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    Used Car

     Rusty car.. This car should be maintain properly.

    Malaysians are so passionate about cars.From the survey that we had done in the Peninsular Malaysia, there are average about two cars for each house.I’m also sure that most of our reader have an average two cars in their house.The topic that I want to discuss with you all today will be really interesting .”HOW MANY CARS DO YOU HAVE? AND HOW LONG DO YOU KEEP YOUR CAR FOR BEFORE YOU GET A NEW ONE?” Let’s share some information about your experiences with us and the other readers.

    Rumah Teres

     Two cars for every house – based on our survey

    Do you see yourself driving your current car for the next 2 years, 5 years or 15 years? Maybe some of you already have an experience for keeping their old car for many years before change to a new one.It’ll be quite interesting if you share your experience with us.It is something that will made you think about your love or bad experience with your previous car.There are many aspects that you need to consider before change to a new car.Money, maintenance, performance, reliability and maybe the beauty of your car.But you don’t need a snow capable vehicle in Malaysia.

    Most people I know plan to keep their cars for 5 years or after the car’s paid off.Some people also already keep their car for about 15 years.Some of them also want to keep their car until they die.That is because of love!!

    Rusty Car

     Do you want to keep your car until become like this?

    Below are some opinion that we get from the survey on “HOW LONG DO YOU KEEP YOUR CAR FOR BEFORE YOU GET A NEW ONE” :

    -I will probably drive my car until it dies, or until my parents decide to get rid of their current vehicle as they might give it to me.

    -For me I always told myself that I’d like to keep my car until it starts feeling shaky or things constantly break down.

    -My mom’s car is….I don’t know how old. 15 years, possibly more

    -I will keep my car to the point that the cost of the next repair would exceed the cost of the car.

    -Till I get bored. That is usually about 2 years but I don’t buy very expensive cars.

    -Till it dies where repairing it actually costs more than the car is worth.

    So, how about you? Let’s share with us.

    Parking Kereta

    Car Park in Malaysia

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