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    We already posted about ANCAP rating for Proton Jumbuck @ Arena last week.In that post, Proton Jumbuck only received 1 Star rating.And we have receive many comments about it.As you all know that Proton Jumbuck @ Arena is quite popular in Australia and not so popular here in Malaysia.Different places different taste right?.It is because we are all human.

    You can view it again by click the link below.


    So, let’s read about one of the Proton Jumbuck @ Arena story below.This story comes from one of the Proton Jumbuck @ Arena fans in Australia.


    “Mama don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys
    Don’t let ’em pick guitars and drive them old trucks…”

    …is Willie Nelson’s advice to mothers on the matter of raisin’ babies.

    Maybe he’s right, maybe he isn’t. Mrs Muirhead didn’t take Willie’s advice and she’s right proud of young Cameron and his old truck “Rumbuck“.

    At 21, Cameron is the typical Aussie Cowboy and like any good cowboy his ute is a large part of his life. His ute is named “Rumbuck” and has been transformed from the standard Jumbuck GLSi in Blue that drove out of the dealership 18 months (and one day) ago to a prize winning regular at ute musters and meetings.


    So far Cameron has added a serious Bull Bar (and he’s serious about his bull bar), an Antenna that could pick up the space shuttle that doubles as a flag pole, a Swag, some old Boots and about 500 stickers – many of which I must urge some caution before reading. Cameron has just picked up a soft Tonneau, so that will be there for his next show.

    Cameron’s “Rumbuck” has appeared at some of the biggest ute shows in South East Qld where he has already collected some winnings. So far “Rumbuck ” has entered:

    *Kilcoy Ute Show 2005
    *Gatton Ute Show 2005
    *Fraser Coast Ute Show 2006 – where he won the Slalom with a time of 42.2 seconds on only 2 passes which beat all the big engine competitors (the V8 which came 2nd took 44.08 seconds)
    *Waterford Ute Show 2006 – where he collected the “Best Proton Award”
    *Lights On The Hill Convoy 2006
    *2007 Australia Day Ute Show Petrie where he won 2nd in the “Publican’s Shout” category

    The Slalom is a good win because it shows off one of Proton’s greatest characteristics in the handling that we get from Lotus who helped redesign Jumbuck from the donor Wira .


    Cameron says:

    “The combination of front wheel drive and the handbrake to the rear wheels gives me a real advantage on wet grass or mud.”

    “The really great fuel economy is also ace as I do a lot of driving from home at Gatton to wherever shows and B&S Balls are on.”

    “It’s also great that Jumbuck can take a CHEP Pallet between the wheel arches. The other stylesides can’t do that.”

    Cameron’s other addition to his Jumbuck is a growing collection of autographs from Country Singers. Rather than getting signatures on CDs, Cameron gets the singers to sign his ute! So far he has signatures from Col Finlay, Cat Sutherland and Jason Kemp of “The Silverstring Outlaws”. At 2006’s Lights On The Hill he narrowly missed Travis Sinclair – so watch out this year Travis.

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    4 Responses

    1. Man says:

      My local grocery shop has one. Very convenient in getting supplies like sacks of rice as well as fish, chicken and vegetables.

    2. apisZ says:

      Tol ke owner jumbuck ni pnah beat v8 owner kat 1 event? Haha y pasti bukan acara drag.

    3. rboyz says:

      macamanapu aku tetap bangga giler bila tgok mat salleh leh drive kete malaysia… ita rakyat malaysia sendiri pun tak berkeyakinan… ader skali kat venegono italy aku terserempak ngan gen2 plate UK fuuhhhh aku rasa nak cium jer minah mat salleh tuuu

      tapi sbb takut kene pukul ngan balak dia aku diam je la… hehehehe

    4. madeline says:

      Id really like to know where you got the bullbar for your jumbuck I am looking for a bulbar like this for my Jumbuck!!

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