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    Below is the information about PRODUCTS BY M7 MOTORSPORTS – MUTIARA MOTORS SDN. BHD

    Mutiara Motors Sdn Bhd is among the pioneer importers of performance cars from Japan.M7 Motorsports Sdn. Bhd. is the latest addition to Mutiara Motors stable. The management of Mutiara Motors has always wanted a role in the global automotive industry especially in the specialize area of performance products. Realizing that foreign companies are the major players in this segment of the automotive market, M7 Motorsports Sdn Bhd with product branding of M7 was introduced to domestic and overseas market.
    M7 products such as M7 GT Oil, M7 GT Oil Filter and M7 GT Muffler, which are researched, developed and manufactured in Japan, are first introduced to local market in 2006. Demand for the products was overwhelming and this has encouraged the company to launch 15 more new products.
    In its effort to introduce and promote M7 products globally, M7 Motorsports Sdn Bhd officially sponsors Takeshi Tsuchiya of Toyota Team Tsuchiya, Japan Super GT driver and Isa-Ro Charlez of Charlez Racing, Formula V6 Asia (AFOS), and Trust Amemiya Team, D1 Grand Prix Japan 2008.
    M7 products have gone global and are now in ASEAN country.

    Engine Oil / Performance Parts

    M7 GT –Engine Oil

    M7 GT Engine Oil


    M-Manage Kit

    M7 M-manage kit

    Available for Toyota Wish, Toyota Estima, Toyota Alphard & Toyota Harrier.
    The changeable valve timing main control maps are 16×16 sizes.
    Because 16×16 size map is prepared by the rotational speed and Eafro (pressure sensor), a fine valve timing setting is possible. The one with the control that switches the cam of i-VTEC and VVTL-i can control the switched rotational speed.
    The changeable both intake/exhaust, valve timing can control.
    It is possible to correspond also to the changeable both IN/EX, valve timing control adopted by Regashi and fair lady Z. A further engine performance is drawn out by doing a more detailed control.

    M7 GT Brake Pad

    M7 GT Brake Pad


    Can use up to 500’c. Available for Wish, Alphard, Estima & Harrier.

    M7 GT ATF Oil

    M7 GT ATF Oil

    M7 GT ATF featured excellent stability while ensuring smoothness and improve acceleration response.
    M7 GT ATF also minimizing shift change shock or uncomfortable judders to ensures a smooth and quick shift change.
    M7 GT ATF advanced formula is designed to stand today most demanding environments.

    M7 GT Air Filter

    M7 GT Air Filter


    The “high tech fiber system” increase filtration and intake airflow
    The laminate construction ensures high-strength and durability
    The thick rubber outer seal shuts any unwanted dust from entering the intake.
    High quality and affordably priced

    The Airinx-GT is a “drop in” replacement air filter unit designed for most Japanese vehicles. Using a ” high tech fiber” filtration system enables the GT to filter the finest dust particles without restricting airflow. Surrounding the “fiber” is a double-layered steel mesh that provides strength under hard driving conditions. Also added is a thick “just fit” rubber outer seal that has been designed to seal out any un-wanted dust from entering the intake system. The GT is an easy to install, affordable performance upgrade that you and your car will appreciate.

    M7 Intelligent Info Touch

    M7 Intelligent Info Touch


    3.5-inch touch panel is adopted.
    The touch panel that can be operated by touching the screen directly is adopted. The switch and the setting of the display item can be smoothly done by a new sense. Moreover, it is excellent also in the visibility by a full-color 3.5 inch 65536 color TFT liquid crystal.

    The direction of the main body is changed.
    Because the display of the screen can be changed into three directions, the restriction of the layout and the installation position is not undertaken and a free layout is possible.

    Various information is displayed.
    Information on 53 items or less is displayed.
    The display item is different depending on the model.
    Some of them are :-

    • The eco-drive is supported by the fuel cost display.
    • The automatic transmission car displays the gear position.
    • The effect of the tuning etc. simple is checked by the power measurement.
    • Information from the A/F meter can be displayed.
    • External output signal (0.5V) of external A/F meter can be input and the conversion display is done.

    M7 CS-GT Muffler

    M7 CS-GT Muffler


    Available for Wish, Alphard, Estima & Harrier.

    GT Titanium Muffler (universal type)

    GT Titanium Muffler (universal type)


    The M7 GT Titanium Muffler (universal type). Full stainless steel muffler with titanium tip. The ultimate in show quality shine, superior flow, excellent sound quality and performance.

    M7 Takeshi Tsuchiya version Full bucket

    M7 Takeshi Tsuchiya version Full Bucsket

    • M7 Takeshi Tsuchiya version full-bucket seat
    • Support, safety, comfort and style
    • Extremely lightweight and durable
    • Designed for street use and circuit racing
    FIA certified model
    • Made in Japan

    GT Radiator cap

    GT Radiator Cap

    M7 high-pressure radiator caps are OEM style caps that directly replace the factory cap. Not only does the metal M7 badge on the cap dress up your engine compartment but the 1.3kg/cm2 (18.5psi) pressure rating increase the performance of your radiator. Available to fit most Toyota vehicles.

    M7 Oil Filters

    M7 Oil Filter

    M7 Oil Filters use “double plitz” folding technology on their inner filter to provide a maximum filtration surface for contaminant removal. Durability and easy removal guaranteed.
    Item Number: AK-7
    Compatible Engine
    Toyota : Use for all 2.4L & below
    Nissan : RB & VG

    M7 GT Oil Filler Cap

    M7 GT Oil Filler Cap

    These M7 GT Oil Filler Cap will bring class and style to your high performance engine.
    Available for Wish, Alphard, Estima & Harrier.

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