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    Armored vehicle: a vehicle that is protected by armor plate. A vehicle equipped with ballistic protection. Usually it is used by businessmen, politicians, diplomats, and the world’s elite for their high-end luxury vehicles.

    In a typical armored vehicle the entire passenger compartment is enclosed in light-weight composite armors that are impervious to all handgun and submachine gun munitions.

    Bulletproof-armored vehicle 2


    Two types of armor are used in the armoring process, transparent and opaque. Transparent armor is used for the windows and consists of dense layered ballistic glass that is laminated to a tough inner spall shield of resilient polycarbonate. This laminated configuration is similar to what is used in military jet canopies.  This process ensures that the glass will not splinter upon impact and will actually absorb the incoming force and reflect it back in the opposite direction.

    Bulletproof-armored vehicle


    The transparent armor offers excellent protection against various ballistic threats and physical attacks depending upon configuration.  It meets or exceeds all U.L. 752 and N.I.J.0108.01 requirements to ensure the highest level of quality and performance. This product can be curved or flat and has many potential applications without the loss of optical clarity.

    Opaque armor is used for the rest of the vehicle and is comprised of several different materials including ballistic nylon, ballistic fiberglass, kevlar, high-hardened ballistic steel and Spectra Shield™.

    Bulletproof-armored vehicle 1


    Spectra Shield™ is a composite material laminated under heat and pressure to produce an ultra high-performance ballistic sheet lighter (yet ten times stronger) than steel. It is designed to defuse the force of an incoming projectile through controlled delamination.

    Bulletproof-armored vehicle 3


    Ballistic steel, ballistic nylon, and run flat tire inserts are used to complete the total armoring of each vehicle.

    Mercedes S600 Bulletproof-armored vehicle

    Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman Guards

    BMW 760-LI -Bulletproof-armored vehicle

    BMW Security 760Lis

    Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman Guards and BMW Security 760Lis,are two of the most finely outfitted armored cars in the world.

    2010 hyundai equus -Bulletproof-armored vehicle

     The new Equus will get a special presidential upgrade for South Korea’s Lee Myung-bak.

    Hyundai also is building the country’s first native bulletproof car, based on the Equus.
    If the new Hyundai is built to equal those cars, both in luxury and in protection, Hyundai may well have a valuable export proposition as well. The creation of the armored limo also reflects Hyundai’s ongoing work to raise its brand’s reputation and products to truly world-class levels.

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