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  • New Mitsubishi Triton Lite – Fuel Economy Pick Up Truck 2008 – Details

    mitsubishi tritonMitsubishi Motors Malaysia have launched its new pick up truck model with two variant. The one which could attract Malaysian is the 2.5-litre engine. Mainly because of its fuel efficiency and under vehicle category that deserve to get the subsidy from government.

    Catering to the growing popularity of pick-up trucks, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia officially unveils the latest addition to its Triton pick-up truck line-up today with the new Triton 3.2-litre 4×4 automatic and the Triton Lite 2.5-litre 4×2 manual. The two new variants will join the current line-up consisting of the Triton 2.5-litre 4×4 with automatic and manual transmissions.

    Backed by a string of successes worldwide and its ever reliable racing heritage, the new Triton 3.2 and Triton Lite are distinguished by its revolutionary strong profile and aggressive looks that defies the conventional styling of a pick-up truck to offer passenger car-like comfort without compromising on its durability as a pick-up.
    The new Triton 3.2 4×4 automatic and Triton Lite 2.5 4×2 manual is priced at RM97, 041.50* and RM58, 129.80* respectively (on the road without insurance) and will be available at all Mitsubishi Motors showrooms nationwide from 13 June 2008 onwards.

    Reflecting a bold and stylish exterior, the new Triton 3.2 aggressive styling is distinguished by its chrome nose grill with stainless steel mesh coupled with a front bumper extender. It is the most powerful pick-up truck in its class and the Triton has the most spacious rear cabin space in its class.

    *Sabah price: Triton 3.2 4×4 automatic at RM97, 280.40 Triton 2.5 4×2 manual at RM59, 865.20
    *Sarawak price: Triton 3.2 4×4 automatic at RM97, 509.00 Triton 2.5 4×2 manual at RM59, 618.30
    (Both on the road without insurance)

    triton lite dashboard

    Rallying power from the newly developed 3.2-litre Direct Injection Diesel Hyper Common Rail Turbo Intercooler engine, the new Triton 3.2 provides increased power of 160bhp at 3,500rpm and higher torque of 343Nm at 2,000rpm. Additionally, the new Triton 3.2 comes equipped with built-in immobilizer, automatic air conditioner and window visor.

    Meeting the need for a spacious pick-up truck that offers versatility for commercial or personal use, the new Triton Lite is powered by 2.5-litre diesel SOHC 8-Valve engine, an engine that is economically efficient, durable and reliable. Boasting superior fuel efficiency, the new Triton Lite produces 75bhp at 4200rpm and 149Nm at 2,500 rpm.

    The new Triton Lite achieves the turning radius of only 5.7 meters, the smallest turning radius among all pick-ups. Offering the most spacious rear cabin space in its class with intuitive compartment features, the new Triton Lite provides sedan-like refinement at a competitive price tag.

    Speaking to the media at the official launch ceremony today, Mr Keizo Ono, Chief Executive Officer of Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia said, “Widely known for its remarkable handling, superior engine performance, radical and futuristic exterior styling coupled with a spacious cabin that provides car-like comfort, the Triton has indeed revolutionised the pick-up scene. The pick-up market has evolved much over the last few years and hence we believe there is a strong demand for a pick-up truck that exceeds the refinement of a conventional truck.”

    triton lite space

    “In view of current rising petrol and diesel prices, the timely launch of the Triton Lite today will meet the market’s demand for a fuel efficient vehicle. The Triton Lite is light on your wallet and even lighter on fuel, thanks to its affordable price tag and good fuel efficiency,” continued Mr Ono.

    Last year, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia’s total pick-up sales volume saw a notable growth with 3,480 units of L200 and Triton sold, an increase of 59.6 per cent from 2006. This continuous upward trend made Mitsubishi Motors’ pick-up the second most popular pick-up truck in the country with a 15.7 per cent share in the segment last year.

    “Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia will continue our concerted effort to strengthen the Mitsubishi Motors brand and we are confident that the introduction of the latest variants will shine through with its distinctive product value and competitive pricing as we target to achieve higher growth,” continued Mr Ono.

    “Currently sold in over 140 countries worldwide, and since its launch in Malaysia, the award-winning Triton has emerged to be one of the most popular selling pick-up trucks. To create the Triton, an extensive testing was conducted to collect data both in the engineering labs at Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and on the courses of the grueling Dakar Rally. This has resulted in new innovations like flowing bodylines associated with the Dakar Rally-winning Pajero Evolution,” said Mr Ryujiro Kobashi, General Manager of Asia & ASEAN A Department, Overseas Operations Group Headquarters of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation of Japan.

    Built on years of engineering expertise and tested on the gruelling grounds of one of the world’s toughest race, the Dakar Rally-honed Triton has earn praises and has been feted with many accolades worldwide and locally. This includes the Pick-up Truck of the Year award at the New Straits Times/ Maybank Car of the Year Awards 2007 and for the second year in succession, the Triton also claimed the top honours in the Pick-up of the Year category of the Autocar ASEAN Car of the Year Awards 2007.

    triton lite cargo

    In its continuous commitment to quality and reliability, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia is offering a 3-year or 100,000km warranty and a 3-year or 60,000km Maintenance Free Program for the new Triton 3.2 and a 3-year or 100,000km Warranty for the new Triton Lite.

    Owners are assured of an excellent after-sales support and are provided with “Mitsubishi Assist 24” card which offers a host of privileges including 24 hour roadside assistance.

    Colours available for the new Triton 3.2 are White Solid, Cool Silver Metallic and Black Metallic whereas the new Triton Lite comes in four colours, White Solid, Cool Silver Metallic, Red Metallic and Black Metallic.

    Optimized Fuel Economy and Affordable
    Featuring a stylish exterior and a sporty cabin, the new 2.5 litre 4×2 Manual Triton Lite combines the versatility of a commercial and a leisure vehicle that is affordable, light on fuel and solid in durability.


    The new Triton Lite is powered by a 2.5-litre Diesel SOHC 8-valve engine that produces 75bhp at 4200rpm and 149Nm at 2,500 rpm, an engine that is economically efficient, durable and reliable, assuring that the new Triton Lite runs on optimized fuel efficiency.

    Aimed at providing driving agility and a steadier ride for greater comfort, the new Triton Lite rides on an improved newly developed 2WD front suspension system. Sporting a front independent wishbone and coil spring suspension, the coil spring is engineered to reduce friction and to provide optimum longitude stiffness for an overall improvement in ride comfort.

    Improving vehicle dynamics through its new rack and pinion steering gear box, the suspension geometry has been optimised to improve straight forward driving stability and braking stability.

    With an improved front suspension and new steering, the new Triton Lite achieves the best turning radius of only 5.7 meters. The smallest turning radius among all pick-ups.


    Offering all-round protection, occupants can be assured the new Triton Lite is equipped with enhanced safety features.

    Built on Mitsubishi’s superior RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body, the new Triton Lite’s reinforced support holds its form and directs damage and collision away from occupants with its energy absorbing crumple zones.

    Its anti-intrusion safety release brake pedal acts on impact of a collision by collapsing inward, protecting the driver from injury.

    Constructed on all four doors are side impact bars that diverts impact from reaching the cabin during side collision and its advanced structure with the ladder-frame construction is thicker and stronger with collision energy-absorbing joints that provides greater occupant safety.


    Boasting a stylish exterior design with purposeful functionality, the new Triton Lite comes with a lower and wider body for a stable ride and excellent manoeuvrability. Its low tailgate opening ensures ease of loading and unloading cargo which gives less stress on back and arms.

    Whether used for work or for leisure, the new Triton Lite works hard to provide you all the space you need to meet your demands.


    mitsubishi triton interior

    Engineers at Mitsubishi Motors did not spare the new Triton Lite when it designed its interior cabin. Authoritative and functional, the new Triton Lite’s no-nonsense front cockpit features a stylish and ergonomic steering wheel flanked by easy to access control knobs and a centre panel with lid that holds anything from a toll ticket to a wallet.

    Providing smart, intuitive and convenient storage compartments around the vehicle, the new Triton Lite offers comfort and convenience that holds element of surprise as occupants step into the cabin.

    With ample legroom and low hip point coupled with intuitive compartment features, the new Triton Lite provides the most spacious rear cabin space in its class and sedan-like refinement at a competitive price tag.

    The new Triton Lite is equipped with ETACS (Electronic Time and Alarm Control System). As a computerised control system, ETACS provides keyless entry, headlamp auto off function, turn flasher, power window timer, speed-sensitive front wiper, open door alarm, central door lock and room lamp timer.

    The great features surely can attract more buyer specially from business owner that run their business daily using trucks or lorries.

    New Mitsubishi Triton Lite – Fuel Economy Pick Up Truck 2008 – Details Source :

    Mitsubishi motors & KDI

    mitsubishi triton pickup truck

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    15 Responses

    1. naset says:

      fuel consumption?

    2. how far can it go per litre?

    3. zai says:

      how far can it go per litre?

    4. nazli7120 says:

      nampak bergaya, bagaimana penggunaan bahanapi

    5. mat klate says:

      I have two option which is Hilux and Triton.. I just need your suggestion which one is better to traveling and a little bit of road

    6. raz says:

      aku da cube cari documentasi fuel consumtion,, tp xkumpe lagi,,,arrgh

    7. raz says:

      salesman cakap 17km/l.. km/j 70-80

    8. faiz lenjang says:

      Triton Lite kalau drive dalam 50km/h-60km/h dan beban muatan dalam 200kg…mungkin dapat dalam 18km/l-19km/l……

    9. faiz lenjang says:

      Aku ada buat ujian terhadap beberapa kereta berenjin diesel…saya ia dapat membantu anda untuk memilih kenderaan yang jimt minyak……;-

      Mitsubishi Triton 2.5[m] — 12.7 km/l [120km/h]
      Mitsubishi Triton 3.2[A] — 10 km/l [pedal to metal]
      Nissan navara 2.5 [A] — 10 km/l
      Nissan Frontier 2.5 [m] — 11.5 km/l [110km/h]
      Toyota Hilux 2.5 [m] — 9.5 km/l (110km/h)
      Ford Ranger TDCi 2.5[A] – 8.4 km/l [110km/h]
      Ssangyong Actyon Sports – 12 km/l [120km/h]

    10. mark says:

      ***********PROBLEMS TRITON*****************

      father in-law has a 08 triton glx-r model and s many problems and the car has clocked 40,000 km on it

      1. accelerator sensor stuffed up = new sensor + wiring
      2. knock in motor = replaced motor
      3. oil leak X3 gearbox = new gaskets
      4. oil leak gearbox 4th time = new gearbox after making sounds over 80km/h
      5. very little ground clearance 205mm therefor drive shaft some how bent = replaced
      6.turbo shut off motor wont start =still in mitsubishi service

      i will not get a triton iam getting a Isuzu D-MAX LS-M for $38,000 have a look for your self its worth it just type dmax in google

    11. zAmz says:

      Rujuk kat display panel, my Tritòn 2.5 D (m) consump about@average 8.8l/100km

    12. mior baharudin says:

      Saya dah 6 tahun guna triton lite, setakat ini insya allah tax ada masaalah, tetapi bila tukar gear dan tekan pedal minyak kadang2 high beam meyala dengan sendiri nya, apa punca agak nya

    13. Khairul nizam Abdullah says:

      Bagaimana hendak menaiktaraf suspension Triton lite..membawa beban seperti vgt

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