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    Flying is an expensive business. Just check your local airline ticket and you know what i mean. But what if you can turn your car into an airplane. Worry no more, just look on ebay and search for a car with wings.


    The car featured here is a 1996 Ford Aspire. The current owner had fixed a pair of retractable wing on top of its roof. Can it fly? We havent got any contacts on any test pilot yet. And would you dare to be one?


    The Jet AirCar Prototype is on sale on ebay for another 3 days. So if you want a flying car? Make a move now and do tell us whether it can fly or not later on.


    Seller Description

    Jet AirCar Prototype Mock-up was designed and built by Superior Areo Designs as a whimsical tribute to the concept of the flying car, or the roadable airplane. It is built on a 1996 Ford Aspire, but more on the car later. The Jet AirCar is constructed of wood, foam, metal and assorted other materials, some are actually from an experimental aircraft but most are hardware store grade. The Jet AirCar has not and never will fly, but it is an attention getter driving around town and in parades. Maximum taxi speed with the wings up is 35mph and 15mph with them in the down position. It is street legal in Illinois with the wings folded, 10ft high and less than 8 ft wide. Attaching the wing assembly takes about 30 minutes. The “Jet” engine is a nacelle only. It is taking up space in my hangar and I’m getting married in the fall so out it goes.


    The car part of the Jet AirCar Prototype Mock-up is a 1996 Ford Aspire 4 door. It has a 5 speed manual trans, AM/FM radio cassette, good heater, nice interior, decent paint with little or no rust, good tires and an easy starting, strong running 4 cylinder engine. I got the car in 2006 from a local dealer friend of mine. They had sold the car in ’96 and just taken it in trade from the original owner. It has about 110,000 miles, though the speedometer cable is damaged and I’m not completely sure of the mileage. The speedometer cable fitting is also the filler cap for the trans oil and it spits some oil when it runs. But the engine itself is tight and leak free. The wings can be removed but the wing mounting boards are riveted to the top of the car. The car has been stored in my heated hangar for the last 2 years, taken out only for some parades and car shows in 06 and 07. I have not kept the license or emissions test current and the winning bidder will have to accept that responsibility.


    The vehicle can be driven with the wings attached, but at 30mph you will get nowhere fast. Best to put the wings in another vehicle, a small pickup or trailer would be fine. Winning bidder must make a 50% payment within 3 days of the close of the auction and the balance with 7 days of the close of the auction.


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    2 Responses

    1. Joko says:

      Aku ingat dia ni kecik2 dulu cita-cita nak jadi pilot, tapi tak kesampaian. Last2 beli sendiri bangkai2 kapal terbang yg dah writeoff. Disebabkan nak terbangkan tak reti..hahh pasang ajerlah mana2 part kapal terbang tu kat keta , pusing satu pekan.

      Macam iklan model keta tuh, drive like a sedan feel like a plane. he he hee

    2. fordthrothle says:

      Huh….susah nak masuk kepala nih…jenuh aku pk mcmana nk terbangkan kete tu…..btol gak apa joko ckp tu…hahaha

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