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    We are shocked with so many complaints by Almera owners on Nissan Malaysia FB about the fuel consumption. Nissan Malaysia claims that the New Nissan Almera is the best in terms of fuel consumption compared to other competitors with some good value of km/l and rm/km.


    The issue comes out when Nissan wrote on their FB wall about Almera FC. Average fuel consumption after run in, around 400km per full tank of rm65-70. That translates to around rm0.162-0.175 cent per km which is far from the expected value of fuel consumption since this car has a very slow response, light and claimed to be very fuel efficient.


    How about the other Nissan Almera owners? Kindly share here.

    – Jimat minyak atau tidak?

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    15 Responses

    1. lim says:

      Nissan Almera – city drive full tank only can up to 340km.

    2. kdi says:

      what is the condition mr lim? city driving with full load or cruising etc?

    3. Sunny Loh says:

      I am a Almera 1.5L user,as i fill up the fuel to rm 70~75 can only up to 400km or sometimes is worst then that.as i compare with the other cars(Honda Freed)which is 1.5L is a big car as you all know.but the AVG also is 11.3 1/100km.i writing this comment not to be complain.but just to be share with you all that’s the issue i having.1st when i having the car the AVG is show 11.0 but now decrease to 8.5AVG.anything just share with me ya.thank you in advance

    4. Bill says:

      I pump petrol last night @RM71++ but the meter only show 275 KM, I only drive in city, is this normal? Also each time when pump full tank, inside the car will have smell of petrol for 2-3 days, is this normal also? my car is about 1 years plus.
      Thank you!

    5. Pengguna Kereta says:

      I’m also Almera user..I’m somehow feel the same when driving in city but not sure enough..Here is the detail of driving in city and long distance that i had experienced

      —Car spec—
      1.5 VL AT
      15″ original nissan sport rim
      nismo bodykit (not sure if tune by nismo or not)

      —–City driving condition—–
      max speed : 60km/j
      min speed : 30km/j
      RM 30 can run up to 3 days (Ron 95 Petronas) and still have balance (not sure since put RM 10 meter up 2 levels)
      single driving all time
      not much traffic jam but too many junction/corner which keep changing gear and playing with brake

      —-Long distance driving condition—-

      Location: Pahang (Kuantan) -Perak (Manjung)— Highway+normal road
      Total KM (based on Trip A on meter) : 396 km (from Jaya Gading Kuantan)

      (Fuel Consumption)

      Full tank (RON 95 Petronas): RM 67– (+RM 20 from Pekan and overnight at Kuantan)
      1/2 tank upon reach at Sekincan (according to meter) and refuel : RM 47
      Total Fuel: RM 134
      Balance in tank when reach destination: 12 Level (less 1/2 but more then 3/4) = P

      max speed : 180 km/j (rpm 3k-3.5k)
      min speed : 80 km/j
      idle speed (most time) : 120 km/j (rpm 2.5k-2.8k)
      normal road speed : 90-120 km/j (rpm go to 3k when memotong and 4k where this mamat cocok2 blakang and kurang ajar)

      i notice that my almera have 5 transmission (i dont know if all AT model have 5 gear though..please correct me..i notice it from the count on up/down rpm meter at traffic light..and im sure all almera AT model dont have CVT yet)…

      I also notice and i think one of the cause that the almera pickup problem when drive in city is once it reach 4th gear then it quickly change to 5th gear. I had experienced it when im driving slow.. the worst is once 4th gear, with rpm almost reach 2k it change to 5th gear..and of course..im were leaved behind far away from the front car..

      Some people say you have to ‘teach’ the AT type car to be pick up (im not sure how exactly the term is). So after 2nd service (5000 km).. each time at traffic light/stop.. Im always give 3k rpm to change gear..and it seems work (maybe just my feeling though)

      anyway..the detail above were from my experienced and i do record it in a book..feel free to ask and correct me ^_^

    6. gtc says:

      I own a VL spec almera. Fuel consumption is terrible. Full tank (old price of RM2.10, ron 95) is about RM65-68. It can get me at most 330kms. On meter it shows 9.1l/100km. Rough calculation shows its abt 20cents/km.

      Went to service centre and complained, they reset ecu/tuning. Got slightly better only. Full tank gets me 350km. Additional 20kms, but highly doubt its the tuning. Its probably that I travel more on highways only.

    7. Chuah says:

      I wish to know what is the normal RPM for almera if ac on and engage gear? Why if ac on, the rpm not stable? Is it normal?

    8. adam says:

      The nissan almera i drove to 100km/hour, the rpm show is 3k, is it normal?

    9. pakaiOtakdulu says:

      YOU guys are all wrong and talking nonsense.

      High fuel consumption or not, you first need to use the CORRECT method of computing fuel consump!!

      Fuel consumption can only be accurately determined this way by using KM/ Litre.

      To begin with, use KM/Litre, not KM per $!!! price per LItre varies lahh.

      Calculate total KM driven vs total Litres consumed.
      ONLY after YOU GET KM/LITRE then you can apply the cost and arrive at your $/ km!!!

      ITs totally misleading to use KM/ $ or quantity by tank.

    10. pakaiOtakdulu says:

      Method of gauging fuel consumption:
      Using RON97 or RON95 will give a different result; ie ron95 wll incur less KM/Litre.

      1. Fill up your petrol tank to the brim.
      2. Zero your tripmeter or record down the odometer.
      3. Use your car for 100KM, then refill the petrol tank to the brim.
      4. Based on the KM travelled and Litres filled: KM/ litre = KM/ litre
      After a full tank, go for a long distance trip.
      At the end of the trip, refill, and compute the amount of KMs travelled vs litres consumed.

      Take note whether the KMs covered are for normal city driving, traffic jam city driving or long distance highway.
      For long distance, note down average speed and no. of passengers in car.

      THIS is the way to get an accurate measure of your car fuel consumption!!!

    11. Frank says:

      I am a Nissan Almera 1.2 user
      And I am shocked by the reports on FC of the 1.5
      I get 20km/l and almost 800km on a full tank.

    12. NissanUser says:

      When you feel the gear can push the speed, you have to press the “Overdrive” button and release it afterward. If you continue to accelerating blindly, of course, the petrol consumption is higher.

      If you continue to feel the pick up having problem, you must go to workshop to fine tune it.

      Almera – petrol consumption (highway) –

      “Overdrive” button able to help you for better pick up not only for overtake vehicle but to speed up with better petrol consumption.

      90 – 100 km/h – 28km/Litter

      Bear in mind,

      1) Don’t use inferior engine oil, your engine will worn out very quick and weak pick up
      2) Check the spark plug, always have a better condition spark plug
      3) Check the oil filter. change it frequently.
      4) Change with the better quality Gear Oil
      5) Check the quality of coil condition and cable.

    13. NissanUser says:

      For Almera Model, Nissan has official impose some restriction for engine overwhelming in term of Horsepower and Torque in order to prevent engine and gear box system worn out very fast and also enhance lifespan of engine and gear box.

      If without ECU restriction, Almera engine able to perform better than Vios and City. If you unlock the ECU, you have to bear the risk of engine life span will be shorter.

      Type Almera City Vios
      Model HR15DE (SE) L15Z1 i-VTEC I4 1NZ-FE VVT-i

      For the Almera engine ECU restriction has unlocked, performance of three type of vehicle will be (the engine could be worn out in super fast):
      (The ECU restriction will interrupt when the RPM reached 3,600rpm. This is to prevent engine running overhelming)

      4,000rpm 147NM 126NM 141NM
      4,200rpm 156NM 132NM 147NM
      4,600rpm 170NM 145NM 162NM

      6,000rpm 125ps 109ps 109ps
      6,600rpm 135ps 120ps 120ps

    14. Lance says:

      I am a nissan almera car owner in Selangor.
      What i think about Nissan Almera is it is only price attractive. After purchased the car and used for around 3 years, there are a lot of car issues came over.
      I only drive in city areas where i experienced my car bearings broken down, there are noises with my break pads, noises on suspension, not fuel consumption friendly and low engine power.
      If there is a reverse chocies, i would spend more 10000 additional to get a Honda City.
      Further add on, the Nissan services is extremely expensive and sometimes doesnt make any sense
      Totally regretting of buying this Nissan Almera

    15. anba says:

      RM85 full tank it can only can get 230km. play around town area only. is there need to calibrate ecu?

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