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    Uh? Price will remain? While world crude oil keep on reducing? I don’t know why but clearly this is an unfair situation for us. We all suffer from high petrol price of RM2.7 before this and now the government don’t want us to enjoy the low rate of fuel price due to too cheap world crude oil price. Let us have a chance to buy cheaper petrol la.. uhuk2!

    Read the news of PRICE OF PETROL IN MALAYSIA WILL REMAIN from bernama below:

    The price of petrol will remain at current levels although there has been a drop in the price of crude oil in the world market, Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad said today.

    “This is because the average price as of yesterday was still above the US$43.2 per barrel level,” he told reporters after announcing the maximum retail and wholesale price control scheme for the Chinese New Year, here today.

    Should the price of oil continue to drop in the world market to below the US$30 or US$35 per barrel level in the next two or three days, then a price cut of two to five sen might be considered, he said.

    Effective December 15, the price of RON97 petrol was brought down to RM1.80 per litre while RON92 and diesel prices were reduced to RM1.70 per litre.

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    1. Nur says:

      From my opinion, it’s quite fair since we have to think also about the profit of OUR OWN PETRONAS (about 40% of govt’s income come from here)….Adios.

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