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    Mercedes Benz Malaysia recorded a better sales in last year sales performance. Their car sold and have almost half market share of luxury segment car. Read further explanation on the Mercedes Benz Records 16 Pct Sales Growth In 2008 from bernama below:


    Mercedes Benz Malaysia Sdn Bhd recorded sales of 6,151 passenger cars and commercial vehicles and a 16 percent growth to surpass its overall target for 2008.

    Its market share increased to 46.7 percent in its competitive segment in comparison to 2007 and was further aided by a 14 percent growth in its luxury segment.

    In the passenger car segment, Mercedes Benz recorded a sales growth of over 15 percent for 2008 with 4,160 units sold, making it a record high, since the brand’s introduction to Malaysia 58 years ago.

    On the Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle front, the company kept pace with its passenger cars segment by delivering a total of 457 units to register an overall sales growth of 18 percent.

    Mercedes-Benz chief executive officer and president, Peter Honegg said the 2008 sales performance was indicative of the company’s strength in the premium segment.

    “The figures to date are very encouraging.We are looking forward to extending this performance to 2009 in light of the current global financial downturn.

    “We hope to continue to work closely with our distributors to enhance service facilities and provide the best for our customers as we place greater emphasis on the Mercedes-Benz hallmark attibutes of safety, comfort and class,” he said in a statement today.

    The sales of the Mercedes Benz C, E and S-Class alone stood at 3,680 units, contributing a 20.2 percent increase compared to 2007.

    The company also registered a 76 percent increase in sales of its R-Class and G-Class with sales exceeding 95 units.This includes sales of the new Mercedes-Benz R280 launched in March 2008.

    Honegg noted that several key launches in 2008 boosted sales performance including the Mercedes-Benz 230 Avantgarde unveiled in June. The new model made a significant contribution, resulting in the C-Class leading in its segment, with over 1,700 units sold.

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