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    FUEL CONSUMPTION of a car or vehicle now is the big issue for us to take into account especially when you want to buy a car. Here we would like to generate a new and genuine database about your car fuel consumption (data penggunaan minyak kereta) by sharing info of fuel consumption regarding each car that you have used and are using now. We just hope all info here are totally true and calculated using a standardized format on how to calculate fuel consumption.



    Basically there are two type of how you calculate your FC (cara kira penggunaan minyak) which is by filling up to full tank or filling when the fuel warning light illuminate.

    For 1st way of calculating fuel consumption by filling up to full tank is more accurate and easy by filling your car with full of petrol. Just tell the petrol station staff to fill up “full tank” and fill it up until the pump stop. Then set the kilometer trip meter (meter jarak perjalanan) to zero and start your journey. Then after 30 or 50km, go to fill up your car again until full tank. The amount of RM or litre that you fill the second time is the fuel consumption of your car when you travel 30 or 50km.

    Then try to calculate like this. For example you have travel 50 km and you pump up RM10 of 5.555 litre petrol in your car with fuel until full tank on 2nd time. It means that you have used 5.555 litre petrol in 50km. Then lets get the standard measurement of fuel consumption in km/litre. Just doing a division of 50km divide 5.555litre which will show you the fuel consumption of  9km/liter. Try to do the same way on how to calculate the FC until you get the average FC (fuel consumption)


    The 2nd way to calculate fuel consumption is by filling up fuel when the fuel warning light illuminate. I always use this way because you will get the most fuel efficient fuel consumption due to less weight of fuel pumped in your tank. How to do that? It is simple. Just reset the kilometer trip meter (meter jarak perjalanan) to zero whenever your fuel warning lights illuminate. To get more accurate value, try to travel around 5km more to see if the light is off or not. If the light is still illuminate means it really have reached the minimum level. If it is not illuminate, travel more again until the light illuminate for the 2nd time and reset the trip meter to zero. Then go to petrol station pump and fill up around RM10 which is 5.555litre (fuel price RM1.80/litre) . Then travel anywhere until the warning lights illuminate and look at the trip meter will show you how many kilometer you can go with RM10.


    Then do the calculation like the first way. To get the km/litre, just take the reading of your trip meter for example 50km divide by 5.555litre. To get the cent/km or RM/KM, just divide RM10 with 50km which will show you the result of fuel consumption of RM0.20/kilometer.


    Please share with us your car fuel consumption (true facts) in the comment section below by using this format:
    1) Car Model : Proton Saga BLM 1.3litre auto
    2) Petrol Used : Shell RON97
    4) Fuel Consumption :

    Worst FC (in city/ heavy traffic) :  9km/litre

    Best FC (on highway):  13.5km/litre

    AverageFC (usual FC):  11.5 to 13 km/litre

    5) Extra Note: any modification?, oil used, your car total kilometer traveled, any info affecting your fuel consumption? etc..


    Below we will update the average fuel consumption of all car in Malaysia:

    Proton Waja CPS 1.6 9-11.6km/L
    Proton Wira 9-12km/L
    Proton New Saga BLM 11-14km/l
    Proton Savvy 15km/l
    Proton Satria Neo 1.3
    Proton Satria Neo 1.6
    Proton Perdana v6
    Proton Gen2 1.3
    Proton Gen2 CPS 1.6
    Proton Persona iafm
    Proton Exora 1.6
    Perodua Nautica
    Perodua Myvi 12 – 14 km/L
    Perodua Kancil 660  14-18km/l
    Perodua Kancil 850  15km/l
    Perodua Kelisa 15-17km/l
    Perodua Kenari 13km/l
    Perodua Viva 1.0
    Perodua Viva 850
    Perodua Viva 660

    Toyota VIOS 1.5 13-16km/l
    Toyota hilux
    Toyota Avanza 1.3 10km/l
    Toyota Altis
    Toyota Yaris
    Toyota Wish
    Toyota Camry
    Toyota Fortuner
    Toyota Rush
    Toyota Innova
    Toyota Hiace
    Nissan Grand Livina 1.6
    Nissan Grand Livina 1.8
    Nissan Latio
    Nissan Silphy
    Nissan Navara
    Nissan Sentra
    Nissan X-Trail



    Honda City 2009
    Honda Jazz
    Honda Civic 1.8
    Honda Civic 2.0
    Honda Civic Hybrid 1.3
    Honda Civic Type R
    Honda Accord 2.0
    Honda Accord 2.4
    Honda Accord 3.5
    Honda CRV 2.0
    Honda Stream 1.8
    Honda Odyssey 2.4
    Chery Eastar 2.4
    Chery QQ
    Chery Tiggo

    Chana Era CV6
    Chana Era CM8

    Hyundai i10
    Hyundai Getz
    Hyundai Matrix
    Hyundai Tucson
    Hyundai Santa Fe
    Hyundai Starex
    Hyundai Coupe
    Kia Spectra
    Kia Citra
    Kia Rondo
    Kia Sorento
    Kia Rio
    Kia Picanto
    Kia Sportage
    Mazda RX8
    Mazda MX5
    Mazda CX9
    Mazda BT50

    Ford Focus
    Ford Escape
    Ford Ranger

    Chevrolet Captiva
    Chevrolet Optra Magnum Estate
    Chevrolet Optra Magnum
    Chevrolet Aveo

    Mitsubishi Lancer
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
    Mitsubishi Grandis
    Mitsubishi Triton
    Mitsubishi Pajero

    Naza Bestari 206
    Naza Sutera
    Naza Suria
    Naza Forza
    Naza Citra
    Naza Ria

    Suzuki Swift
    Suzuki Grand Vitara
    Suzuki SX4

    Peugeot 207
    Peugeot 308
    Peugeot 407

    Isuzu Dmax 2.5
    Isuzu Dmax 3.0


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    75 Responses

    1. azhar70 says:

      Waja 1.6A 4g18p 10-13km/l

    2. chin pit te says:

      myvi se 12-14km/l

    3. alamdamai1 says:

      Wira 1.5 Carbie Manual : Heavy Traffic Single Occupant = 14 – 15km / litre
      : Highway Single Occupant = 16 – 17km / litre

    4. Baron says:

      Proton Wira 1.8 EXI DOHC

      70%Hiway 30% Trunk road, 3 persons = 15-18km/litre.

    5. Baron says:

      sorry not 3 persons, 4 adult+ 1 baby… = 15-18km/litre

    6. scgtimk1 says:

      Proton Savvy AMT 14km/l – 17.5km/l

      Suzuki Swift 1.5 AT 12.5km/l – 16.4km/l

      Suzuki Swift 1.3GTi MT 9km/L – 13km/l

      Suzuki SX4 1.6 AT Sedan 13.5km/l – 17km/l

      Proton Gen2 1.6 AT 10.5km/l – 14.7km/l

      Volvo 940GL AT Soft Turbo 8km/l – 9km/l

      All this car tested personally by me and result shows the worst and the best fuel consumption average.

    7. Faizli says:

      1) Car Model : Naza Ria
      2) Petrol Used : Shell RON97
      4) Fuel Consumption :

      Worst FC (in city/ heavy traffic) : 6.9 km/litre

      Best FC (on highway): 10.6 km/litre

      AverageFC (usual FC): 7.8 to 8.7 km/litre

      5) Extra Note: no modifications, service carried out as per manual at authorised service center

    8. boy says:

      kwn2.. please carikan info tentang Suzuki Swift…
      dr segi minyak nya.. aku x paham la scgtimk1 ckp… itu untuk satu liter ke..
      tgh usha antara MYVi ngan Swift ni.. mana lagi ok… penyelenggaraan plak mcm ner..

    9. kdi says:

      Boy, napela nak bezakan swift ngan myvi.. cam langit n bumi la beb. kalo dah mampu beli swift, angkat je swift tu.. lagi besar, enjin superb, minyak pun ok lebey kurang jer.. design lagi lawa.. angkat swift trus ar..

      Faizli, thanks for complete info with perfect fuel consumption format.

      Lepas ni sape nk kongsi info harap dapat bagi format yang betul okay..

      sekali lagi ni format nye:

      1) Car Model : Proton Saga BLM 1.3litre auto
      2) Petrol Used : Shell RON97
      4) Fuel Consumption :

      Worst FC (in city/ heavy traffic) : 9km/litre

      Best FC (on highway): 13.5km/litre

      AverageFC (usual FC): 11.5 to 13 km/litre

      5) Extra Note: any modification?, oil used, your car total kilometer traveled, any info affecting your fuel consumption? etc..

    10. bob says:

      NAZA CITRA 2.0 AUTO 2009

    11. hazri99 says:

      1) Car Model : Naza Citra
      2) Petrol Used : Shell RON97
      4) Fuel Consumption :

      Worst FC (in city/ heavy traffic) : 9.78 km/litre

      Best FC (on highway): 12.5 km/litre

      AverageFC (usual FC): 10 to 11.14 km/litre

    12. kej@m says:

      meh aku letk utk Livina 1.8 A/T plak..

      city drive: RM60 for 350km-400km = 10.5km/ltr
      hiway drive(speed 110km/j-120km/j): RM45 for 387km = 15km/ltr
      hiway drive (speed 140km/j-170km/j): RM60 for 387km = 11.61km/ltr

      note: the car is standard gaban :)

    13. fordthrothle says:

      Nak nyampuk sket bleh….
      Pada aku yg penting ialah gaya pemanduan driver tu…
      Sgt2 mempengaruhi FC….
      x kira la manual or oto…
      btol x…..

    14. azameel says:

      first of all aku nk explain
      tadepon KDI suruh aku bela die or ape2
      aku just jawab persoalan ko je
      tade pon aku jwb bg pihak die or sape2

      tpi tapela, nanti aku update kat die

    15. chipotato says:

      kalau u amik bulat2 FC dr manufacture tu, xde la org sibuk2 bincang pasal FC kt sini.. standart fc dr manufacture tu kebanyakannye utk data teknikal yg mereka rekod untuk kereta yg dibuat tu, so yg realiti adalah pengguna tu sendiri.. sbb pengguna akan try dgn melalui macam2 keadaan spt jalan yg berbukit, traffik, laju, perlahan dan mcm2 lg laa..
      sebagai contoh, sabun cap X yg kecil molek je botolnye kononnye boleh cuci sampai 30 cucian, tp bila kt dah beli, dah pakai, baru kita tau betul ke sampai 30 cucian tu.. tah2 gebang je x sampai pun 30 cucian tu..
      so end user tu la yg akan bg respon yg betul or org lebih terima..
      apapun, harap me faham kenapa isu ini dibincangkan.

    16. al-asil says:


      chevrolet aveo sedan

      city drive = 11km/liter
      hiway drive(speed 110km/j-130km/j) = 14km/liter

    17. cikgu yusri says:

      keta saya persona se die tulis kat meter tue 100km/7.9liter ok ke tue

    18. aza says:

      boleh bagi perbezaan tak penggunaan minyak antara hyundai getz ngan viva.. mana lebih ekonomi

    19. @aza, getz ngn viva, ofkos la viva lagi jimat kot..
      getz enjin 1.4 , viva paling kecik 660cc .. .=|

      nyway.. answering to the topic. proton savvy fc =

      if today’s fuel price is $1.80, u calculate 4 urself. savvy’s full tank 36liters, but normally when u fill up the fuel, u can refill only around 30+liters.

      city driving with me driving it, aircond on, quite rough city driving, can go from 350 – 450km/tank
      city driving with me driving it, aircond off, old nanny driving style, can go from 450 – 550km/tank
      highway driving. can go around 600km/tank with constant speed of 90kmh.
      highway driving. can go around 350km/tank with speed of 160 – 180kmh. (i’ve done this once when I drive from JB – KL with 1 fuel tank) =p

      my savvy modification :- Open pod, Muffler & midpipe, Micro compressor & Magsaver

    20. LorenzooOOO says:

      DONT buy korean car / naza car


      the tech really dissapointed…..show on good on 1st year…BUT…after that, bring so much penin problem, especially for the engine.

      Carburetor leak, ECu gila, aircond BIG prob,

      AND….the FC really really sakit kepala…HAIYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!


      if U want find import car….BUY HONDA car is much more 100 times better with quality, furnishing, RnH, TecH, eNgiNe, AND of course for the FC..

    21. rusdibakar says:

      I’ve own naza citra since 2005. No major problem at all.. FC same with my previous wira 1.5.. why so many bashers hantam product korean car? Honda better 100 times? I think for civic, accord maybe ok.. Mmm, did you know that fuel consumption CRV is higher than citra? & Did you know that honda city gearbox will give headache to owner after 3 years? Did you know that honda city handling is below par with my previous wira? Did you know that sound insulation for honda city is s**k?

      If U want to buy imported japanese car make sure it is 100k and above.. If below 100k, I think our national car is better 100 times.. believe me..

    22. vin says:

      honda city 06

      city driving ranges from 11-13 km/l
      highway at average of 110-120km/h bout 18-19km/l with 4 adults and bags!

    23. vin says:

      city i-dsi btw…

      i think i prefer city’s handling to ’98 1.6wira’s. wira’s handling is rather heavy compared to city..
      won’t say honda’s 100 times better than korean, but its still more preferable.

      the gearbox u were talking bout was the auto or the semi-auto?
      from what i heard, the 7-speed thing is rather fragile to be misused… and dun cost little..
      but still u cant keep ur fingers off from shifting yourself right~~

    24. amran67 says:

      saya bersetuju dengan pandangan en rusdy bakar. Setiap pengeluar ada killer model & ada jugak model yang hanya bersandarkan pada jenamasahaja tapi kualiti tak begitu dititikberatkan.

      Simple je, kalau kita tengok syarikat pengeluar telekomunikasi macam nokia ada model yang baik dan ada jugak yang brand china boleh pukul. Ada jugak brand nokia yang latest tapi selalu ‘hang’ kena restart tak sama macam brand schina yang murah. Honda 70s & ex5 lebih terkenal bagi segmen bawah 100cc berbanding model lain macam kawasaki dan yamaha yang memfokuskan 250cc ke atas..

      Saya ada pengalaman drive honda city & toyota vios (tak beli ye).. Rasanya nissan sentra & semua proton model kecuali iswara & saga lebih sedap dibawa walaupun minyak tinggi sedikit..

      Honda City & Toyota Vios pada pandangan saya hanyalah Base Level Entry model bagi pengeluar, dan vios pun rasanya tiada dipasaran europe..

      Apapun pilihan ditangan anda.. nak naik sedap? nak selesa? nak jimat minyak? beli kerana jenama?.. Belilah, duit anda tiada siapa yang kacau…

    25. apa2 ajer says:

      amran 67

      betul tu..vios termasuk dlm kategori lcc car bagi toyota. lower cost car – lcc tapi ia jadi mahal di Malaysia atas faktor cukai bukan faktor jenama. sebernarnya kalau anda di Jepun, Vios baru berharga kurang RM 20, 000. 00 dimana ia adalah lebih murah berbanding Viva yang dijual di Malaysia. Sebab tu kebanyakan kereta Proton lebih sedap bawak dari Vios. hehe. jgn marah yer. Ini fact sbb yang saya tahu Vios dibuat untuk dipasarkan di negara membangun spt Malaysia.

    26. aliph89 says:

      Wira SE 1.5 auto. 50 liter = 400km, heavy traffic. From Sungai Petani (full tank) to Jalan Duta (must refill)

    27. nik says:

      maaf ye off topic skit.. nak tnye skit je..

      kdi, kete ape yg paling ekonomi, tp plg best dr segi performance, handling, bla bla.. tq kdi..

    28. Pesal says:

      Wira convert 4g91 AUTO..

      highway driving =16km/l..
      city driving =8km/l..

      auto sucks..

    29. Eder says:


      purata kelajuan bape…….nk tau gk

    30. kdi says:


      soalan tu memang susah nak jawab sebab semua taste berbeza. tapi kalo nak kdi jawab, kdi akan jawab Perodua kelisa. Sebab enjin 1.0, minyak jimat cam kancil 660. Pickup memang sedap sebab enjin besar body ringan gler. Tapi dah out of production lak kan. Viva skarang ni yang 1.0 tu tak jimat minyak pon.. Tapi handling kelisa kureng la.

      yang tu kalo nak budget. kalo dah byk duit tu, sila2 la angkat kereta hybrid. power enjin 1.3 dah macam 1.8. contoh Honda Civic hybrid. akan datang toyota prius plak. memang jimat minyak.

      ok sambung topic. ape fuel consumption korang?

    31. hazri99 says:

      LorenzooOOO stop bashing korean car..
      just give FC of your car… dont compare..
      how to calcukate refer kdi mention up there..

    32. nik says:

      thanks kdi.. nmpknye kena smpan duit la bli civic hybrid atau prius.. hu3.. civic hybrid dgr2 org ckp, 31km/liter tu.. jimat giler..

      my car = wira sedan 1.5 manual, 10-15km/liter.. depends on traffic.. ;-)

    33. cobmacc says:

      1) Car Model : Perodua Viva 1.0 manual
      2) Petrol Used : Shell RON97
      4) Fuel Consumption :

      Worst FC (in city/ heavy traffic) : 14.4km/litre

      Best FC (on highway): 18.9km/litre (travel 400km with full tank and until fuel light warning)

      AverageFC (usual FC): 14 to 15 km/litre

      5) Extra Note: Perodua Viva 1.0 SX..all stock and 2 month old…

    34. cobmacc says:


      1) Car Model : Perodua Viva 1.0 manual
      2) Petrol Used : Shell RON97
      4) Fuel Consumption :

      Worst FC (in city/ heavy traffic) : 14.4km/litre

      Best FC (on highway): 18.9km/litre (travel 400km with rm40 and until fuel light warning)

      AverageFC (usual FC): 14 to 15 km/litre

      5) Extra Note: Perodua Viva 1.0 SX..all stock and 2 month old…

    35. adony says:

      Nissan Sentra 1.6 Auto; N16. FL2 ( 2006) stock.
      fully maintained to manufacturer specs:
      minyak hitam: Castrol ( mineral oil )

      at 8,000km clocked. ( results based on 6 tests )
      Petrol: BHP ron97
      city driving: 10 -11km / L
      highway: best 17km/L , worst 15km/L. (
      notes: ave speed 90km/h, 4 adults. 90% highway, no jam. driving style is careful, no hard acceleration.
      tyre pressure: ave: 34psi.

    36. nazrah says:

      salam.. ape petuau all ek?
      ofis nazrah jauh ngan rumah

    37. nazrah says:

      tak tau ape2 pasal kete nie.. tau bawak je

    38. NAIN says:

      suzuki panther 150 -(Shell/red 1L/rm1.70) 1 km = 7.15 sen
      ( 2 stroke) -(Shell/green 1 L/rm1.80) 1 km = 7.52 sen

      Hyundai Getz 1.6 auto 2003 full a/cond -(Shell/red 1 L/rm1.70) 1 km = 12.6 sen (HW 100%).
      -(Shell/red 1 L/rm1.70) 1 km = 18.18sen( City 100%).
      Perdana v6 auto 2000 full a/cond -(Shell/green 1 L/rm1.80) 1 km = 14.64sen (HW 100%).
      -(Shell/green 1 L/rm1.80) 1 km = 22.22sen ( city 100%).
      Satria 1.3 M 1996 carb full a/cond -(Shell/green 1 L/rm1.80) 1 km = 11.7sen ( HW 100% ).
      -(Shell/green 1 L/rm1.80) 1 km = 16.13sen( city 100%).

    39. Baron says:

      Proton Wira 1.8 EXI DOHC

      70%Hiway 30% Trunk road, 4 adult+ 1 baby, full load trunk
      Petrol : BHP RON97
      Kete: Factory standard.
      Average FC = 15-18km/litre

    40. Eder says:

      macam mane nk sukat FC nie……

    41. mel says:

      ade KDI ajar kat atas tu ade 2 care
      satu, isi minyak full pastu reset odometer pastu jalan la brape km pastu isi blik full tank pastu calculate brape liter pakai per brape km yg dah jalan tadi
      second kena pakai lampu warning minyak as guideline
      bacela article kt atas tu elok sket explanation die

    42. akulah says:

      1) Car Model : myvi 1.3 MT
      2) Petrol Used : petronas ron97
      3) Fuel Consumption :

      Worst FC (in city/ heavy traffic) : 16km/litre

      Best FC (on highway): 17-18km/litre @ 100km/h (below 3,000rpm)

      AverageFC (usual FC): 16-17 km/litre

      aku dah try shell xjimat pun
      petronas 3-4bar
      shell 5 bar
      utk 350km @100km/h
      ke shell xkuat utk keta cc kecik?
      ada sape2 leh komen?

    43. akulah says:

      kdi kna wat topic baru
      ==keta luar vs local
      diaorg ni dah mg’ganas’
      kdg2 off topic

    44. Norman says:

      Gua punye Saga BLM 1.3 Auto S’pore
      City driving:9.2KM/L Highway:13.6KM/L Combined:11.6KM/L

      Wira 1.5 aeroback auto JB
      City:8.5KM/L Highway:12.6KM/L Combined:10.8KM/L

      Abg ipar Exora JB
      City:8.0KM/L Highway:10.6KM/L Combined:10.2KM/L

    45. 4g91 now 4g93t says:

      model : wira 1.3GL (1996)
      enjin : 4g93t
      petrol : PETRONAS
      kelajuan : 100km/h-130km/h
      180km / 27.7Liter / Rm50
      ok ke , tak ok ni ?

    46. bob says:

      people who bought korean car is the person who wants quality, have more money on petrol, rtax, parts and rest of the problem. I just bought citra 3 mths ago. Wthout regards or whatsoever might coming in future coz when i buy I know the consequences might comes. KOREAN CAR FOR AFFORDABLE PEOPLE ONLY. Those who think wants to run a car on tiny penny should buy cheap skate cars, high resale value, good fuel consumption only.
      Pls think about it

    47. ako says:

      4g91 now 4g93t,
      mcm xok je…2 kali ganda mkn minyak drp kete aku..klu 180km tu leh dpt rm 20 je insyaAllah..speed 100kmph-140kmph

    48. Norman says:

      Abg ipar punye Exora skrg dah boleh dapat 11.2km/L combined selepas running in habis,Ok tak>Dia pakai rim 16 dan minyak enjin yang bagus.

    49. Ahmad says:

      Tepuk dada, tanya selera. Ada facts yang betul dan ada yang salah. Kalau nak drive citra, carry on, your own car paid with your own money. Ada yang afford honda civic but still opt persona dan ada yang hanya mampu proton saga tapi drive vios, so, pikir sendiri lah. Ada yang minat Toyota shaja dan ada yang loyal pada Honda sahaja. Jaga tepi kain sendiri, jangan skeptic pada satu satu model atau jenama. masing masing ada peminat. Saya pemilik kereta nasional, jepun dan jerman. Semua satisfy and serve the purpose.

      Kalau tak suka, jangan kutuk. Kalau suka, praise it.


    50. Eder says:

      btul 2…mmg cam x ok je
      klau rm50 leh p 180km je mmg de mslh…..
      spatutnya leh p jauh lg…

    51. mel says:

      4g91 now 4g93t
      aku rase x brape ok la
      keta aku pon b6t rm50 dapat 250-300km
      aku 1.6t ko 1.8 t
      takkan byk sgt beza
      unless gsr ko dh mod kaw2

    52. babe says:

      exora ni kuat makan minyak lerr..sape2 boleh tlg bg pendapt tak? atau sapa2 dah beli nak guna tolong le

    53. kdi says:

      betul tu ahmad, kdi suka ngan apa yg ahmad fikirkan. memang kita x boleh berfikiran skeptical. ada org yg kaya tapi kereta mahal bukan priority die n lebih prefer kereta Malaysia yang lebih praktikal dari beli kereta mahal yang lebih kurang sama praktikalitinya. ada yang lebih suke berlagak nak beli kereta besar2 tapi cukup2 makan je.. kesimpulannya, bersyukur apa yang ada. =)

    54. babe says:

      salah taip…ada sape2 dah beli n pandu tlg bg pendapat jika ada produk penjimatan minyak.

    55. 4g91 now 4g93t says:

      ako , eder & mel yelah… skali air filter haku tersumbat da.. n ade paip intercooler yg x kuat pasang aduiiii pening gak pki turbo ni byk je nk kuar duit tp 1 jelah da pki turbo ni syok pki nk memotong , nk blumba hehehe (lumba halal kat sepang) syok je….

    56. mel says:

      ko pakai turbo make sure sume hose2 tu kemas
      pastu vacuum hose sume pon kemas ngan tade bocor
      kalo ade bocor mane2 sure ade benda kacau punye
      satu lg boost meter dah ade ke blom?
      kalo tade bli la satu monitor boost

      okla, dah off topic ni, kalo nk smbung borak ko comment dlm thread engine mitsubishi tu

      nanti update la lg fuel consumption keta ko kt sini

    57. cd macho says:

      ada sapa2 bole bg komen pasal citra gs?
      penggunaan minyak berapa na apa maslahnyer?

    58. Pesal says:

      Wira convert 4g91 AUTO..

      highway driving =16km/l.. speed dalam 110kmh- 120kmh sahaja..
      city driving =8km/l.. avg speed dalam 70-100kmh sahaja..

      Skang… (pas tambah center box ekzos)
      highway driving =16km/l.. speed dalam 110kmh- 120kmh sahaja..
      city driving =12km/l.. avg speed dalam 70-100kmh sahaja..

      Load: 2 passengers, full trunk load, double 12″ woofer box.. (kira berat gak lar)..
      Fuel: Shell hijau
      Air intake: standard
      Engine mod: standard 4g91 dohc
      Ekzos: 4-2-1, piping 1.8″, 2 center box, muffler sflow.

      Summary: Dari tol Sg.Buloh ke tol Jawi,Penang cume RM30 (kalau tak silap dalam 440km jaraknye)

    59. 4g91 now 4g93t says:

      mel ! nk tanya apa tujuan monitor boost selain tgk tekanan ?

    60. nurul says:

      sape guna getz hyundai for at least 5 yrs????
      camane FC??
      still jimat? bertambah dgn drastik or ok2 je?

    61. slyders says:

      Gua punya… Wira Aeroback 1.3 (2001)

      Tahap hancus = 9.5km/L
      Tahap dewa = 13.5km/L
      Tahap kontrol hensem = 11-12km/L

      2 hari lagi, dah nak jual pun wira gua tu… nak rembat civic 1.8.

    62. Old boy says:

      Honda civic hybrid (FD hybrid) 2007
      Enjin: 1.3 IMA (integrated motor assist)

      Claimed FC figure: 4.3L/100km

      Best FC (mixed but mostly hwy driving at 80kmh – 4.6L/100km (21.74km/L)

      City driving FC (with passengers n boot load)- 5.6/100km (17.86km/L)

      City driving FC (driver only)- 5.2/100km (19.23km/L)

      Hwy driving at 110kmh – 5.4L/100km (18.52km/L)

      Hwy driving at 120-140kmh – 8L/100km (12.5km/L)

      Hwy driving at 150-170kmh – 12L/100km (8.3km/L)

      *FC = fuel consumption
      *at 42L tank capacity.. Average daily usage of mixed city/hwy roughly reach 550km before need refilling (with a few bars of fuel gauge is still on)
      * all figures came from fuel gauge meter in display panel that was written in L/100km and was approximate figure only

    63. kdi says:

      Thanks for the very detail fuel consumption figures, old boy =)
      Very nice FC on your hybrid.

    64. Wak says:

      Mohon pandangan dr rakan2 pemilik chevrolet or siapa2 la yg penah drive…service n parts mahal x?fC plak camne?rasa2 mcm nk angkat chevy sonic ni..

    65. azahar says:

      Proton persona1.6cc 2008 manual
      Guna HKS FUEL SAVE
      19.1 km/liter
      Puas hati sentiasa…hehe

    66. phan says:

      azahar, betul kah? HKS Fuel Save yang mana satu?

    67. Anuar says:

      Assalam. Tolong bagi kadar penggunaan minyak km/l untuk kereta:

      – Toyota Wish 1.8
      – Nissan Grand Livina 1.8

      Terima kasih

    68. acappaei says:

      Proton WIra 1.5 2002
      tayar 195/55/15
      – santai bawah 120km/h …….. FC 15km/l
      – kejar masa.. 130-160km/h … FC 10km/l

    69. jj says:

      alza std auto 2017 brpe ye pgunaan mnyak nya,,

    70. Hakimi Bin Hasan says:

      perkongsian oleh “old boy” adalah lebih realistik. sebab ada catatan penggunaan minyak mengikut kelajuan. Saya mempunyai Civic Hybrid CBU Model 2012, Penggunaan minyak nya hampir hampir menyamai apa yang di alami oleh “old Boy” . Memandu di lebuhraya pada kelajuan 100 ke 110 KmJ boleh dapat di antara 19 ke 20 Km/L

    71. Hakimi Bin Hasan says:

      Catatan oleh “Old Boy” lebih realistik. Mencatatatkan penggunaan petrol mengikut kelajuan pemanduan. Honda Civic Hybrid 1.5 CBU Japan model 2012 saya merekodkan penggunaan minyak 19.8 Km/L bagi perjalanan pergi balik dari Mata Ayer Perlis ke Kota Bharu Kelantan, mengikut Thailand. Bagi pemanduan di lebuhraya pada kelajuan 100 ke 110 KmJ penggunaan petrol antara 19 ke 20 Km/L.

    72. Hakimi bin Hasan says:

      rusdibakar. saya memiliki Honda City idsi model 2004. Sehingga kini milege 250’000 km. absober belum tukar. Gear box tak ada kacau. Bagi pemilik kenderaan CVT gearbox, nasihat saya gunakan Honda CVT Oil apabila nak tukar minyak gearbox. Janga memandai manadai guna minyak sembarangan. Ramai dah kena. Minyak Enjin yang sama grade tak ada masalah.

    73. Lyana says:

      Wira Sedan 1.5 Manual (2000)
      Petrol : Shell-95
      FC : Worst FC – (City/heavy traffic) = 18.5km/L
      : Mixed –> ( heavy traffic/speed/ ‘crawling’ ) = 18km/L for 60kmh-80kmh / 90kmh-110kmh / 100kmh-
      : Best FC on Hway = 20.2km/L – 22km/L (100kmh-110kmh)
      18km/L (110kmh – 160kmh)

      Average FC / Usual : 19km/L-20km/L (90kmh – 140kmh)
      Full tank : reach 720km
      Engine Oil : Win (Germany oil, 7,000 mileage, 5W-40
      Gear Oil : Castrol

      Nissan Sentra Nismo Sport 1.6 Manual (2008)
      Petrol : Shell – 95
      FC : Worse FC – (City / heavy traffic) = 17km/L
      Mixed –> ( heavy traffic/speed/ ‘crawling’) = 16km/L for 60kmh-80kmh / 90kmh-110kmh / 100kmh-
      : Best FC on Hway = 19km/L – 22km/L (100kmh-120kmh)
      19km/L – 21km/L (100kmh-150kmh)

      Average FC / Usual : 19km/L-20km/L (110kmh – 140kmh)
      Full tank : 630km
      Engine Oil : Win (germany oil, 10,000 mileage, 5W-40
      Gear Oil : Castrol

      Corner lap for Wira can reach 120kmh better than my Sentra -100kmh
      Fully/always using gear to the maximum when reduced the speed before brake.

    74. Lyana says:

      For tire…Wira & Sentra.. i’m using Continental

    75. Wakdin says:

      Honda crv 3gen boleh sesiapa bg pencerahan tak tentang fc fia

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