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    Drifting is an interesting sports.But only professional and trained driver are allowed to do it.Read the full news from 7tune by Justin Karow below.


    Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan: At around 2:00AM (JST) this morning a 15 year old school girl was admitted to hospital with massive injuries after being hit by a car which was drifting in a car park.

    Yuki Terao, a junior high school student, was watching classmates drift an unlicensed car in a car park when the driver of the vehicle “made a mistake” and slid into Ms Terao who was dragged some distance before stopping. She was taken to hospital but died soon after with extensive injuries. The 16 year old driver of the car and the 18 year old unemployed passenger have been arrested by the Police and are expected to receive a manslaughter charge.

    What impact will this have on drifting in Japan? If previous accidents where a bystander was injured are anything to go by, the Police will probably make a huge (relatively speaking) effort in the coming weeks to shut down any street drifting in the Himeji area. In Osaka at least, the penalties for street drifting are quite severe with hefty fines and license suspensions of up to 2 years. So already there has been a decline in the instance of street drifting in Japan but it still goes on, only in more remote areas. How this affects the wider community’s opinion of drifting is a little harder to predict as, in the grand scheme of things, drifting is largely ignored by the majority of people in Japan. Of course that holds true until a fatal accident makes the news. It goes without saying… keep it at the track!

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