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    Have you ever wondered on how to solve road traffic problem in the big city in Malaysia?.Traffic problem not only occured in Malaysia but also happened in other country.But most of them already have their own solution and they have the superb system for their public transport.But in Malaysia?.

    Looks like the best way is by bus. Until you realize the TIME it takes to get everyone from 60 starting locations to 60 destinations.Sometimes public transportation just doesn’t work. I would like to see the cost / travel time included as well.

    If we choose buses, buses are limited in that they’re one big chunk, and in order to carry the same people as on the left it needs the space occupied by the bus for a much much longer time, because they don’t all come from the same place.You also have to follow the bus route and get off at bus stops. In medium to large cities, it works fine. In the suburbs & country? No, it won’t work

    If we choose bicycle, bicycles are slow (and run the risk of being crushed by a car or bus) and limted by distance, weather, and health.It also not practicable in our country.It won’t work.

    Look at the picture above.What can you say about that creative picture?.From what you can see, the creative picture above showed us literally on how to make our city more spacious.

    Here are some question that can be asked:

    If every person gets his/her own car and bicycle, why doesn’t each person get his/her own bus?

    Why can’t four people sit in a car to go to work?

    Or maybe LRT is the best way?.

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