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    Have you ever heard and see a car that can repairs damages on its own?. This is the car that you want to see.

    Following the success of the Mercedes-Benz CLS, many luxury automakers are now creating what is known as a four-door-coupe sports sedan. Porsche has its Panamera; Jaguar has its XJ; and Aston Martin has its Rapide. BMW is working on its own four-door-coupe sedan, which will be influenced by the new BMW Concept Gran Coupe and Mercedes-Benz is working hard to save its dominance over the market with the next Mercedes-Benz CLS in the works, which will be influenced by the F800 Concept.

    Audi’s A7 four-door-coupe will be unveiled later this year, but a Spanish designer by the name of Dani Garcia, is wondering what if Audi went another route than building a model based on the Sportback Concept.


    Known as the Audi A9 Concept, the “Audi A9” by Spanish designer Daniel Garcia is a luxury sports saloon concept made using nanotechnology that includes an automatic system for repairing damage and colour opacity adjustment.

    Though the Audi A9 concept car looks like it has no windshield to see out of, the screen actually extends to the roof and is composed of an electronic painting system that lets you choose and change the colour of the car. The Audi A9 concept car also runs on alternative fuel, so not only is it plenty of fun, it’s also eco-friendly.

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