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    New 2013 PERODUA MYVI 1.5 SE in Malaysia specification reviews, prices, main specs, pictures, monthly installment, fuel consumption, engine performance, dimension, PERODUA MYVI 1.5 SE problems for discussion and user or owners test drive comments now available here at http://kereta.info.

    Myvi SE 1
    Price range : RM53,027 – RM56,527

    Engine Performance Horsepower hp : 102@6000rpm

    Engine pickup Torque Nm : 136@4400rpm

    Top speed km/h : 175 kmh

    0-100 km/h : 10.5seconds

    PERODUA MYVI 1.5 SE Fuel Consumption FC km/litre @ sen/km @ litre/100km : 14.6km/l

    Dimension (Length x Width x Height) mm : 3685 x 1665 x 1545
    Weight kg : 980

    PERODUA MYVI 1.5 SE Review / test drive :

    Exterior = 2/3 star*

    Interior = 2/3 star*

    Handling = 2/3 star*

    Comfort = 2/3 star*

    Engine = 2/3 star*
    *1 star = not so good

    *2 star = average

    *3 star = excellent

    Modification kit available:

    Body kit aerokit + skirting + spoiler + leather seat + engine performance + lamps + radio audio system speakers and player + sport rims + tyres + bumper

    Monthly payment calculation :-

    (interest rate x 9 years + 100) /100 x (car price – downpayment) / 108 months = RM / month
    Yearly insurance road tax calculation : –

    Current sum insured car price x 0.03 – NCDiscount + road tax fee = RM / year (estimation)
    Major and minor service adviseable to be done at authorised service center in Malaysia: –

    The cost of service depends on what type of engine oil, ATF fluid and service charge in RM.

    Myvi SE 2 Myvi SE 3 Myvi SE Interior 1 Myvi SE Interior 2

    Please share your comments.
    If you are the owner, you are welcome to give some reviews on the car spec, maintenance, service center charges/fee ( caj major minor servis ), daily fuel consumption ( jimat penggunaan minyak ), technical problem (masalah kereta), better engine oil and fuel and engine modification (prestasi enjin).
    Discuss on body kit / skirting modification, diy modified gadget / car accessories, how much yearly insurance and road tax (insuran / cukai jalan) rm per year, interior mod (modifikasi), quality / reliability, test drive reviews (pendapat pandangan pandu uji) , spare parts, tyres (saiz tayar) and sport rims 15 16 17 / 18 inch suitable and all other related issues here.


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    1. xinn xinn says:

      apa masalah sound system myvi se 1.5 model srs.. bila on radio sound blance.. tp bila on USB dan CD sound jd tak balance. speaker sebelah kiri depan dan belakang jd kejap function kejap x function.

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