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  • Modified PERODUA ATIVA RAIZE Style Lowered SUV With Modellista Bodykit – Best Looking Modified ATIVA

    modified Ativa

    Modifed Ativa – PERODUA ATIVA RAIZE 1st gen 2020 SUV modification:

    • 1) Red & Black 2 tone paint
    • 2) Rays brown sport rim with low profile tyres
    • 3) Toyota Raize aftermarket modellista full bodykit skirting
    • 4) Lowered suspension – adjustable absorber
    • 5) PERODUA ATIVA RAIZE SUV spoiler
    • 6) Custom plate number
    • 8) Aftermarket AP Racing yellow brake calliper
    • 9) Black tinted all windows
    • 10) Bigger turbo intercooler

    NICE modification done on the Ativa owner En Arshad Legacy!

    The PERODUA ATIVA suv car price in 2021 for this model is around RM 61K+.


    • 1) 1.0 Turbo 3 cylinder engine 1KR-VE T
    • 2) 98Hp horsepower & 140Nm torque
    • 3) Fuel consumption up to 18km/l
    • 4) D-CVT gearbox transmission
    • 5) 1020 kg weight & 1635 mm width
    • 6) 303-369 liter of boot space
    • 7) Tyre 205 60 R17

    PERODUA ATIVA 1.0 turbo 1st generation suitable for those who need small compact SUV (cheapest) for small family of 4 for weekend & daily drive. The performance is average, size is below average but the boot space is bigger than competitor. Exterior looks & handling is best among other Perodua cars.

    ativa raize modellista bodykit
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