lubricants range yesterday.

    The range included Shell Helix, Rimula and Advance. Shell changed its entire range of lubricants in Malaysia as part of its programme to ensure it meets the future needs of consumers and retailers.
    From left: Robert Kwong, Datuk Mohzani Abdul Wahab and Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd general manager business to business Borhan Zainal at the launch of Shell Lubricants in Petaling Jaya
    User-friendly packs that are easy to hold and pour, colour-coded tiers and clearly stated technical information for easy reference were introduced to allow users to find the best matches for their needs.

    “These changes are the result of our commitment to understand and respond to changing needs. In line with green efforts around the world, we have managed to reduce the use of plastic in our packs by almost 10%,” said managing director Datuk Mohzani Abdul Wahab.

    General manager-lubricants (South East Asia-South Cluster) Robert Kwong said Shell was currently the lubricants market leader in Malaysia with a 30% share.

    According to a Shell statement citing research released by Kline & Co in 2007, Shell topped the world list of lubricant suppliers at 13% market by volume, leading the nearest competitor by 2%. Its sales increased 10% year-on-year in 2007.

    Meanwhile, Hardeep Singh told StarBiz that regardless of the current high fuel costs, Shell was committed to look into ways to improve its operations and deliver the best products to the customers without burdening them.

    “From the customer’s point of view, fuel economy is one of the most important criteria in lubricant performance and we are able to deliver it as we have the technology and know-how.

    “We take into consideration lubricants that can reduce tear and wear, acids and deposit in the engine, so the engine will burn more efficiently and with fewer emissions. This makes for economical fuel consumption,” he said.

    Hardeep Singh said the group’s marketing approach included getting mechanics and workshops to work together with motorists and bikers to help them understand Shell’s products.

    Shell’s partnerships with Ferrari in Formula One and Ducati in MotorGP to co-develop high quality lubricants had benefited the group, he added

    SHELL sees sustained growth for LUBRICANTS – Shell Helix is a good choice

    Source : Thestar Online

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