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    PROTON ERTIGA VS (Vehicle Specification)

    1. 91 Hp & 130 Nm
    2. Gearbox Transmission = 4 speed Auto
    3. Price from RM58k
    4. Fuel consumption 16.6 km/liter

    Exterior Review

    The front bumper looks great especially with the custom body kit like the picture above. The rear looks small and better without the red reflector between the lamp and rear garnish. Tail lamp is small. Side design make the car looks short, more like a hatchback than MPV.

    Interior & Space Review

    The bright interior gives a spacious feel inside the car. The interior space is more comfortable compared to Perodua Alza and Nissan Grand Livina. The 2nd row, you can slide it forward and aft to give space to 3rd row passenger that makes the 3rd row more comfortable for adult. Proton Ertiga 2018 dashboard design is clean, user friendly, ergonomic and very practical. Seat cushion material is comfortable but need extra care due to the beige colour scheme fitted. Ertiga second row aircond blower helps cool the rear passenger area a lot but when turned to maximum fan speed, it will annoys the driver a bit due to the fan noise sound like exterior wind noise protrude to the cabin.

    Engine & Gearbox Review

    The 1.4 liter engine source from Suzuki produce enough torque surprisingly even with full 6 passenger in the car. The response from idle to middle RPM is adequate where you will feel the pickup from standstill and never feel slow during acceleration. The gearbox is clever in selecting gear and more responsive without giving any noise to the cabin.

    Ride & Handling

    The ride of New Proton Ertiga is soft and comfortable especially when you go through bump and potholes, the car absorbs all uneven road surface in comfort and less noise. The handling is average where you still feel some body roll due to soft suspension but still an enjoyable car to drive. The steering feels light but precise where you can handle it easily in town and effortlessly on the highway. Cabin noise is minimal and very well managed even when riding on rough road surface.

    Problems or Bad points

    The exterior looks small & compact not like other rival which looks big and classy. But some found it looks good especially with bodykit and modified exterior parts. The spare parts & accessories are limited due to it is a rare model and some user found it is a bit slow to get a new parts from Proton. However you can get any parts available online or from neighbouring countries like Singapore and Indonesia. As of now, most of Ertiga owners are happy with the purchase as it is a very reliable and fuel efficient car. Better reliability compared to other Proton cars.

    Overall review

    New Proton Ertiga is good for family of 6 people where you can bring the whole family in comfort at the same time uses minimal fuel as an MPV. To get extra boot space, it is advisable to get the roof box due to small boot space provided at the rear boot. Proton Ertiga is highly recommended for those who have a family up to 6 people living near the city that have more concern on fuel efficiency and reliability. It may not have the best looks but you can do anything to make your ride looks cool.

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