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    Honda Stream

     Honda Stream

    Planning to get a MPV? Honda stream or Mazda5 for your family? You can disscuss here and make some comparison here.

    Honda Stream is designed for that change in your life. And for the things that don’t change. Its 1.8-litre i-VTEC powerhouse, advanced drivability and sleek and low-slung styling appeal to the sporty side of you.

    It is designed to accommodate 7 passengers in total comfort over short and long distances. The wheelbase has been lengthened by 20mm and the pedal layout gives more space between the second and third-row seats by 30mm, which permits more room to the third-row passengers. To round it off, the floor area has been leveled from corner to corner, lending itself to the highest comfort levels for city and highway cruising.



    Mazda 5 facelift has a design that targets customers looking for a balanced exterior that hints at the vehicle’s fun-to- drive character. It features a new front bumper design that makes the car look lower and sleeker, a new underspoiler for a touch of performance, and a larger integrated housing for the front fog lamps that gives the nose a powerful look. The headlamps have a new silver bezel design and a new textural finish at the edges for a look of high quality. These frame a more clearly-defined Mazda five-point grille with a new sporty-looking honeycomb mesh. Auto-levelling xenon headlamps are available as option. At the back, the standard version has new rear combination lamps that are vertically divided for a fresh, two-colour effect.

    Mazda5 facelift is not only more practical and easier to use, it is also a quieter place to be, making its passenger cell even more communicative and relaxing. Engine sound, for instance, has been reduced (for all engines) by the introduction of a multi-resonator around the fresh air intake duct. It has six different types of resonators that are designed to cut noise at frequencies between 80 to 470 Hz. Road noise has also been reduced by increasing the rigidity of the rims of the alloy wheels. This reduces load wheel vibration, which is transmitted to the body and experienced as road noise by passengers, by 1 dB. And, Thinsulate® insulation sheeting has been added to the roof liner, which absorbs high-pitched road noise (at 250 Hz and above) transmitted through the body shell.

    Honda Stream 1

    Honda Stream price is RM 149,800.00

    Mazda5 1

    Mazda5 price between RM147,780.40 to RM155,000.00

    Price wise, the Mazda and the Honda are both in the same league. Mazda5 price between RM147,780.40 to RM155,000.00. While Honda Stream price is RM 149,800.00.Length wise, the Stream is more longer which is 4,570mm, while the Mazda5 is 4,565mm.

    Widest,the Mazda5 is 1,755mm while the Stream is 1,695mm.






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    30 Responses

    1. Mat says:

      I like stream..but Mazda5 also look nice..

    2. sophe says:

      mazda5 __ 5 stars mpv in europe……(2008)

    3. bob says:

      definately….MAZDA 5….

    4. nik says:

      MAZDA 5..absolutely..Very good comparison u got there….I still dont understand how come Stream (alias Coffin Car) was pick as CBT’s car of the year 2008, over Mazda 5.

    5. azameel says:

      go mazda go hehe.
      .mazda 5 ni ade banyak function yang same class ngan higher end punye mpv,
      tgk jela specs die :D

    6. pogee says:

      Mazda ni pintu sliding…senang penumpang third row masuk. Stream nak kena tolak seat baris kedua..engine SOHC tapi ada vtec…Mazda Engine DOHC 2.0..Pada aku…design Mazda lebih menarik…pastu shiftronic gearbox…

    7. Lyn says:

      Mazda 5 lacks stability and traction control (ESC/DSC) that are required to ensure safety on wet and slippery road. Mazda 5 also depreciates its value very fast, besides its spare parts are difficult to get.

    8. Lyn says:

      Honda Stream lacks sliding doors and other functionalities that Mazda 5 posses. The air conditioner was not designed as good as Mazda 5’s.

    9. lee says:

      Considering the looming economic crises that is going to affect us, I would rather wait for Proton MPV next year. The prices of the two (Mazda 5/Stream) nor WISH, despite their attractive appearances and specs, is within my tight budget constrain. Hoping Proton will bring out the best for Malaysians to brag about/around.

    10. haro says:

      kia spectra5 pun nampak ok tp kecik dari dua keta nie…

      maybe perodua mpv 1st unit CBU kot..proton mpv macam rushing je so quality pun gitu2 je

    11. jatrop says:

      Rite. Perodua is perhaps the second best shot. BTW, do we really believe with all the awards that these marques bagged and bragged? Sorry, not to me ..

    12. WRRXXX says:

      emm mmg spec mazda5 lagi best dari stream.. tapi await stream nie mahal sgt.. aper2 pon aku mmg minat ngan stream design and engine. dah lama kenan : )

    13. rev89 says:

      Cermin mazda5 kalau gelap macam stream, nampak lagi cunn kot. Apapun, dua2 cantik dan masing2 ada kelebihan tersendiri. Susah nak buat pilihan.

    14. awitgg says:

      cermin bole tinted tp nanti kena saman… stream plain n mahal maybe becoz of the BrandName… if u own mazda 5 you will automatically become one in a thousand… hardly bump into another mazda 5… but with stream, your neighbours maybe one of the owner!

    15. PROnCONS says:

      Wish is much worse. Kat mane2 boleh nampak. Neighbours ada Wish, tapi Stream tak nampak pulak setakat ni. Kalau boleh banding tiga2 ni dari spek dia pun baguih jugak. Mazda5 ada sunroof. Stream tak nampak pulak dari gambar ni.

    16. KELV86 says:


    17. jiman says:

      pndapat akoo…honda stream ni cam awex yg cun laa….tp ati kureng baik sket….jgn terase lak gurls2 kt cni….mazda 5 nih tak brape cun tapi manis la….but hati byk baek and easy going hehehehe….

    18. KELV86 says:

      stream ni nampak cantik tapi quality terok…i duduk dalam kereta tu tak selesa lepas tu dia punyak dashboard semua dapat feel plastik…tak bagus macam ni…tak ada continental feel..

    19. mazda nie cantik..kt area rumah sye ade sebijik wane putih..berkenan plak kt kete nie..tp mahal la pulok..hehe..

    20. KELV86 says:

      tak la mahal kereta tu……murah je… kalau compare stream lagi mahal….1.8 jual rm149,000 memang mahal…lagi baik beli nissan grand livina…kakakak

    21. stream mmg x di nafikan mmg mhal..mahal sbb brand..
      tmbh lg sket, dpt 2 bijik livina tuuu..

    22. protonkenakankita says:

      Sori lah, tersilap masuk forum. Org patut cite stream dgn mazda 5. Kite cite pasal proton mpv pulak. Apapun, aku suka Maxda5 sbb aircon sejukk dan sliding door boleh bukak dari jauh. Senang kalau bawak brng bnyak .. Tapi maintainance takut susah dpt alat ganti.

    23. Abg Am says:

      Saya suka stream kerana itu saya beli stream ats beberapa sebab
      1.Minyak kalau utk perjalanan jauh 7.9L/100km Jimatkan..
      2.Air cond memang sejuk keseluruhan kabin bukan hanya utk depan dan tengah saja kalau wish belakang hangatla.
      3.Cara pemanduan macam kereta biasa stabil.
      4.Pick up mmg bagus ada overdrive.gear 3 boleh cecah 160Kmj dan gear 4 200kmj.
      5.Mcpherson strut utk depan dan reactive double wishbone mmg bagus biasanya kereta yg bagus punyai suspension yg bagus kerana kereta sport atau mewah macam Merz akan guna suspension jenis ini.bukan jenis yg mmg kurang bagus macam torsion beam axle,leaf spring with axle atau multilink axle,terutama utk belakang untk menentukan keselesaan dan kestabilan terutama apabila mengambil selekoh.stream adalah jawapanya.
      6.Design mmg cantik,lebeh rendah kereta itu lebeh stabillah ia dan MPV paling rendah adalah Honda stream bukan toyota wish,mazda 5.
      7.Pemanduan lebuh raya 3001 rpm stream sudah mencecah 160kmj,kerana gear ratio.teorinya lebeh rendah rpm lebeh jimatlah pengunaan minyak.
      8.Injin Vtec yg mmg terkenal dimana honda telah meniru injin alfa romeo dan memajukankan lagi.enjin pesaing jepun yg lain mcm toyota baru sahaja memperkenalkan injin Vvti,Mitsubishi Mivec.mereka hanya baru sahaja mencapai peringkat awal vtec diperkenalkan,dan sekarang ini injin stream berinjin Vtec 2 stage.manakala utk injin 20lk 3 stage vtec.

    24. Norman says:

      Modern Honda terkenal ngan jimat minyak.Nampak mcm jinak je stream ni tapi kalau dah mengaum boleh sebelah2 ngan Mazda 5 tu.Tapi Mazda tak kurang hebatnye cuma pick up ade kureng sikit,Minyak pun boleh tahan mcm Subaru jugak

    25. Imran says:

      I’ve been driving my F/L Mazda 5 2008 for almost 1 year already, and Guys, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE AND PLEASE DONT BUY MAZDA 5!!
      ……Otherwise mine doesnt look unique anymore! hehe…………..

      Btw, there are a lots ‘Kiasu’s out there who really care about me as they keep on asking and telling me why i didnt get H & T brand as these brands offer better FC and 2nd hand value…but for me, I dont give a damn, as i’m the one who going to drive the car……as a driver, we have to know what we want…if you plan to get a car and sell within 3 years, then no doubt, u have to get a Stream (btw, 2006 Mazda 5 market value still around RM100k-110k, not bad kan?)…if handling and driving satisfaction become your priority, then Mazda 5 is the one…dont just listen to people esp those blindly hentam other brands, without experience it himself…go and test drive both models…test drive kow-kow as the car is meant for TEST drive….feel yourself..come back and cerita!

      just to share some facts based on my experience of 1 year driving my Mazda 5,
      ~ FC:- city: 8km/ltr; Highway: 12km/ltr;
      ~ Service Cost:- Avg of RM300++ per service, i.e. service interval 10,000 km using SHELL Helix fully synthetic.
      ~ top speed:- PLUS Highway: 190km/hr; Cornering: 130-140km/hr. (My car still stocks!)


    26. aku la says:

      dua2 stream dan mazda tu memang power…cuba bincang pasal maintenance dengan spare parts…yang mana mudah diperolehi dan murah? aku sure stream lebih ok berbanding mazda…betul ke?

    27. mid says:

      kalau setakat kemek2 nie kedai repair biasa pun bule buat beb, tarik pakai hydraulic jek!
      lagi satu korang ada prasan tak paper keluar tahun 2007 k 2008 siap gambo seme. Accident kat kl mazda5 kene langgar dgn lori, taukeh mazda ganti seketul baru tu beb… tak caya lu pegi peugeot kat tampoi diaorg ada tampal keratan tu kat tangga, kalau ada lagi la… lu tanya la sng.. tu pun nak ajo… pampered! bukan lu, adalah…

    28. azhar says:

      memang betul kata Abang Am.saya ada honda stream..memang power…

    29. arospeedo says:

      For maintenance/sparepart cost…stream lebih murah sikit dari mazda5 pasal keta honda skrg melambak org guna…sy buat minor service di SC for my honda accord 2.0…hanya rm189 shj guna semi syn oil

    30. pakar seo says:

      Nice see this article

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