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    The new BMW M3 sedan can be driven according to the driver’s needs and whims – and even use to perform daily chores

    THE M3 is the ultimate 3-Series BMW that one can buy. But it is a two-door, and although some people love the performance, the realities of the world sink in, and they have to give it up on account of its so-called anti-social characteristics of being a two-door.
    But then, nowadays, the catchword in marketing is ‘niche’, and so what the people at BMW have come up with is a 4-door version of the fabulous M3, which was quite simply accomplished by putting all the M3 mechanicals and electronics into a 3-Series Sedan.

    The M3 Sedan, therefore, is ideal for the enthusiast who wants the ultimate in performance, but can use it also as a daily driver; the four door configuration allowing friends and family to come along for the ride minus the inconvenience. The M3 Sedan also sits slightly higher, and is a little heavier and marginally slower.
    The new M3, the Sedan version included, has a 4.0 litre V8 engine. How they squeezed it into the front end is a feat by itself, but they have also managed to maintain the balance of the car with the use of composite materials and aluminium alloys that not only keep the front end weight decent without compromising on safety.

    With 420 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque, there are very few cars on the road that can match the M3. Zero to 100 km/h is done in 4.9 seconds, and if the speed was not electronically limited to 250 km/h, the M3 Sedan would go well beyond that.

    The M3 will out-accelerate almost anything on the road, and some on the race track too.

    The great thing is, despite all that awesome performance, the M3 can be driven sedately to the market if you so wish.

    It comes with a 7-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox, and can be driven smoothly even in start-stop traffic.

    There are three modes, invoked simply by a push of a button, and it is also possible to vary some of the settings to suit your individual driving style.

    The V8 engine is very smooth and pulls up to a screaming 8,400 revolutions. If you happen to witness a M3 whizzing by in high rpm, you will hear it before you see it, and you will lose sight of it before you stop hearing it.

    Handling is beyond reproach, and the M3 will take just about anything you might throw at it, and if you over-cook it, the full array of safety devices such as the ABS and the DSTC will come in to help you out.

    Brakes are enormous, 360mm cross-drilled discs in the front, backed up by 350mm discs at the rear. Shod on 18inch wheels, the M3 is a real performance machine.

    In terms of looks, you might mistake the M3 Sedan for a normal BMW 3-Series, but when you get closer, you will note the bigger and wider wheels, the twin exhausts at the rear, the air vents on the sides of the front fenders, the huge brakes, and other subtle features that make a silent statement that this is not a car you want to challenge to a drag.

    It costs a cool RM732K of price and if you can afford it, I can guarantee that you will not regret it.

    Source : Y.S.Khong from the sun

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    1. gtR_typeRR says:

      M3 power.. i like..

    2. Syaharudin Bin Hj Shaari says:

      Ingin keseluruh harga BMW M3 SEDAN gst road tax dan insurance minta tolong e-mail kan dekat saya my hp +6019-2947928 for Mr Che Deen kereta model terbaru


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