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    NEW PROTON PREVE? Preve test drive report for last week drive review session from KDI below. If you have any opinion or you are the preve owner who wants to share your review, please leave a comment. -kongsi pendapat komen di kdi-


    gambar proton preve turbo cfe iafm review specification


    While everyone is happy and excited with the launching of Preve, I have some disappointment point towards Preve. Something missing and really needs some improvement.

    Obviously the specification of Proton Preve is good enough to beat all the cars in it’s class. It really now enters the sedan wars.. Preve vs Forte vs City vs Peugeot 207 vs vios vs chevrolet cruze vs hyundai elantra vs Mazda3, Mazda2, Fiesta sedan, nissan latio, and Suzuki SX4.

    With the price of RM59k for Preve 1.6 IAFM+ manual transmission, RM63k for Preve 1.6 IAFM+ CVT auto 6 speed and RM73k for Preve Premium 1.6 turbo CFE CVT 7 speed protronic with paddle shifter, It is considered as a very affrodable and value for money for those who seek for a very huge, spacious sports family sedan car.

    proton preve test drive

    Our test drive review session includes a few round on the test drive track to get the feel of different transmission mode, the CVT auto D, S mode and paddle shift. Honestly, the paddle shift is not giving real fun for me because it is limited at around 5k + RPM. Not like the one in Honda City which is not limited. This may be due to the CVT gearbox which is sensitive and needs extra care, not to apply very high rev on it.

    The S mode with 7 speed gives good acceleration and pickup. While the normal D auto mode gives more relaxing pickup for more fuel economy with comfortable gradual gear change.


    Video of Proton Preve test drive review

    [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8tI_1-Nhs0 425 344]

    [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ca0yJZIdBLQ 425 344]

    [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uzEu85W5Xk 425 344]

    [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfwW8fAtRXo 425 344]


    For the acceleration pedal, It has like two mode. The first half of its travel will move the car gradually and very slow and the 2nd half will gives hard and fast acceleration. The advantage of this type of fuel pedal is for safety to avoid sudden fast acceleration due to the high torque engine.

    But not all people like it to be that way. As for me, I like to feel a very fast response as I put my foot on the fuel pedal. Preve 1.6 turbocharged CFE engine will only gives super fast response as it pass 2000RPM. This is normal for a turbocharged engine which have turbo lags below certain RPM. The response Just like Peugeot 308 turbo.

    proton preve side view

    The braking system is really great! Very sensitive and the best among other cars in it’s class. You just put a light touch on the brake pedal and the car grips well on the road to stop quite fast. With the ABS, you surely will not skid when you apply emergency braking. Hazard lights will comes on when you apply emergency brake as you can see in the test drive video.


    The exterior, we all surely loves the front looks and the body shape of preve very much. Some people say it is like Forte or Civic or whatever it is. However, it has it’s own identity with the LED daylight projector smoked headlamp, fierce looking front bumper and wide air grilles. A design that we all hope Proton can produce a few years back is here with the Preve.

    However, the rear exterior design seems like something missing or not really nice for me and from the feed back of a few of my colleague is similar. Maybe a small changes will make the rear of Preve looks very good. The 16 inches rims looks nice with the side of Preve

    The interior wise, We love the space, really.. Comparable to interior space of Inspira or Lancer, it is quite similar. Very comfortable for 3 adult seating at the back. The front driver seat, very ergonomics. But I dislike the dashboard shape which is positioned quite high which obstruct the front view. The dashboard panel design is quite similar to Inspira with wooden finishing.

    The dashboard material also improved with a bit soft material. But not as soft as Ford Mondeo which I expect it to be same. Its ok for the beginning and I am sure it can be improved a lot. The same material applied at the door panel.

    The seat is wrapped with waterproof fabrics like Honda City but this is a bit hard. Leather seat would be more suitable for Preve Premium in my opinion.

    The handling, no doubt, everyone knows how Proton ride and handling satisfy it’s driver. Very stable at high speed and sharp corners. The suspension a bit harder to gives best handling stability but still gives comfortable feel to the passengers.

    But I still feel that the Exora gives better rides and comfort than the Preve. The steering feels heavy like New Saga. I expect the hydraulic power steering similar to Exora which is light but stable at high speed. The heavy steering might be adjusted like that to give more stability at high speed.

    Proton Preve specification test drive review

    The fuel consumption of Proton Preve ( penggunaan minyak preve ) is around RM 0.12 sen / 12 cents per kilometer km at the constant speed of 90km/h for the Preve Premium 1.6 CFE soft turbo which is around 6.6l/100km while Preve IAFM CVT 1.6 gives better FC at around 5.8l/100km which is around 17.24 km/litre at constant speed cruising due to the 6 speed CVT transmission that gives high speed at lower RPM and NA (Naturally Aspirated) standard IAFM 1.6 litre engine. While the manual have 5 speed transmission gives a bit higher FC than CVT at 6.2l/100km.

    The maximum top speed of Preve is 190km/h for Preve CFE turbo, 180km/h for 1.6 IAFM+ manual and 170km/h for 1.6 CVT. The turbocharged CFE engine producing 138 HP and 205Nm torque which is more than 2.0 litre engine torque output.

    0-100km/h acceleration for Preve CFE recorded in 9.6 seconds but we only managed to get 11 seconds with passengers inside the car which is quite a very fast acceleration for a big sedan like Preve. You did not noticed that the Preve accelerate fast due to the very smooth gear change and very quite cabin with good sound insulation and comfortable suspension.

    preve interior dashboard

    Sitting at the back gives you a bit of the feel of riding on a luxury car with spacious rear seat and legroom and comfortable feel inside the cabin.

    The air conditioning system available in auto mode for the premium which gives very cool air inside the cabin.

    The sound system is typically same with all Proton models which has good bass mixed with the clear sound produces by the speakers. But the integrated GPS is not really good compare to Papago GPS. however, it still managed to bring you anywhere you want to go.

    The steering design is the same like Exora’s Steering but with additional Proton chrome emblem at the center which looks nicer.

    The multi integrated display on the speedometer gives a lot of indication for you to know your car’s status.

    The boot space of Preve is very huge which is 508 litre and you can fit anything inside as much as you can when you are going balik kampung or for a family trip.

    The push start button is not like other cars. It is a bit annoying when you still need to insert the key inside the key container and then only you can push to start after pushing the brake pedal. Anyway, it can be improved in the future.

    Overall, with the price offered by Proton and the extra features on the Preve, we love it. Except for some part that can be improved further in the future

    preve rear

    Short Conclusion on what we like and dislike:

    + Front exterior

    + Body shape and size

    + spacious cabin and legroom

    + very good sound insulation NVH

    + comfortable ride and handling

    + CFE turbo engine torque

    + LED projector headlamp and LED tail lamp with foglamp

    + Rear boot space

    + steering design

    + Braking system

    + safety + 4 airbags with ABS

    + cruise control

    + auto air cond

    + 1st 4g internet broadband in car


    What we dislike

    – hard seats

    – RPM cut paddle shift

    – Fuel pedal initial slow response


    Your opinion guys?


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    5 Responses

    1. jason says:

      I want to ask if his is normal or not.I owned a preve CFE and my fc is 14.6/100kmh.I drive on highway n city ..

    2. kdi says:

      jason, fill full tank, reset meter, run few hundred km, fillup full again, see how much u use.

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    4. thomas bin pelipus says:

      saya salah seorg peguna proton preve primium..masaala saya skh selepas guna kereta tu sebln gps langsung tk boleh guna,,da bermacam cara saya bt pi proton centre,pi ptoton kristan 2 kali ,cil boost tp tk de penyelesayan..saya beli keta tu ssb nk guna gps keta tu tp apa jd kat saya spi hari ni tk de apa jawpan..proton centre kat kesas 2 kali pi register kate blm ada beda yg blh nk up date gps tu tp kenapa bt benda tu kat keta so proton just nk jual keta menarik pelanggan tp benda tk blh guna langsung..skg apa ka tindakan proton kepada penguna kereta buatan melaysia?

    5. kdi says:

      Thomas, proton entertainment masih belum di tahap sempurna. Sebab tu kdi selalu suggest buyer tak payah la amik full spec.. better beli aftermarket player lagi puas hati.

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