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    Proton Hybrid cars or Electric Vehicle will be available at the end of 2012 for Malaysian market. Proton plan to offer hybrid version for all the car model that they have in the future. For the time being, Proton undergoing testing on the Fleet Test Vehicle in Putrajaya. Read full news from thestar below.



    KUALA LUMPUR: Proton expects to start selling hybrid cars by the end of 2012 if everything goes according to plan.

    Proton Holdings Bhd Product Planning Division general manager Hazrin Fazail Haroon said the company was working on its Fleet Test Vehicle (FTV) project and hoped to produce a hybrid model for the consumer market.

    “We have about 30 prototype FTVs at the moment, which we will send for government testing in Putrajaya next month,” he said at the Kuala Lumpur International Motorshow (KLIMS) 2010 on Saturday. 
    Hazrin said the three-stage FTV project was currently focused on the Range Extender Electric Vehicle green technology, which used electricity to run the car.

    He said, they were currently aiming to extend the driving range of the FTVs to 1,000km with fully-charged batteries.

    “We have installed about 10 charging stations in Putrajaya in preparation for testing. Eventually, we plan to build 200 prototype vehicles as we progress through the project,” he said.

    He said the Green Technology Department was established last June to accelerate the development process of alternative-fuel vehicles.

    “When we have completed our testing stages, we will be able to offer hybrid versions of every Proton car model that we have,” he said.

    Proton’s eco-friendly car production efforts were boosted by its win last month at the Brighton-to-London future car rally that saw its Exora Extended Range EV beating 63 other competing vehicles in the Best Range Extender Electric Vehicle category.

    Hazrin’s announcement came as Proton marks 25 years in the automotive industry

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