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    Today, we want to bring to you an interesting story.Those who like fiction story sure will like it.A few years ago, Mazda design headquarter was attacked and succesfully invaded by aliens.This is a secret and no one knows.Their mission was to build and disguise an information gathering device in the form of a car.

    All its senior designers were captured and cloned.They were replaced with the alien counterparts. Don’t believe it?. Below are the pictures and proof to support this story.


    The “Mazda MotoNari”  was the alien’s first attempt, but rather poorly disguised. Although it was actually a car, it didn’t look like one and the few unfortunate humans, who were part of the “human focus group”, quickly spotted the deception.



    After the first failure,the aliens get together and went back to the drawing board and did the meeting. They designed a new car which was look much more human.That wan’t easy enough as human design is much more different from the  designs they are used to making on “Allosimanius Syneca” (other name in their home planet)

    The second car did indeed look more “human”, but to no avail. A few people in the focus group still didn’t believe it to be a car from this planet.

    mazda-alien-furai 2

    mazda-alien-furai 3


    This caused a bit of a predicament for the alien design staff, and several of them was promptly sent to “Dangrabad Beta”, which is a very uncomfortable place to be after dark. And since Dengrabad’s two Suns extinguished several billion years ago is pretty much dark all the time.


    A young alien designer from this team named “Grothka” got the brilliant and useful idea to make a racing car.Why racing car? Because it will be easy for them to put their information gathering device as many people watch motorsport.

    A huge success for them as the Mazda Furai was born. The design still has a number of alien design elements, but overall it simply seems like a beautiful “human” car.

    mazda-alien-furai 4

    mazda-alien-furai 6

    mazda-alien-furai 5

    Can you imagined if Proton or Perodua Design headquarter also invaded by aliens, what will happen?

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    2 Responses

    1. bagus jgk kalo ade alien kt dlm proton ngan perodua..
      mesti sume design kete yg kuar gempak gile…
      hehe…cite katun..

    2. rboyz says:

      hahahaha…. cuma aku takut ianya jadi terlampau latest ke hadapan sampai pengguna malaysia terpegun… tapi yang bestnya JPJ dah ready ke ngan perubahan drastik? silap2 tengok kete tu terus jpj sita…. malaysia tak akan maju jika pihak JPJ tidak di ivade oleh alien workshop!!!!

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