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    A great moment of New high tech sportscar and the award winning Lotus Evora delivery to the first customer happened at the Lotus Headquarters. The hand built sportscar has received bookings for the next 5 month of production which means this car is getting hotter due to it has won many award and now people are looking at it as a great supercar. The Lotus company which is owned by Proton Holdings Malaysia has done an amazing touch up on the latest supercar.
    lotus evora

    lotus evora

    Matthew Melling of Twickenham, UK received the keys of a Storm Titanium Lotus Evora from Luke Bennett, Director of Lotus Cars Limited at the Lotus Headquarters where the new mid-engined 2+2 sportscar is hand built.
    Many Lotus dealers around the world have already received their demonstrators and Lotus has, so far, received orders for the next 5 months of production. Demand for Lotus’ award winning Evora has meant that 150 extra new manufacturing staff have been recruited to support assembly operations in Norfolk, UK, a very positive sign at a time when the global motor industry faces huge challenges. Full production is expected to reach the maximum rate by the end of November 2009.
    Luke Bennett, Director of Lotus Cars Limited said, “It is quite an emotional time to deliver the first Lotus Evora to Mr. Melling. The whole team has worked incredibly hard to design, engineer and produce such a stunning and high performing sportscar and it is a great feeling to hand over the keys to the first customer today. The Evora has won many awards around the world already so we are not surprised that there is high demand for the car and I am sure that each customer who receives their car will be delighted with their purchase.”
    Matthew Melling, a customer of Stratton Motor Company, in Norfolk said, “I was determined to be the first in the world to get my hands on an Evora so with Stratton Motor Company’s help, I laid down my deposit within seconds of the order books being opened last year. I have read all the press reviews of the Evora and am so excited about getting behind the wheel – what a great start to September!”

    Dany Bahar joins Lotus as Chief Executive Officer.

    new lotus ceo dany bahar

    new lotus ceo dany bahar

    Dany T. Bahar has been appointed as the new CEO of Group Lotus effective 1st October 2009, replacing Michael J. Kimberley, who retired in July.
    Prior to this appointment, Dany Bahar was Senior Vice President, Commercial & Brand for Ferrari SpA where he was responsible for worldwide road car sales and after sales business, overall road car and F1 marketing activities, licensing, and merchandising business.
    Before joining Ferrari SpA, Dany Bahar was the Head of Corporate Projects Business in Red Bull GmbH. He was responsible for the overall corporate project business development, with emphasis on diversifying the business such as setting up their F1 strategy with Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso and the US based Nascar Team operations, acquiring football clubs in Salzburg, New York and Ghana for commercial purposes.
    On his appointment, Dany Bahar said, “I am looking forward to taking on the challenges as CEO of this legendary and iconic company with a peerless motorsport history. Lotus has a worldwide reputation for innovative engineering and superb sportscars that lead the world in efficiency, design and dynamics. With the recent launch of the award-winning Evora, there is proof that Lotus is better placed than many to capitalise on the rapidly changing automotive market. I can’t wait to get my plans underway in October.”
    In welcoming Dany Bahar, Dato’ Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh, the Chairman of Lotus Group, stated “With Dany’s track record in motorsports and Ferrari, we strongly believe that we have found the right CEO to enhance the Lotus image, brand and reputation as a world class sportscar and engineering company. With a strong management team already in place, we are confident this objective can be attained.”
    Dany Bahar, a Swiss National, holds an MBA and is married with two children.
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    Pecah fiber pecah gelas, sudah baca komenlah se das! Terima kasih! =) Yg benar, Brader K Majalah Kereta Malaysia - kereta info

    7 Responses

    1. apa2 ajer says:

      kalau baca background dia memang hebat. bekas naib presedin di Ferrari. Harap2 Dany Bahar boleh sumbangkan pengalaman dan kepakarannya di Ferrari untuk memajukan Lotus setaraf Ferrari. Harap2 volume jualan Lotus juga leh meningkat mendadak

      Apapun macam aku byk cakap sebelum ni, Proton haruslah pindah sesegera mungkin ibu pejabat Lotus ke Malaysia agar seluruh masyarakat dunia tahu Lotus sekarang bukan lagi milik Britain tapi milik 100% rakyat Malaysia melalui Proton Holding, sebuah entiti GLC milik rakyat Malaysia melalui Khazanah Holding. kalau kita pindah ke Malaysia konpem byk kebaikan kita dpt. kos operasi Proton pun kurang sebab tak payah nak berulang alik ke Britain untuk design kereta baru dan enjin baru dll. Boleh juga tubuh akademi Lotus – Proton untuk tingkatkan kemahiran rakyat Malaysia. Byk pakar2 tempatan yg enggan tinggalkan negara tersayang dpt diserap bekerja dlm Lotus. dan byk lagi la

      BERKENAAN Lotus Evora
      memang cun la exteriornyer…. memang look like super car hampir setaraf ferrari, lamborghini dan aku rasa dah termasuk dalam kategori tu kot.. SPESIFIKASI boleh tak KDI perincikan untuk makluman rakyat Malaysia? walaupun tak mampu kurang2 kita tahu gak enjin kereta ni, bhp dan tork nyer, harga dll.. meleleh air liurku tengok

    2. apa2 ajer says:

      lagi 1 KDI..

      boleh tak perincikan anugerah yang telah diterima oleh Lotus Evora

    3. kdi says:

      sila rujuk spesifikasi yang tersedia sebelum ni di KDI http://kereta.info/here-comes-2009-lotus-eagle/

      rajin2 la search info kat kdi ni ade punye.. hu2

    4. apa2 ajer says:

      thx kdi..

    5. apa2 ajer says:

      baru je tengok kdi.. memang meletup habis

    6. James Bond Jr. says:

      Congratulations to Lotus and Proton! Lets move together for the bright future forward & shake the market world !!!

    7. apa2 ajer says:

      ramai dah puji kereta ni.. so aku harap cpt2 la Proton cari ihtiar pindahkan Lotus ke Malaysia supaya orang akan mula kaitkan Malaysia tercinta ngan Lotus bukan lagi ngan penjajah Britain

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