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    lamborghini jeremie paret

    What you see here is living, fire-breathing proof that there is life after automotive journalism. Jeremie Paret recently left his position as Editor in Chief of Modify magazine to start his own supercar tuning outfit. This customized Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 is his first creation.

    It takes a special kind of tuner to have the chutzpah to tinker with an Italian thoroughbred like the LP560-4, and there are only a handful of aftermarket outfits that are up to the task. Paret sets himself apart by offering a completely customized experience, with each vehicle designed by his team according to the specifications of the customer. This Gallardo has been fitted with Asanti Diamond wheels hiding pink brake calipers, plus a host of carbon fiber bits from the side skirts and door handles to the Reventon-style front end and enlarged rear diffuser. The interior has been decked out in custom leather and Alcantara trim and an Alpine/Focal info-tainment system.

    By modifying the interior and the exterior of your vehicle, tuning the engine and installing the best “in car entertainment” systems in your car, Jeremie Paret can make everything happen for you.

    Paret’s crew will arrange for any customer’s vehicle to be transported to France where they’ll set up the car, or can ship the parts to the customer for local installation. Either way, Paret offers the client a complete range of options and a private blog to follow the process.


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    What we do is very simple. We adapt your car to your personality.

    What’s more boring than being like everyone else? With Jeremie Paret, now you can be different.

    Commit your car to us and we’ll make it better. Much better. We only work with the best tuners in France to provide a result you’ve never seen before: a car like you, built for you, with the very best parts and expertise imaginable.

    We notably work with the official tuner of “Auto-Moto”, the first TV show about cars in France on TF1 channel.

    A typical Jeremie Paret tuned car has a bodykit with carbon fiber parts and new paint from the famous brand “House of Kolor”, a complete leather/alcantara interior with carbon fiber or aluminium parts, luxury wheels, new dampers, a complete high quality audio and video setup with the latest technologies, and an engine upgrade.

    How it works:

    We’ll suggest various possibilities of modifications for your car via the use of virtual tuning, then you’ll choose the one you like best. When your choice is made, you commit your car to us and we bring it back to France by airplane to tune it. We can look for new car for you too. When everything is done, you retrieve your car, completely tuned by Jeremie Paret.

    Services included:

    – We create a weblog with photos updated daily for each project so you can have the possibility of following your car’s tuning progress.

    – Each car we make is signed and numbered on a stainless steel plate fixed on the car’s chassis and becomes a unique vehicle.

    – Each car we make comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Jeremie Paret.

    – We make a photo book for each car, using professional photographers.

    – Each car we make comes with a luxury keychain with your car’s number engraved on it.

    – We take charge of the transport of your car to France.

    If you would like your car to be designed by Jeremie Paret, but would prefer your favorite tuner to set the parts up for you, we can just send you the virtual model with the list of parts as well. You will receive a stainless steel plate with our logo “Designed by Jeremie Paret” for your car.

    -Lamborghini –

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