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    Perodua Alza SR Smart Ride newly launched by Perodua makes it the cheapest MPV in malaysia starting from RM53k, it gives you a basic multi purpose compact vehicle with 7 seats. While maintaining the sport rims, other accessories such as spot lights taken out from this version. The monthly payment will be around RM560 per month depending on the down payment which is usually 10% of the car price.





    alza sr smart ride



    Alza Smart Ride (Alza SR).   Priced lower than the existing Alza variants, it’s Perodua’s strategy to capture more sales in the budget MPV segment.   The Alza SR sells for between RM53,013.50 and RM56,513.50 and comes with three colour options: Glittering Silver, Ivory White and a new colour, Mystical Purple.

    The vehicle is aimed at young families looking for a flexible compact MPV with sedan features.   “The introduction of the Alza SR variant will make it even more affordable for Malaysian consumers looking to upgrade to a more spacious vehicle,” said Perodua managing director Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh.   “Our customers like the versatility and functionality that Alza offers and do not mind having less features available compared with the standard and other variants. However, it does not mean we have compromised on the safety and the aesthetics of the Alza SR.”   The mounted handbrake feature and individual front seats are available in the automatic variant of the Alza SR.

    Perodua aims to sell about 400 units of the Alza SR monthly. which is 13% of Alza’s monthly sales.   The latest Alza is now available for viewing and booking at all Perodua showrooms nationwide.    The Alza has been a sales success from its inception in November, 2009. Perodua has sold 81,000 units to date.

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