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    First of all, we want to know how many of you have tried the Magnetrap?. Let’s share with us about Magnetrap if you already use it.We want to know whether it give positive impact or not for your car. From what we know, the Magnetrap works by trapping metal particles to the magnetised oil filter canister.This is the first stage of filtration before the remaining particles are filtered by the oil filter elements.Research shows that Magnetrap is able to remove 99.95 per cent of metal elements in the engine oil.

    The Magnetrap is unique. It creates a focus beam inside the canister, thus making it more efficient. It is manufactured with the Neodymium super magnet which can withstand heat of up to 250 degrees Celcius.This additional magnetrap which sticked around the oil filter is to double trap the metal chips (mostly produce by wear and tear) within the oil during it’s filtration through the oil filter.




    • People don’t service their vehicle on time.
    • Using imitation and replacement grade filter, which is rampant in the industry, causing slow damage to the car without the user’s knowledge.


    Magnetically removed ferrous particles
    Keep our oil cleaner
    Reduces abrasion
    Maintenance free
    Protects your engine
    Universal sized
    No special tools / training required
    Inexpensive highly effective solution


    The Magnetrap comes with a one-year warranty and is available from AR Marketing Sdn Bhd, the authorised distributor, for RM68.It also can be purchased at any Proton Edar service branches with the prices below RM70.


    Without Magnetrap.


    With Magnetrap.


    Some people want to save by using Computer Hard Disk magnet as the magnetrap.It is very strong will do the same job as the Magnetrap.


    But here we have some cases which we got from other sources about Magnetrap.But this product is not recommended to install to Perodua’s car.Maybe we can install it as an accessories.

    Read about it below.

    Sources: Myvi Owner’s club.By akoonn


    Magnetrap installed by Perodua SC.

    Hi there,

    I got this magnetrap stick on my Myvi’s oil filter without my knowing it during the normal maintenance at Perodua SC. Because I found it in the bill only when my mom shown it to me. So I immediately have a look at the engine bay and found that the plastic ring getting fallen from the oil filter. As I think, if I continue to drive the car without check it out, the Magnetrap will definately missing and I don really have a chance to view it for the first time.

    I have this issue report to the Perodua HQ by email them the photo of Magnetrap as well as the receipt issued by SC. (Thanks to Perodua for the very fast responce)

    The HQ’s officer ask me to send my Myvi back to the workshop for checking & refund. She explained that the Magnetrap is not a Perodua’s products and it is not recommended to install to Perodua’s car by Perodua. But it is really scary to visit the SC again because don’t know what will happen to my myvi if they found me report it to the Perodua HQ. So the next thing I asked the HQ’s officer regarding the action will Perodua taken against this kind of thing, but unfortunately this is out of the HQ’s officer rights.

    Hope so the neccessary action will be taken agains this kind of issue in order to protect all the Perodua’s customer. So beware of this non-perodua’s products when you have your car service even at the Perodua’s SC.

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    14 Responses

    1. Comment says:

      Nampak macam bagus…sebab memerangkap serpihan logam
      Tapi nape P2 service pasang x bagitahu customer…sampai kena report kat HQ lak?
      Ada yang dah pakai ke…masa service MyVI hari tu takde pulak diaorang bagitahu..

    2. kej@m says:

      mcm menarik jer magnet nie..tp kalo letk je mcm xjatuh ke nnt mase jln..
      rsenye, mcm ble jatuh jer bile lalu kt jln yg xrata..

    3. iz says:

      Ni maybe kat certain2 service centre Perodua yang pasang..xsemuanya.. service centre Proton pon ade yg offer.. maybe just nak dptkan income sampingan..tapi sian gak kat akoonn tu..sebab diorg pasang tak bagitau.. sdar2 da kne caj.. kalau bagitau nak pasang maybe ok.. Rasa bagus gak bnde nh..sebab boleh trap metal chips yang ade kat dalam minyak enjin..
      Nak kata jatuh tu…maybe kurang sikit risiko nye..sebab magnet tu melekat kuat.. tapi xtaula.. so..sape2 yang da pakai meh la komen kat sini..kongsi2 ngan kawan2..

    4. bought the magnetrap long time ago after few months using the car. i thought it was indeed very good.

      savoc forus is currently locked (for maintenence) if u want to check out.

      theres a savoc member already CUT one of the oil filter which using megnatrap and can see the result. the clog does effectively stick to the filter wall & the filter itself still quite clean. savvy oil filter normally advised to be changed every 10000 KM. but with magnetrap. looks like u can use it for another 10000 KM. possible to change an oil filter every 20000KM? sounds good isnt it? but even though I use the magnatrap, I still change the oil filter every 10KKM.. :p

      another one.,
      theres another product,. erm.. i dunno the brand. its a very strong magnet. stronger than magnatrap’s magnet. its a single piece of magnet placed at the top of the oil filter. erm..u can see and read the detail at savoc forum. nway, I dont know the effectiveness of this product yet. but for magnetrap. I realy realy advised all car owner to use it.

      “Take good care of ur car and u’ll get a peace of mind.”

    5. mr.eims says:

      oh.. for ur information..
      i bought my magnetrap for rm68, if im not mistaken. at admitech proton SC segambut.

    6. Comment says:

      rasanya mmg tak jatuh…mmg kuat magnet tu.
      kalau dah pasang nak service kena pastikan kedai x buang menda alah tu ngan oilfilter atau rembat simpan dalam diam.
      mmg patut pun komplen kat HQ p2 pandai2 je pasang…
      tapi aku dah ada pengalaman kalau komplen apa kat p2 HQ atau P2 service mmg cepat respons…kalau P1 x pastilah pulak
      kalau mmg berfungsi + kualiti benda ni mmg boleh pakai..
      lepas ni akan keluarlah klon2 produk ni…last2 kita tak tau mana betul original + trademark
      jenama klon yang mungkin akan keluar mungkin guna jenama ni..
      – dan lain-lain lagi
      * dan akan ada typo tambahan KUAT, TAHAN, LESEN (lesen?) hehehehehehehehe

    7. Joko says:

      Kalau agak2 kepala berserabut ajer, pun boleh pasang kat kepala.. mesti clear punya otak2 kotor tu.. he hee
      So far idea ni kira okay lah dan ada logika nyer…

    8. kej@m says:

      boleh terima pki idea tu joko..tgk kt dlm gmbr pun, mcm boleh adjust jer size die…

    9. bantalbusuk says:

      sebenarnya bende nih dah lamer diamalkan oleh geng2 yang pakai kereta reto.. since enjin retro pun dah lamer dan maybe dah banyak hakis dalam enjin tuh so they do themselves.. guna magnet kat harddisc komputer.. magnet tuh memang kuat sebab untuk memastikan cd terus berputar.. macam magnet dalam dinamo basikal la..

    10. alamdamai1 says:

      ‘m using a Filtermag product imported from the US where i noticed after about 20K km of usage, its magnetic strength has reduced somewhat…

      hence, morale of the story, all these magnet products, even of high gauss & temperature ratings, would lose their working strength after awhile…

    11. Anon says:

      apsal ade org ckp mende ni tpu? ktnye dlm enjin tu sendri sendri bkn dibuat drpd besi, so particles tu xkan lekat.. gune la magnet kuat mane pun..

      diorg pggl bende ni magnacrap, heheh.

    12. @alamdamai & anon
      you can view the topic here

      sorry cannot put links to the images, the website blocked my comment. u check them out urself at savoc website.

    13. sepul says:

      Magnet trap ni kena tukar setiap kali service ke macam mana.

    14. K says:

      If magnet trap is so effective, why don’t manufacturer fit it out of factory? Magnet trap is just a commercial product that rely on fact science to fool the buyer, like mouth rinse. If you do really need this thing to fit on the oil filter, then you will be having big problem with engine because the oil filter is not doing what it should do (filter the engine debris ).

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