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  • Modified BMW X1 WAGON Style Lowered SUV With Bodykit – Best Looking X1

    BMW X1 1st gen E84 2010 SUV modification:

    • 1) Black & white paint
    • 2) 18 inch black sport rim with low profile tyres
    • 3) BMW aftermarket side step
    • 4) Lowered suspension – adjustable absorber
    • 5) Full BMW X1 SUV bodykit skirting spoiler
    • 6) Android player touch screen
    • 7) Custom plate number
    • 8) Aftermarket side air vent
    • 9) BMW M sport body sticker
    • 10) Valvetronic On Off exhaust system

    Modified BMW X1 WAGON Style lowered SUV with bodykit – best looking X1

    The modified BMW X1 suv used car price in 2021 for this model is around RM 60K+-.

    Maintenance cost of BMW X1 after 5 years will be around RM5K for wear & tear & servicing up to RM10k for common problem per year depends on car condition.

    Normal Servicing cost is around RM500 for engine oil change.

    18 inch wheels tyres price around RM500 per tyre for non run flat & up to RM1k for run flat tyres.

    Android player cost RM2k for BMW X1

    Exhaust system full set valvetronic cost RM2k

    BMW X1 E84 1st generation suitable for those who need small SUV (luxury brand) for small family weekend drive & dont have any problem to spend RM5k-10k per year for maintenance.

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