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    First of all, take a look at the Volvo car above.In your opinion, it is fake or not?.This topic come into my mind after one of my friend ask me about the fake exhaust pipe.He also gave his permission to use his words here.As a KDI reader, maybe you can give some opinion on this topic.

    Words from Farid.”I´m just wondering if any of you guys have the fake exhaust tips stock? I mean they are fitting very well on the real exhaust tips so that you don´t see that they are fake from behind. But when you have a close look from the side you will notice it! Would you put them of or keep them? The problem is that I don´t want to buy a new exhaust system but I also don´t like faked stuff neither! And i don’t know how shiny the real ones are so that it might look ugly. What do you think?”

    While all of you think about his words and opinion, here I will share some information about the fake exhaust pipes that can be found at some other cars.May be you will be embarassed to see that.



    This was the most publicized example of exhaust pipe fake-ness. The quad pipes, dual stacked, looked great from a distance. And the IS-F has the capabilities to deserve some man-tastic exhaust. But, Lexus, in a blatant cost-cutting and looks-enhancing measure, didn’t even connect the pipes. The chromed oval tips are just sitting in the bumper, empty as Paris Hilton’s head.

    The real exhaust is the one that I marked with the red colour.

    There’s a little bit of debate about whether the problem was only on pre-production models and whether it was corrected on the production version. Here’s the down low: the pre-production IS-F’s had placeholders on the top, and were only running twins. For the final car they do infact have four pipes, but while the tips are oval and large the pipes are weedy and circular with a large gap in between and don’t even line up. Cool Lexus. Real cool.

    AUDI R8.

    A great car, ruined by some fake tips. At least these have pipes of equal shape, and they line up well. But, even if it isn’t very noticeable, they’re still disconnected. And I don’t like disconnected.


    F430 Scuderia fake exhausts.

    These fake exhausts pipe from Ferrari really make me want to cry.How come these expensive car don’t have the real exhausts?.It is really a tragedy for that such of fine machines.If I were shelling out enough for a small house, I’d be willing to throw in a few more g’s for genuine exhausts. It would be like a dating a supermodel only to realize she’s made of silicone.

    Ferrari California fake tips

    The California I understand to a degree.  It’s a grand tourer which is a bit more style than substance.But for the F439 Scuderia there’s no excuse though.If you bought the car to go fast around a track, why make all the other drivers behind you suffer as they stare at your pitifully fraudulent exhausts.



    Gallardo Superleggera

    You may have thought of Lamborghini as the flashy exotic to Ferrari’s functional and technical brilliance.  After all, Lamborghini has never in its history run a factory racing team, while Ferrari has arguably the best racing pedigree in all of car-land.You would be at least a little wrong, in this case it’s the Lamborghini’s with the technical accuracy and the Ferrari’s with the form-over-function design. Another example of great exhausts; they look purposeful, and are, most importantly, genuine. Keep up the good work Lamborghini.


    Here’s what exhaust pipes for real men looks like, and I want them.  They’re big, they’re glorious, and yes, they’re very real.

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