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    Hyundai azera

    Hyundai Grandeur Azera HG modified custom body kit pictures captured during korea auto salon shows how crazy a Korean modify their vip rides.

    The Hyundai Grandeur actually was released by Hyundai as a 2012 model with an all new appearance and an engine which followed the “fluidic sculpture” design of modern Hyundai vehicles. This design is dubbed as the “Grand Glide”concept.The fifth generation Azera (unveiled at the 2011 Los Angeles International Auto Show) was developed over a period of three and half years with a cost of 450 million dollars. The four-cylinder has a fuel economy of 12.8 km/L (36 mpg-imp; 30 mpg-US) (7.8 l/100 km) and the V6 is rated at 11.8 km/L (33 mpg-imp; 28 mpg-US) (8.5 l/100 km). The Premium model features adaptive cruise control and a semi-automatic parking assist system.[8]In terms of dimensions, the full size Azera slots between the midsize Sonata and the rear-wheel drive Genesis.[6]The Azera’s competitors include full-size cars such as the Ford Taurus, Nissan Maxima, Chevrolet Impala, Chrysler 300C, and Toyota Avalon, and entry-level luxury (or near-luxury) cars such as the Buick LaCrosse, Acura TL and Lexus ES350. 


    Modified hyundai azera

    Modified New Hyundai Grandeur Azera specification, modification details including type of body kit and accessories info by Http://kereta.info below


    Hyundai azera grandeur modified head lamp

    New Hyundai Grandeur Azera Paint finishing in black colour.
    Full New Hyundai Grandeur Azera bodykit / skirting / aero kit : yes.
    Custom bumper New Hyundai Grandeur Azera : front + rear bumper
    New Hyundai Grandeur Azera front projector headlamp with non smoked
    LED day light running lamp angel eyes.
    New Hyundai Grandeur Azera front grille
    Spot light fog lamp


    Modified hyundai grandeur azera bumper grille vip

    Body kit Side skirting for New Hyundai Grandeur Azera.
    Big size New Hyundai Grandeur Azera sport rims with low profile tyres.
    Fully tinted with black window tint film.
    No Body sticker / stripe decal fitted.
    Rear New Hyundai Grandeur Azera bumper with custom design /skirting.


    Modified hyundai azera bodykit

    Rear part nicely fitted with aftermarket New Hyundai Grandeur Azera spoiler.
    LED Brake lamp + standard rear tail lamp.

    Custom plate number front and rear.
    Custom exhaust tail pipe tip.
    Rear bumper diffuser.

    Customized interior of modified New Hyundai Grandeur Azera interior includes :

    + Leather seat in colour / bucket seat
    + Modified interior lighting LED
    + Audio system full set with woofers and mid bass including amplifiers.


    Hyundai azera grandeur

    New Hyundai Grandeur Azera Modified engine bay with additional performance stuff / gadget also fitted on the modified car.

    Please share your view on New Hyundai Grandeur Azera body kit modification, diy modified gadget / stuff, interior mod (modifikasi), quality / reliability, test drive reviews (pendapat pandangan pandu uji) , spare parts, problems, technical issues, tuning, best cheapest (price rm / hargamurah) car accessories, tyres (saiz tayar) and sport rims 15 16 17 / 18 inches which one is suitable and all other related info here.

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    Test Drive review

    1. A wallflower in the automotive landscape until now, the Azera is Hyundai’s full-size sedan offering, slotting between the mid-size Sonata and rear-drive Genesis.2. Powered exclusively by a 293 hp 3.3L V6, the Azera is rated at 20/29 mpg with a 23 mpg combined rating.3. base trim includes leather heated front and rear seats, a power driver’s seat, keyless access with a push-button ignition and a 7-inch LCD screen with Bluelink telematics, navigation and a back-up camera.In the rear-drive segment you’ve got some luxury, style and fun with cars like the Chrysler 300. But those front drive bastions of beige (Avalon, Impala, LaCrosse, Taurus), are about as likely to get your heart pumping as their owner’s bowels moving. Prune juice anyone?



    Modified hyundai azera grandeur limited sport rims

    Hyundai is looking to change all this with the 2012 Azera, packing the brand’s trademarks of fuel economy and value inside a beautifully sculpted shell. Looking like a stretched Sonata in some respects (by no means a bad thing), it has a unique rear kink that gives a flared fender look along the lines of what you might expect for a rear driver. It’s a little less swoopy and looks significantly wider, with a sophisticated chrome front grille and plenty of shiny detailing on the window surrounds. More angular front headlights with LED accents sit up front, and on the rear are two taillights joined by a center section that is worked into the Bangle-ish trunk lid. Want more chrome? There are two integrated exhaust pipes to give that final luxury touch.Also helping the car’s luxury look are some big 18-inch wheels with 19s available as an option.Above all else in the Hyundai lineup, perhaps this car wins the “most improved” title. It even looks well-suited to the prestigious valet lineup of cars (which includes a bright yellow Ferrari 458 Italia) in front of the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas – where the car’s launch event is being held.


    Helping convey the luxury look are the Azera’s sizable dimensions, fitting in between theSonata and rear-drive Genesis in terms of size and price. It’s 3.5 inches longer than its mid-size sibling and an inch wider, and essentially the same numbers down from the Genesis.It’s smaller than most of its rivals (save the Maxima) and offers the most interior room by volume. Hyundai touts the fact that it has the best front head and legroom in its class, although in reality rear seat legroom, while good, isn’t as expansive as others.Despite its size, the Hyundai Azera is a relative lightweight. At 3,600 lbs it’s 200 lbs less than the Buick Lacrosse and 400 lbs lighter than the Taurus.A large front-drive offering designed to grab market share in more Northern states where the rear-drive Genesis just won’t do, with the Azera, Hyundai is also hoping to attract and keep some of the more traditional buyers. According to internal numbers, 30 percent of mid-size car buyers look at buying a V6 engine and roughly 12 percent actually opt for that. With Hyundai’s decision to offer only a 4-cylidner with the Sonata, they’re hoping to move some of those buyers up-market.


    Offered exclusively with a 3.3-liter V6 engine, the Azera makes 293 hp and 255 lb-ft of torque, putting it in second place in the horsepower race, right behind the Buick LaCrosse. The car’s light weight does, however, give it the highest power-to-weight ratioOn the street it never feels overly potent, though certainly not lacking. It does continue to pull well at higher speeds and doesn’t peter out like a 4-cylinder will.As for fuel economy, an area where Hyundai excels with its numerous 40-mpg models, the Azera is also touted as a leader. Rated at 20 mpg in the city and 29 on the highway, it has a best-in-class combined rating of 23 mpg (which it shares with several other models). Real world numbers, however, proved disappointing on our admittedly short initial drive, coming up closer to 19 mpg on our test – and that includes partial use of the Eco mode which dulls throttle sensitivity and acts to keep the car in a higher gear.



    Modified hyundai azera grandeur skirting tail lamp

    It’s smooth and quiet to drive, though not quite to the level of a Lexus ES350. Most drivers of a full-size sedan won’t mind the soft steering – it is appropriate for the market. However, it’s also extremely numb on-center, as with all Hyundai products, save the Genesis models.Another area where Hyundai would like to draw a comparison with the Lexus is the interior. Certainly the spread-wing design and modern cues of the dash are superior, and while the Lexus is dull, the workmanship and materials are hard to match.

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