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    peugeot 308 turbo engine problem timing chain

    This is a 308 Turbo user complaint in one of car forum in Malaysia. This, probably one of the reason why many 2nd hand used Peugeot 308 turbo for sale with very cheap price from RM60K from RM110K new price. Apart from bad customer service offered by Naza Peugeot. Read more below.




    Just my piece of advice before you heading to get Peugeot car, especially the 308 Turbo edition. This is what happened to my family member.


    She purchased a Peugeot 308 on the date 24th of February 2009.

    Turbo kit spoilt 3 times under warranty and hitting fequent Depollution Error

    Right after warranty expired recently, the turbo kit leaked again! We are so frustrated but still have to fork lots of money and times on it and guess what even worse, right after middle of highway back hometown, the timing chain has broken!

    The car has been following the full service and maintenance schedule by Nasim and never been sent to any unauthorized service dealer.

    We have lodged the report to Nasim however they not honor to bear the repair cost.

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    70 Responses

    1. Gurjit says:

      My God, that’s worse than the Bravo turbo I own. Although official distributor is no longer in existence, this car has never failed me. It’s a reliable workhorse. I have no problems with parts as found a source from S’pore. And having a good and trustworthy mechanic also enhances the ownership experience. At least I don’t have deal with inexperience monkeys employed by most dealership service centres. Sorry to hear about your Peugeot.

    2. TTC says:

      If you constantly check and take care of your CV joint, the rest should be reliable on a Bravo GT. Some owner reduce the size of the rims to prolong its life.

    3. angeldino says:

      I was a peugeot 308 turbo owner before, my dear, I felt your pain, and i owned the car for 1 year 6 months, but physically only driving it for 9 months as most of the time, the car was lying in the Peugeot workshop!!!!Same issues, same problems as you mentioned. I ended this nightmare by selling it away before 2nd year, it was heart ache and rugi alot!! I wont consider Peugeot anymore!!

    4. Salleh bin haji abdullah says:

      Saya pakai 407 until now 160 000 km, i have no problem about engine, still smoth ang good runing, apa apa pun jaga kerete biar pandai, bukan salah kereta salah kita yg tak tau tentang kereta. Saya biasa tukar mounting, mesti pakai ori dari peogeot, bukan dari kedai spare part biasa, kalau servis bawah pokok pun biar yg specialist betul baru kerta ok, ipar saya pakai mazda 3 macam macam problem, rim dah tga kali tukar, baru dlm 100 000 km, rim saya still ok. Kalau tak pandai jaga pakai kereta apa pun lingkup, sekadar share

    5. Salleh bin haji abdullah says:

      European car still the best, kereta jepun tak boleh tandingi, dalam smua segi, cuma mentality malaysian and tak keluar banyak duit, nak bagus tapi nak murah

    6. kdi says:

      En Salleh, betul tu.. european car memang terbaik. Cuma maintenance agak mahal yg menyebabkan org memilih kereta jepun, korea dan tempatan.

    7. hafiz308 says:

      Mmg best peugeot ni..handling mmg superb..tp agak mustahil dlm tempoh warranty 3 kali turbo problem tu salah owner yg tak tau pasal kereta..mmg unlucky atau mmg 308 turbo ni ada default issue..non turbo mcm 307 atau 407 mmg xde masalah ni..

    8. ita says:

      Anybody facing with aircon leakage. Just had this issue. Full service maintenance by Nasim. 4 years owned with usage 41000km. Nasim service advisor said cud be cooling coil. Fetch up to RM5460. Comments?

    9. Blasa says:

      Ita..mine too..problem since new ,sent to SC until end of warranty period they couldnt settle d prob..mmg teruk la SC peugeot malaysia.

    10. Blasa says:

      They ask me to buy cooling coil or compressor for aircond.so i said which one actually got prob,they said they cant find the problem and ask me to change either cooling coil or compressor and that cost me rm10k before 15% discount.but i just took the car to my friend and buy the 2nd hand compressor @ kedai potong @ only rm800..

    11. antitakbur says:

      go to hell lah lu salleh and hafiz308…nak nasihat org pun cakap le elok2 sikit..lu baru pakai 407 lu ingat lu dah handal ke? sorg lg baru pakai 308t pun dah bannga ke..amende lah lu 2 ekor ni…407 tu dah ketinggalan lah bro…keta zaman hang tuah tu,lu jgn nk perasan le..keta tu langsung takde harga.rm30k pun boleh dapat..operator kilang pun mampu pakai..lu sembanmg takbur la bro..yang si mamat 308t ni pun sama.baru 1st time bawa keta conti,tu pun CKD lg mau sembang ke? piraaaah mabuk..klu lu tak mampu pakai Audi 2014 mcm gua,lu blah jauh2 lah..jgn nk takbur n nasdihat org kt sini…

    12. antitakbur says:

      hehehe,,,jangan mare… amek kau…hhihihi…

    13. Ita says:

      En Biasa can you share with me where I should take my car to? These air cond issue is bothering me.

    14. Mel says:

      I guess my case the worst.. Bought car Dec 2010… Yet to reach 4yrs n mileage ard 70000km.. Gearbox faulty.. New gearbox cost me RM25k.. Thats crazy.. Complaint to Nasim.. They agreed to repair the gearbox with cost rm12k & agreed to cover RM4k only.. Rest customer bear.. They said no need to change new gearbox…Wahh so kedekut!!! Am afraid after repair the gearbox will faulty again.. N i have to change to the new one.. This is ridiculous..Nightmare being a peugeot owner 308..

    15. Alan Tan says:

      owner of a 2nd hand Year 2012 – 308 turbo at 36k km. many problems ranging from cooling coil, timing chain, leaking coolant … now turbo kit problem. after waiting 3 months, say HQ in France reject due to no timely service. Saying 2012 Dec – 2013 Oct only serviced 50k km. is there a rule to service at least every 6 months?! I made sure every 10k km i service it at SC. I bought the car only in June 2013 how was i to service during that period?! now SC is charging 10k+ to fix the turbo kit. load of crap!

    16. kdi says:

      Damn..alan, better go for outside turbo shop to repair the turbo kit. It will cost you a lot cheaper. You can search for speed spin turbo fb page.

    17. matlang says:

      suka dgn antitakbur statement….compare apple to applelah….betul bukan sume model pegeout bermasalah…tapi model 308 turbo mmg bermasalah dgn part reliability dgn service center capability

    18. Catherina Lau says:

      First 5 years was good for me, just change high presure pump (cost RM3k).
      Problem start after 5 years…… Turbo was 1st give problem, quote from Nasa is RM12k, where outside just around 10k with labour. Follow by Compressor cost RM4k from Nasa, outside RM3k including labour. All those are same model. you can see Nasa jet the price sky high. Afterthat oil leaking, Nasa change the whole units instead of just change the oil ring, so this cost me another RM3k, where I can settle with just few hundreds only. Now driver side power window also give way, this cost around RM2k from Naza, still haven’t check from outside. Some of the censor also start to give problem on and off.
      Understand Gearbox also another problem with 308T. Agree parts is not reliable and service capability also another issue there. Not enough professional, always asked you to change whole new unit instead of repair it. that’s the additional cost we payment.

      Good car to drive with high cost to keep them. Also no 2nd hand value. (:

    19. wan says:

      just come to me if u have any problem to solve or checking prices parts for your car…
      Im continental mechanic car..
      Wan 019-2152068
      (engine,air cond,service& interior parts)

    20. wan says:

      Please visit my fb page
      Putrajaya cyberjaya brakedown services

    21. blasa says:

      Cik ita,u can send to tmn sg besi kl.
      Behind public bank or email me
      [email protected] for info

    22. zack says:

      I plan to buy Peugeot 308 . Which one better turbo or Vti engine. Pls advice all expert..

    23. Fezal says:

      How about the new 308THP 2015? It’s same engine with current model? Any improve because this model is car of the year 2014.

    24. maen says:

      No wander 2nd hand price around 40 to 50k f 2010. Design n roof superb but maintenance boleh mkn maggi ni… kena survey other car la:(

    25. acapashraff says:

      Just send my 308T for repair. Gearbox cooler, thermostat housing and a whole new set of spark plugs. Did a flush for the gearbox and other minor repairs. So far the turbo itself has not broken down or damaged, the gearbox still works awesome, and I always use Sport mode. Other than that, 308T has been a great car, there’s no cheap maintenance for any European cars. I own a Volkswagen CC and a Mercedes CLK. NEVER EVER SEND YOUR PEUGEOT CAR TO NASIM! They will actually ruin your car further. As soon as your warranty finishes, just send to an experience European mechanic.

    26. Sue says:

      I purchased my 308T in 2012. Warranty just ended last march. In Nov 2014, the aircond broke down and sent to glenmarie for repair. Now, the aircond not functioning – cooling coil leaked!!!! will cost me RM5k+++. for ori parts. Can someone suggest me a good mechanic?
      Since i purchased the 308T, it has been on the tow truck for about 8x!!! and in and out of the serv centre. It all started from my first service in Glenmarie. I complaint to the top and so far they replaced whatever necessary (cost almost RM20k not a single cent from me) but i fought and complaint all out. Now the car is still giving me problems but sadly warranty lapsed already. :(
      Please suggest me a good mechanic… tq

    27. Wong chow chien says:

      Dear Sue,
      I’ve also had the same issues with my air conditioning.
      1st join 308t club in fb. There will be members advising service location.
      As for the air condition I sent in to Prestige Cool @ Segambut Dalam area, cost is cheaper and more reliable with good advices too. Contact Mr.Eddie 0123968033
      No.18, Japan Segambut Utara, Segambut Industrial Estate, Kuala Lumpur

    28. Sue says:

      Thank you very much for the info, Wong :)

    29. S83 says:

      Hey hi guys.. I owe peugeot 308 T 4speed and I bought this car year 2010. Till now everything is fine and its norm for conti car user to experience the high maintenance. Now im encounter a problem. My aircond is not functioning and whn I chked with sc here they said it might due to aircond compressor malfunction. Can u guys suggest me whr I suppose to find a very gud aircond specialist in Kuching, sarawak. Or anyone can recommend me whr I suppose to get the second hand aircond compressor for my Pug. Pls advise

    30. neezlan says:

      My 308T has been in the workshop for 5 weeks plus, turbo plus aircond problems came both at once, enetering its 4th year…. under extended warranty but taking forever to get approval for replacement….. Peugeot SC needs to improve their tarnished image…….

    31. 308t owner says:

      I own a peugeot 308T. I sent my car in for whistle sound problem few weeks before my warranty expired, whistle sound occured whenever i pressed on the accelerator. Since then multiple problem arises like coolant loss and followed by unknown engine faulty warning light that appeared all the time have been the major problems now. i have been visiting the same service center for almost everyweek in the past 5 months, i left my car there for atleast 3-5 days without a courtesy car from the service center every time, it has been very frustrating because there isn’t any specialist could explain what had gone wrong with my car, and why problems only arrises after the warranty? i was suggested to replace parts like pressure pump, radiator to solve the coolant loss problem, but sadly the problem still occured despite my money spent on those expensive parts. I tried to call peugeot careline to complain but no action has been taken so far.

    32. fitri shuib says:

      Hey,,how about 308 VTI? Anyone owned it and what is ur opinion on the low resale value

    33. jaden tee says:

      Hi all, who know good mechanic workshop to fix the turbo problem of 308t in Johor Bahru…Pls advice..

    34. Azhar says:

      Hello. I have a peugeot 207sv as my wife drive it to work suddenly it had an immobiliser alarm. And can’t start. Do you have any solution to maybe reset it?. later that evening i go and check the car and try to start it. It started. What’s the problem ya? Thanks

    35. Gofastbits says:

      Dear owner, turbocharged car issues are across abroad in general including vw, Audi, cooper, bmw, Mercedes Benz, Subaru, suprima, even new Rx200t also there has been cases lodged.
      As of current moment, among passenger cars like most common naturally aspirated(NA) engine, NA with hybrid motor, direct injection(GDI) & direct injection turbocharged is the hardest to maintain, long term reliability & additional efforts are required to keep the car at tip top condition. From simple warming up to cooling the turbocharger, fuel quality to Ron95/97, engine oil level, driving behaviour and many more are involved significant determine the condition in long term. Some are unavoidable issues such as commonly known direct injection engine in take valve carbon built up started as early as 50k km> , high performance vehicles suffocating from heats of turbocharger will lead to many wear & tear, the engine oil leakage is common among all euro car n whether it is given attention on all areas of early sigh & symptom to be addressed immediately play vital role to prevent from major problems. Many events are we, the owners lack of experience & knowledges on how to take care euro car which you can’t expect to maintain it like a normal jap car. Not every mechanic is qualified, but only those are well trained & experienced are capable to fix this type of euro turbocharged direct injection vehicles.
      The problem of Nasim in providing professional after sale service is known fact. As of today I dare to say their service centre is below expectation providing proper diagnosis & to fix the car. Like human being when someone is badly sick consulted inefficient and not well trained “medical personnel” what would be the concern & potential outcome? I’m also 308T car owners with few continental cars lined up in my household. Unless it’s your interest & passion and have the right mechanic to advise, otherwise forget about sophisticated high tech vehicles but get a simple car for travelling from point A to B. Never harap SC, not only Nasim but other brands as well if you are aware of it. Furthermore, nothing is cheap for good and nothing is good for cheap. Never doubt Peugeot is a good car, superb handling ahead of jap car, the steadbility, safe design and featured is far beyond many cars on the road for this 308 was designed in 2005 and launched in 2008. The car braking system is keeping you safe & secured that no one can compare with it. Be appreciated :-)

    36. Gofastbits says:

      For whistle sound when accelerated is a symtom of the turbocharger fan blade is damaged. Normally it’s hit by objects that flown in thru the air intake housing or a worn intake hose cause the air inlets without filtered

    37. Liew Yeong Kong says:

      Hi, i have owned the peugeot 308T since 2013. Just want to share the experience owning this car.

      The front wheel disc brake already have problem since the first day i took the car. lodge a complaint to the service centre a few times before solved the problem. Did also complaint about the “huge sound” come from the engine part when try to accelerate the car. Its seems like the car can not response or cope with the acceleration. This problem is being unsolved.

      The car starts to have problems after about one and a half year later. Here are the summary for the repair list:

      1) HP (high pressure) tank leak and treated as spark plugs faulty in one of the service centre when went in emergency, hang in the workshop for nearly a month due to warranty claim.

      2) water temperature sensor out of order that cause another 2-3 weeks in workshop. The technician claimed could not find the fault to report to claim for warranty.

      3) Turbo coolant pump leak and hang another 1 month in the workshop for warranty claim. When claimed back the pump, the technician only told the turbo hose is cracked and need to replace. RM 600++ for that particular hose.

      4) Engine cover leak and air-condition out of order. The air compressor claim under warranty. Hang in workshop about two weeks and when received the car, the manufacturers warranty is over and continue to EWP (extended warranty plan.

      5. The air conditioning out of order again after the day received the car from the service centre. After checking, they detected air-con cooling coil spoil. Claim for EWP from Tune insurance. Hang in the workshop for about six weeks before getting the rejected answer from the Tune insurance. Rejected reason was the service punctuality. the claim is valid if the total millage could not more than 500 km.

      6. To appeal through Nasim and finally compensate by good will from the service centre. The car hang about another two weeks. The technician advise to change the condenser/receiver for the air-con system as well based on their past experience. Need to pay extra RM 2000 for the condenser and receiver cause it is not cover by the warranty.

      7. The car was send to the workshop again due to water & oil leak and the air-con system is unsatisfying. After checking, they detected the water chamber leaked and the cost will be another RM 1400++. The car still in workshop over 1 week to wait the spare parts.

      I think this brand of car is unreliable.

    38. Jeremy says:

      Bought a 308t 2011 6 speed gearbox oct last year. Great car and I know it needs better than average maintenance and care. All new cars is a electronic beast so car owners need to be more knowledgeable to prevent any mechanic Mumbo jumbo you. I own my own ezdiag to check my Peugeot and rexton 2.7xdi(powered by Mercedes benz). Simple example on high cost is auto tran oil for 308 is 1k at sc, buy own aisin gear oil is 600+ and I use same grade from penrite australia at 250++. After owning a rexton, I learn that we need to be more knowledgeable to bring the cost of ownership to be similar as Japanese makes…sourcing parts is another issues for many cars nowadays including Japanese models…any car with low volume sales in Malaysia is same boat..parts is rare. So I have a Wira r3 as my spare car while waiting for parts. Another compatible maintenance is I use Toyota long life coolant for all my 3 cars Peugeot, rexton, wira(Mitsubishi)…all no issues. My Peugeot is now leaking gas and I will solved it methodically, first suspect is the built in receiver dryer, and eBay shows these parts cost me £44 … So I am sourcing local, I don’t expect it be thousand ringgit…and I have the time to tinker. My rexton aircon not cold is solved since change compressor after I buy from aircon parts supplier instead of spare parts shop who will charge 30to40 percent extra. So, another way to cut cost is find reasonable parts costs.

    39. Deadhouse says:

      I have an a Peugeot 308t for about 7 months. It has given me countless problems.

      1. Low pressure fuel pump
      2. VAlve cover vacuum pressure
      3. Leaking coolant which is at the thermostat housing
      4. High pressure pump
      5. Turbo return hose leaking
      6. Turbo whistle sound
      7. Battery dead
      8. Timing chain loose
      9. Turbo lose pressure
      10. Engine oil leak at oil pump
      11. ECU problems

      All this problems is unacceptable a dn not a reliable car to drive.
      I had to tow my car 7 times in 7 month.
      Finally I sold the car .

      However I got the diagbox reader or fault codes to determine what is the issue and to erase the fault code.

    40. Nick says:

      with all above review…really scared me off to own a 308T even though it had been my dream car.. Somehow I understand that a good thing might not come with a good price and no doubt maintenance cost will be on high side to par with the comfort, handling, speed, tech for a continental car…but when seen all of these issues raised within just 1-2 years of driving a 308T, it really seem unworthy for all the time, cost, headache, inconvenience caused.

    41. Tommie two tonne says:

      I own a 2011 308T. I can vouch for the pains that current and ex pug car owner. Car is unreliable. Pug SC is also unreliable. RV is crap. No point buy new car. After 5 yrs i am considering to buy a new car and retire my 308T to short leisure drive ard my neighbrhd

    42. Affendi says:

      Hi.. Any advice if I want to buy 3008 2011?(

    43. Affendi says:

      Hi.. Any advice if I want to buy 3008 2011?

    44. Bismiah says:

      Saleh bangang.org cakap pasal 308 dia cerita pasal 407.

    45. wan8700 says:

      aku suke panoramic roof dia… bleh tukar enjin jepun tak

    46. Hail Hazerin says:

      Tell the truth Peugeot memang baik..tapi sibuk Service center Peugeot memang menjahanamkan kereta…experience saya..Peugeot 207 Oil sum nyer aluminium.. Tak payah ikat ketat sangat…nie tidak Service center ikat ketat sangat sampai Oil sum punya nut depa seal kan sampai kalau nak tukar minyak itam kena sedut…lepas keluar Dr warranty baru perasan…suspension depan tukar baru sebab ada bunyi..depa taruk hos paip dekat lingkaran spring…takda standard punya nasim…kalau ada warranty or tidak pergi lah kepada org yang expert pasal Peugeot… Lagi murah 150% Dr Peugeot service center…

    47. aron don says:

      hasil input dari semua pandangan berhubung dgn model Peugeot 308 nie nampaknya saya tak jadi nak beli peugeot 308(1.6)A Turbo…..byk sgt problem……thank u

    48. Joe says:

      Pug 308T saya sudah guna masuk tahun ke 7. Saya rasa repair cost sahaja almost rm20k.For those who has deep poket boleh pakai 308T kalau tidak, tak perlu pakai. Handling memang bagus.

    49. Kikilia says:

      Where is the alternative workshop aside from official service centre. Kindly share. My 308T is starting to give me headache.

      I spent like 3k to replace valve n valve cover etc in Sept. They sd hv to change bcz of oil leakage. Now replaced but still leaking and hv like burnt smell. Checked down the engine (during tyre alignment) surface was covered by splash of oil stain. What should I do besides complain kat service center? Which sc u guys go to? I always go to this Jalan 222 PJ there and seems to have a lot of problems. Help! Thanks!!

    50. dais says:

      hi… i baru nak beli 308 turbo 2011. but 2nd lah?? teruk sangat ke beb kualiti pug 308T ni? for me cara kita pakai pun mainkan peranan, plus… bila time tukar minyak hitam n gear box kena follow. But banyak review atas bagi komen negatif? U all guna lasak sangat kot… hehee.. maklumlah turbo kan. Tekan miyak like racing car . Help me? he sold to me araond 27K. Condition ok lagi.. But i nak mechanic cek first.

    51. Kdi says:

      Kalau dah berkenan, beli sahaja.. tp kena prepare awal2 lah duit maintenance ribu riban so tak terkejut di kemudian hari. Kalau dah prepare, go ahead. Kos maintenance kereta conti tak pernah murah. Tu je nak bagitau.

    52. Pak Abu says:

      PEUG good car no doubt but SC in Malaysia Craps! Bullcrap no responsibility cincai no skill about conti car! ….. just selling got profit .. let buyer suffer with all the financial to the bank and suffer mentally … I would suggest the owner Peug others can complain to the Tribunal Pengguna under Kem Pengguna – cheap and fairly simple. The simplest complaint so far about the doby shop damage the shirt and Tribunal instruc to pay the damage. One case Kelisa also got the money back from wshop after repeated repair but not cure.

    53. Haris says:

      Hye, sy nak beli 308 vti tahun 2009. Mileage 128k km. Nak minta pendapat, 308 model vti ni banyak masalah tak?

    54. Proud308owner says:

      If u want something reliable and worry free go japanese. But if you don’t mind a challenge and have the $ to spend to learn about cars, a 2nd hand peugeot 308 is a nice car for the money. Just avoid peugeot SC. I once sent my car for service at an SC and they overfilled my coolant expansion tank, causing my bypass tube to burst under excessive pressure. The SC technicians know nothing. This SC is in kajang :)

    55. Lalatbotak says:

      My neighbor just bought a second hand Peugeot 308 T. The aircond has gone kaput and the engine oil pressure is down. After reading all the above grouses..I felt pity for my neighbor. He just bought the 2nd hand car less than two months, the panoramic roof was gorgeous but I will see everything going down hill from today on wards. He is going to lose money on expensive repairs and at the same time lose his mind. Oh God !!!

    56. Karthikeayan says:

      Hye guys, im planning to get 2nd Peugeot 308T pls advice me if its a good car or no.

    57. Karthikeayan says:

      Hye guys, im planning to get 2nd Peugeot 308T pls advice me if its a good car or no. pls whatsapp me at 0102164958

    58. Wally Awaludin says:

      I just bought 308T 2011 on 6 Nov. 2017. I have read most of the comments above. It scary. Beginning to regret but so far so good

    59. Omaigoat says:

      Omaiigottt patutla dkt mudah jual murah.. Anyone ada suggestion kete utk bawa dlm neighbourhood saja.. Yg less prob… Small car…. I suka peugot tp bila baca review.. Takutnya..

    60. Cik sri says:

      Guys thanks for the reviews, either bad or good sy mmg xjadi beli 2nd Peugeot 308. God bless you guys

    61. Steven says:

      Dear All, does anyone know if Peugeot 308 2012 cooling coil is similar to Peugeot 408 2012 model? Does anyone have any recommended service center or workshop which is experienced to repair Peugeot cars? Thanks alot.

    62. Mohammad Zaidi bin Siwan says:

      Just coming back from wksp, not Peugeot SC. Aircond problem…replaced many parts…Adoiii…. From Compressor (Recond, then tukar Ori), Thermostat Body, Turbo piping, Cooling coil…all replaced. Last month, replaced ECU.. Condition: a few minutes Aircond running, then turn off…High Speed Aircond not function, depollution warning occurs.. mati lah nak, Pissed Off betullah… Decide nak jual, but current value…less then RM20k, loan still banyak lagi… Really Regret bought this car! Dammmm this Peugeot 308T..

    63. Syed says:

      Im planning to get 308 t 2014 but 3ndhand but after seeing this review, i might think again. The reason buying is for my mom sbb bulanan murah. Less than rm400 monthly. Beli ke tk beli??? Pls advice. 01121406419

    64. Dev says:

      Thinking of getting Peugeot 308 turbo 2011, but cant go through the hassle. Is it reliable? Im need to travel far and often. Advice please

    65. joe says:

      apa gaduh2.. bro, gua pakai panamera turbo ok jee.. sembang 308 407

    66. LAI KIN says:

      To all who thinking to buy…just no need to think at all..
      Are u all wonder before why so many 308T 2011 for sale?
      I one of the 308T year 2011 / 6 speed owner. Perhaps u will feel u are in upper level people when driving, people will look at u when u driving..trust me it feel damn good n good to drive IF THERE IS NO PROBLEM WITH THE CAR.
      I bought it 118k n sold it just 2 month before 3 year warranty expired for 52k. Is not above the resale value. Is about the time n money waste on it by turning in n out the car from PG workshop. 1st year been sending at least 4 time n each time lying 1 to 2 week n u have to keep call the SC the progress. None of them.can provide u a correct solution. They just plug in to system n replace what system mention got problem where the part they change is not a main root cause of ” Engine Fault, Repair Needed”.
      Until the 4th time problem in first year, i manage to go to Klang, one of the Mecedes workshop where they have one slot for Peugeot car to repair. The both SC, Chinese n India is the best where they allocate the main problem – Timing Chain problem. So again need to send to Shah Alam n lying for 2 week to change. N aircone down on earlier 3rd year. IF no warranty…rm4k. Imagine every time i n my wife have to drive separate car, one left there n another to pick me home OR a teksi. Time , money, emosi all gone. Japanese like Toyota might look ugly n not luxury but they give u no problem. Peugeot selling cheap with luxury n great design BUT they will get back from you after u bought it.

    67. LAI CHEE KIN says:

      But there is 8 year ago where first 6 speed gear launching for 308T. Not sure.about the new car now.
      I still love 308T or 3008…damn looking nice but i will not buy it.
      Same teory…..there is a pretty girl n does not mean u need to own her. Just see n enjoy or perhaps One Night Sxxx. For Peugeot…just go n test drive to feel it n enjoy it but do not need to buy it.
      All the above i mention is a true case. I regret to buy it n is due to my mistake not able to resist it pretty. All guy is same when facing a pretty girl. Same teory again….
      Good luck n think wisely

    68. don says:

      model baru 2015 siap adaptive cruising ok tak?

    69. Radha says:

      I have owned a 308T since bought new in 2012. Touchwood, the car has served me well till today. Contrary to the above, i have not faced any similar issues except on 3 occasions, battery died and thermostat jammed in the 1st month of ownership and both was changed under warranty. And recently, nearing its 9th year, the alternator died abruptly and had to be towed to the workshop.

      It has been an excellent car otherwise, with great power and stability at high speeds and the mileage is nearing almost 149k and due to pandemic the car has not travelled much in the last 2 years.

      I would say, get a reliable and trustworthy mechanic and my regular gives warranty for all the parts that is changed.
      I do not know how long I will keep this car, as the next model 308 T9 and facelifted T7 looks a bit too bland for my taste. The current market price for a used 308 T7 has been quite stable and is not declining any further, maybe that’s a good sign that the car is a keep for now.

    70. Hakim says:

      Saya hakim, setahu sy laa, kereta berkuasa turbo ni penjagaan x same dgn yg lain, cthnya minyak hitam jgn sebarangan minyak ditaruknya, jika owner betul2 tau penjagaan x de masalah

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