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    Here, we will show you the Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart 1.5 turbo that we got from the 2010 Geneva Motor Show.For your info, ‘Ralliart’ is Mitsubishi’s tuning partner, responsible for fettling the make’s rally cars.For this Colt Ralliart Turbo, there are ‘Ralliart’ badges on its nose and rump, plus bigger alloy wheels than on other Colts, a small roof-height spoiler and a ‘turbo’ badge on each door.

    On first impressions, the Mitsubishi Colt doesn’t have the hot hatch look. Sure, its big black beardy grille is reminiscent of the Evo, the boot spoiler is nice, and the black alloys look sporty enough, but most hot hatch buyers want a little more.Powered by Mitsubishi 1.5 Turbo, it’ll blast past 100km/h in 7.4 seconds; fast enough to leave most other cars standing. Top speed is a plentiful 211km/h, and there’s an impressive mid-range punch, giving it the cheeky turn of speed hot hatches are famous for.

    Inside, it got a new instrument panel, redesigned controls for the a/c, a Lancer inspired steering wheel and a new graining for the black upper padding of the dashboard together with higher quality seat material.

    The Colt Ralliart suspension has been amended in eight different points for sharper driving dynamics, including reduced body roll thanks to a thicker front stabilizer bar.
    It is a frantic little car but one that is also easy to drive quickly. If your ambition is to drive on a professional circuit, it would be a great little thing to learn in.

    At the rear, the Colt Ralliart gets darker and newly styled taillights and a new bumper. New wheels complement the new exterior design, including dark finish dual 5-spokes for the Colt Ralliart. If you want a very small, quick car that hurl around a circuit in fine style, this is darned near perfect.

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