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    is a very expensive and for most of us owning one is only possible in our dream.But now, you dont have to be a millionaire to own a supercar.With only USD430 (RM1490), you could own a 535HP V10-powered R8 5.2 FSI in their garage. Dont believe me? Look at all the photos provided by Audi.


    Did I tell you that you could drive it? Well the product is actually a garage sticker. The life size print features a 1:1 scale Red Audi R8.In from the pictures, it does look realistic at first glance.


    The garage cover is available for three different garage door sizes.But how many of us in Malaysia have this type of Garage? Maybe there are a small number. But anyway, I think the idea is worth sharing with all of KDI reader.


    But if somehow you do own a garage and interested to get one, you can only buy the prints in Canada at the prize I mentioned earlier.


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    4 Responses

    1. apa2 ajer says:

      hehe.. kdi dah pandai klentong yer 1 malaysia

    2. Joko says:

      Idea yg bagus gak tuh, tapi kalau aku, aku tampal gambor Kereta Polis Evo X kat situ, jadi orang ingat polis punya rumah .he hee.
      Nak bagi orang takut lagi, gambor Van Mayat pun boleh gak lah.. he he

    3. apa2 ajer says:

      betoi2 joko.. kita letak gambar FRU pun ok..

    4. xshiro says:

      bahaya ni. tak pasal2 rumah kena pecah nanti

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