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    For Malaysians, don’t text messages and make a call while driving, otherwise you will get summons of RM300.

    Most Malaysians like to eat and text messages or normally we called as sms while they driving.You shouldn’t do this bad character while you are driving car.Study shows that eating while driving can cause 80% of all car accidents. So the best solution is you must wait till you get home or just park you car at petrol station or wherever at safe place. A new study shows a staggering 80% of all car accidents and 65% of near misses are caused by distracted drivers more focused on their burgers than the road.

    Eating while driving a car with manual transmission can be twice as dangerous as driving an automatic transmission. This is because the added task of shifting makes it even more complicated when attention is spared for eating or drinking. As for our info eating is the most distracting activity one can undertake while driving. Such as nowadays, fast food is a staple our culture but just because it is easy to get while driving does not mean you are meant to eat it while driving. If you are on the road and need a bite, stop and rest while you eat. Not only will it rejuvenate you, but it can also prevent a tragic accident from occurring.

    Based on National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the distraction like eating can become a problem for drivers who can’t react quickly to a sharp curve. In a separate study of 1,000 drivers, ExxonMobil Corp. discovered more than 70% of drivers eat while driving – and 83% drink beverages.

    Why the accident can happen? Maybe they think it’s safe, but actually most drivers responding to a new poll admit to keeping one eye and one hand on a meal while driving. That is dangerous cause eating a meal turned out to be the best common distracting activity drivers undertake. According that fact, 65% of drivers stated they eat while driving based PEMCO Insurance poll on driver distraction.

    Another bad habit based on Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) is typing text message while they driving. Studies show that the collision risk for drivers who text messages while driving goes up 23 times over those who do not do so as text messaging takes the eyes off the road for too many seconds. For collisions in 2007, out-of-control driving contributed to 23% (1,318 out of 5,672 cases) of fatal accidents and 14% of overall accidents (3,674 out of 27,035 cases).

    This subject has come under close scrutiny of late in the United States, where many states have been introducing laws to ban texting while driving. This follows several major accidents linked to texting in the past few months. Data from the American Transportation Department revealed that 11% of drivers in fatal crashes had been distracted at the time of the accident in 2008, compared with 8% in 2004.

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