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    Candidates who is appying for a driving licence need to face the ethics test. Read the detail news from Bernama below:-


    The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has proposed for questions on ethics to be included in the written test for those applying for a driving licence, in addition to the existing rules and regulations test.

    The suggestion made by Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri, would test candidates on their understanding of road safety regulations, as well as their ethics as motorists.

    “Education and a test ethics will instil awareness in them to become more tolerant and law-abiding motorists,” he said in a statement here today.

    Abdul Rahim said this was an important aspect because a large number of accidents are caused by the the driver’s attitude, such as impatience, speeding and lack of discipline while driving.

    The deputy minister also proposed that the JPJ produce a video on horrifying road accidents and good driving techniques to practice.

    He added that the video must be used as teaching material in driving courses.

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    2 Responses

    1. st3wp1d says:

      Aku rasa tak berapa effektif gak pasal selalunya nak dapat lesen memang gila2 punyalah pasal nak lulus. Lepas dah dapat lesen bawak cam hantu pon takde sesiapa nak larang. Contoh mudah:
      1. Berapa ramai antara [email protected] pemandu di atas jalan raya yang gunakan lampu signal untuk tukar lorong, masuk simpang, keluar simpang tak kirala bawak kereta ker, motosikal ker, lori ker???
      2. Berapa ramai pulak antara [email protected] yang berhenti dulu di kepala simpang sebelum masuk ke jalan besar, tak kirala bawak kereta ker, motosikal ker, lori ker??
      3. Berapa ramai pulak antara [email protected] yang memeriksa lampu brek dan lampu belakang sentiasa berfungsi??

      Tu tak masuk lagi lain2 peraturan asas pemanduan yang penting untuk elak kemalangan dan kemudahan pengguna jalanraya lain. Wasalam.

    2. Niemans says:

      Any new proposed curriculum like the ethics written test is a welcome move to help all the newbies. It should also be incorporated into Lembu driving instructions for them to drum the message across to all the newbies during their on-the-road course.

      Newbies also should be extensively taught in the following subjects:
      -Road safety and defensive driving
      -What to do in case of emergency breakdown eg. like tyre puncture, engine breakdown, out of petrol, etc.
      -What to do in case of accidents-minor or major accidents, accidents causing deaths, self inflicted accident eg falling into ditch, etc.
      -Night driving and the safety aspects.
      -Vehicle maintenance.

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