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    mini countryman modified rally aerokit bodykit custom edition

    (Modified Mini Countryman picture) New 2013 locally assembled CKD Mini Cooper Countryman and Countryman S in Malaysia launched. View Mini Countryman specification reviews, prices, main specs, pictures, monthly installment, fuel consumption, engine performance, dimension, Mini Countryman problems for discussion and user or owners test drive comments now available here at http://kereta.info. MINI Cooper Countryman  – RM 218,888 MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL 4 – RM 258,888

    Mini Countryman Engine Specification

      Engine Performance Horsepower hp :  120hp and 184hp (S)
    Engine pickup Torque Nm : 160nm
    Top speed km/h : 182kmh 
    0-100 km/h : 11.6 and 8.3seconds
    Mini Countryman Fuel Consumption FC km/litre @ sen/km @ litre/100km : Urban 9.9 l/100 km extra-urban 6.3 l/100 km combined 7.6 l/100 km

    Mini Countryman General Specification

    Dimension (Length x Width x Height) mm : – Weight kg : 1370

    Mini Countryman Review



    mini countryman malaysia spec

    Mini Countryman Review / test drive : 
    Exterior = 3/3 star*
    Interior = 3/3 star*
    Handling = 3/3 star*
    Comfort  = 3/3 star*
    Engine   = 3/3 star*
    *1 star = not so good
    *2 star = average
    *3 star = excellent 

    Mini Countryman Modified Spec

    Modification kit available: 
    Body kit aerokit + skirting + spoiler + leather seat + engine performance + lamps + radio audio system speakers and player + sport rims + tyres + bumper 

    Mini Countryman Maintenance costs

    Monthly payment calculation :-
     (interest rate x 9 years + 100) /100 x (car price – downpayment) / 108 months = RM / month
    Yearly insurance road tax calculation : –
    Current sum insured car price x 0.03 – NCDiscount + road tax fee = RM / year (estimation)
    Major and minor service adviseable to be done at authorised service center in Malaysia: –
    The cost of service depends on what type of engine oil, ATF fluid and service charge in RM. 

    Mini Countryman additional information details



    Mini Countryman Other Problem + Negative comments : –
    Please share your comments. If you are the owner, you are welcome to give some reviews on the car spec, maintenance, service center charges/fee ( caj major minor servis ), daily fuel consumption ( jimat penggunaan minyak ), technical problem (masalah kereta), better engine oil and fuel and engine modification (prestasi enjin). 
    Discuss on body kit / skirting modification, diy modified gadget / car accessories, how much yearly insurance and road tax (insuran / cukai jalan) rm per year, interior mod (modifikasi), quality / reliability, test drive reviews (pendapat pandangan pandu uji) , spare parts, tyres (saiz tayar) and sport rims 18 inch suitable and all other related issues here. NEW MINI COOPER COUNTRYMAN AND MINI COUNTRYMAN S LAUNCHED – SPECIFICATION REVIEW AND MODIFIED KIT
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    mini cooper countryman malaysia spec mini

    Other Mini Countryman Specification + Features + news : –
    MINI Malaysia introduces new, locally assembled MINI Countryman First MINI to be built in South East Asia drives out from BMW Group Malaysia Assembly Facilities in Kulim, Kedah.   Kulim, 13th June 2013 – BMW Group Malaysia today introduced the new, locally assembled MINI Countryman – the first locally assembled MINI to be introduced in Malaysia and South East Asia.
    Introducing the new model at the BMW Group Malaysia Assembly Facilities in Kulim, Kedah Dr. Gerhard Pils, Chief Executive Officer of BMW Group Malaysia said, “BMW Group Malaysia today marks another significant milestone in our ten year history of operations here in the country, assembling MINI for the first time not just here in Malaysia but also in the South East Asian region.”     Dr. Pils added that the move to assemble the new MINI Countryman in the country provides the opportunity for the transfer of superior quality assembly line technology, practices and standards to Malaysia.
    The introduction of the new MINI Countryman marks the fifth model to join BMW Group Malaysia’s  portfolio of locally-assembled vehicles  and further reinforces the premium automaker’s investment and commitment in the country.   “Operational since 2008, the BMW Group Malaysia Assembly Plant  in Kulim, Kedah has been an integral part of our success in Malaysia with a production run of more than 12,000 units to date. With a workforce of over 400 employees and equipped with the latest in manufacturing technologies, our BMW assembly facility here operates to the standards of any production facility of the BMW Group anywhere in the world. We are proud to be expanding our facilities here with the first ever locally assembled MINI Countryman.” said Dr. Pils.  
    The new locally assembled MINI Countryman is indistinguishable in all respect from their imported counterparts and are built around a strategy of combining advanced vehicle and chassis technology alongside MINI’s uncompromising go-kart drive quality and inimitable style. As such, BMW Group Malaysia aims to optimize its supply to customers in Malaysia whilst reducing the total cost of ownership value, waiting time for complete units and spare parts for MINI customers nationwide.   Dr. Pils added that, “The world’s automotive industry is at the tipping point of change in terms of technology and BMW Group Malaysia’s portfolio of locally assembled vehicles are at the forefront in offering Malaysians more choice and availability in this area of expertise.
    With the presence of both the technological know-how as well as the production capacity to do so here in Malaysia, we hope to work hand in hand with the Malaysian government to create a determined focus to push Malaysia’s automotive industry to become more competitive in a hypercompetitive global automotive market.” said Dr. Pils.   Also present at the official unveiling ceremony, Yang Berhormat Dato’ Dr. Ku Abdul Rahman Ku Ismail, Chairman of the Industry and Investment Committee, State Government of Kedah said, “This is a fundamental demonstration of the possibilities and opportunities Malaysia is increasingly discovering and it is my hope that other investors from both Malaysia and abroad will emulate the commitment, initiative and genuine concern for the societies which the BMW Group serves.
    I would like to once again express my admiration and commend BMW Group Malaysia for its bold and passionate efforts.”   Already an iconic and highly versatile solution to urban mobility, the MINI Countryman is the first MINI to feature four doors, a versatile interior layout offering space for five people and a large tailgate offering access to more than double the storage space of previous MINI vehicles. Whilst the MINI Countryman may sound like a more ‘grown-up’ version of the MINI, it has lost none of the trademark, go-kart drive feel that can be expected in a MINI. All in, the MINI Countryman expresses the defining virtues of the brand in terms of design, premium quality, performance and scope for customisation – all traditions of this premium marque and continues to be a strong contributor to the success of the MINI brand in Malaysia which BMW Group Malaysia is confident of growing.   “Until the month of May this year, we at BMW Group Malaysia have already delivered 2,801 vehicles comprising of MINI, BMW and BMW Motorrad, a 4% growth over the same period last year (2012: 2702).  The MINI brand alone achieved a 15% growth as compared to the same period last year with 161 MINIs delivered this year in comparison to 140 MINIs delivered last year, further reinforcing the brand’s popularity in Malaysia. Our sales numbers are also expected to go from strength to strength following today’s introduction of the locally assembled MINI Countryman.” said Dr. Pils.  
    The drivetrain: Reasons to love the MINI Countryman The locally assembled variants of the MINI Countryman will be made available in two 1.6-litre engine variants; the MINI Cooper Countryman and the MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4. Delivering MINI’s hallmark go-kart drive quality, the 1.6-litre four-cylinder unit also boast a host of technical features, enabling an optimal combination of performance and fuel efficiency. Coupled with the traction-led expression of MINI’s famed agile handling, the MINI Countryman is underpinned by sophisticated suspension technology which includes a front axle with MacPherson spring struts with forged track control arms, multi-link rear suspension and the electromechanical power steering system EPS.   The MINI Cooper Countryman’s drivetrain generates a maximum output of 88 kW/120 hp, enabling the car to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 11.6 seconds with an average fuel consumption of 7.6 litres per 100 km and a C02 emission rating of 177 grams per km.
    The MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4’s 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol engine meanwhile, sees the addition of a twin-scroll turbocharger and direct injection complemented with a fully variable valve management, delivering a maximum output of 135 kw/184 hp; all of which enables the MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4 to speed from 0 to 100 km/h in just 8.3 seconds. Bridging the gap between the classic MINI concept and a future projection of its capabilities, the MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4 offers by far the best balance between output and fuel consumption in its displacement classes.   The MINI ALL4 all-wheel drive, which comes standard on the MINI Cooper S Countryman allows the driving fun you expect from the brand to be experienced off the beaten track as well. The permanent all-wheel-drive system’s quick and precise responses to changing conditions provide a new, traction-led expression of the handling talents for which MINI is famed.
    Here, an electromagnetic centre differential positioned directly on the final drive varies the distribution of power seamlessly between the front and rear axles. In normal driving conditions up to 50 per cent of the drive is sent to the rear wheels, with as much as 100 per cent being channeled during extreme situations.   Beyond the swift handling in MINI cars, the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system in the MINI Countryman will serve to deliver increased safety and greater driving excitement. This electronic chassis control system constantly monitors the behaviour of the chassis and wheels, and upon detection of a threat in traction loss, it reduces drive power and applies precisely-measured braking pressure to individual wheels. Skidding is prevented before it can start, as within milliseconds, the MINI Countryman is stabilised. At the touch of a button, the Dynamic Traction Control – a standard feature only in the MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4 – can also be activated for extra traction and more surefooted progress on difficult surfaces.
      Design: Longer, taller, wider Externally, the MINI Countryman provides a familiar interpretation of classic MINI features, such as the roof line, hexagonal radiator grille, large headlights set into the bonnet, side indicator surrounds, capacious wheel arches and vertical rear light clusters. With the MINI design language as a starting point, the MINI Countryman then showcases its own individualism with its recognizable design language. Large glass surfaces and distinctive contours of the roof provide an expansive visual cue of the MINI Countryman’s increase in interior space and four-door layout.
      The extra-wide border around the lower part of the body and powerfully bolstered wheel arches are a nod to the robustness of the vehicle and its all-wheel drive capabilities. In wheel offering, the MINI Cooper Countryman features 17 inch light alloy wheels with 5-Star Double Spoke whilst the MINI Cooper Countryman S offers 18 inch light alloy wheels with a Turbo Fan design.   Interior: An almost maxi MINI The MINI Countryman also boasts five seater capacity with ample space to ensure comfort over long journeys with generous legroom, headroom and shoulder room. The rear seats can be moved forwards and backwards individually, and the backrests can be folded down; all of which allows luggage capacity to be increased from 350 litres to a maximum of 1,170 litres. The interior of the MINI Countryman also prides itself on a selection of new design and functional elements. The slightly raised seating position allows easy entry, optimising the driver’s view over the road and reinforces the powerful character of the new car. The Centre Speedometre and air vents are bordered by chrome lining while the unique MINI Centre Rail runs lengthwise through the middle of the interior in place of a conventional centre console. This also opens up new ways of integrating storage spaces and accessories just as you want them. The new MINI Countryman also offers automatic air-conditioning and an audio system with CD player.  
    The new MINI Countryman comes in a range of exterior colour including eleven exterior colour options in the form of Light White, Absolute Black, Crystal Silver, Royal Grey and True Blue, Blazing Red, Brilliant Copper. Inside, the upholstery materials are designed in Leather Gravity Carbon Black.   The retail prices (on the road for personal registration, without insurance, with the MINI Tender Loving Care service package) for the new MINI Countryman are:   MINI Cooper Countryman  – RM 218,888 MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL 4 – RM 258,888 (Subject to government approved selling price)

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