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    New Persona VVT 2016 is a very nice looking car that you can get with reasonable price. It has a good value for money. Malaysian loves this 2nd gen Persona VVT and most of them eager to buy it. Due to overwhelming response, a lot of Persona VVT can be seen on Malaysian road now.

    To make your new Persona ride unique and different from others, a lot of ideas of modification produced. One of the best modified Persona VVT images created by Ajerul is our favourite choice.

    The front looks too awesome for the family sedan segment. It is perfect design that looks like a civic with Evo bumper on the front. Maybe some Persona owners will make a custom bumper or body kit following this design soon and its gonna be fantastic.

    The side profile looks better with bigger wheels which includes above 17 inch sport rim for Persona VVT 2016, low profile tyres and lowered sport spring. But need to remember, better looks like this will hamper comfortable ride.

    The rear bumper with large diffuser, twin exhaust tail pipe fitted under smoked led light bar tail lamp enough to make us forget the beauty of rear BMW cars. Nice job done and hopefully someone will make this happened rolling nicely òn the road. Thumbs Up!

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    3 Responses

    1. Rosdi says:

      Saya berminat design bumper persona baru custom .. mcm mana cara nak dapatkan ..tq

    2. mohamadazwan says:

      Mane nak cari bamper depan mcm ni..persona baru

    3. Hafiz says:

      Bumper belakang mau order camne

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