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    A research house said that Proton Exora will give a serious challenge to Toyota Avanza and the Nissan Grand Livina due to its competitive pricing and value for money.Proton Exora is the first MPV manufactured by Proton.

    Read the detail news from Bernama below:-


    Despite the economic slowdown, Proton’s maiden multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) slated to be launched in April is expected to give a serious challenge to other close range MPVs due to its competitive pricing and value for money, a research house said.

    MIMB Investment Bank, in its latest equity research on the auto sector issued here today, said the Proton Exora, to be equipped with a 1,600cc engine, would be priced below RM80,000.

    “At this current price, we believe Exora will give a serious challenge to Toyata Avanza (maximum price: RM72,000 for 1,500cc) and the Nissan Grand Livina (maximum price: RM97,000 for 1,800cc),” it said.


    Proton Exora Interior Specification 2

    Proton is targeting to sell about 3,000 units of the Exora this year.

    Reviewing auto sales, MIMB Investment said Proton registered a four percent decline in sales to 9,874 units last month, Perodua posted a five percent decline to 11,876 units, while Toyota recorded a more worrying contraction of 41 percent in January sales.

    Toyota recorded a 39 percent dip in last month’s sales against the previous year.

    On the other hand, Nissan sales in January 2009 came in strong with a 17 percent increase in volume to 2,285 units while its total industry value has dipped by 5.0 percent compared to the same month last year.

    is likely to match its 2008 car sales of 31,000 units if it can maintain the current momentum, said MIMB Investment.

    It also said that car manufacturers were keeping mum on their new launches perhaps due to the fear of weak response as the economic outlook continued to look challenging.

    To date, only a handful of manufacturers have announced their new models for this year, such as Volvo, Peugeot and Proton, it added.

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    13 Responses

    1. Norman says:

      Nak tengok 7 orang performance dia ok tak.Pendapat gua tak boleh semua dewasa.5 dewasa 2 kanak2 i think ok.Kalaulah ade 1.8 ke 2.0 lagi best,Tapi gua tak ragu kemampuan CPS,Gua try sedare punye GEN2 CPS best giler,Dah macam Honda plak rase..

    2. sugerDAD says:

      No komen coz belum rasa bawa mcmana tapi kalau enjin 1.6 dah mcm boleh agak. Nak try test drive dulu baru boleh komen. Bentuk badan tgok dlam gambar biasa je mcm dah biasa tgok. Harap2 tak mengecewakan!

    3. MIMI EXORA says:

      best la kereta ni…ada kelainan c kit, macam kereta import juga. Dapatlah bawa family.. saya syorkan ‘ Belilah Barangan Buatan Malysia’..Exora pilihan utama.

    4. Norman says:

      Hmm lagi satu kalao harga 1.6 bwah 66ribu lagi bagus,Barulah orang tak heran ngan Livina.

    5. thomas says:

      exora 1.6 taknak toyota avanza lagi best

    6. @zri says:

      yg paling penting murah dr harga keta import & part xmahal compem ramai rakyat m’sia yg beli..

    7. sam says:

      enjin exora ni masih guna timing belt ker?????????……….
      kalu pakai timing chain mcm myvi lg sempoi……..nak maintenance pun x byk kerenah…

    8. klau pki timing chain pun sme jgk..smpi mse nnt kene tukar kan…
      ke xyah tukar terus…
      xputus ke klau dh lme² nnt..

    9. TakSempat says:

      Bagi saya, proton sepatutnya dah lama keluarkan mpv..ni dah terlambat, sy mmg nak support proton kalau boleh, disebabkan tahun lalu xder jadi sy beli livina jer..setakat ni tak nyesal..cuma kesal kerana exora belum ada masa tu..kalau tak jimat sket luit aku..

    10. mus ppdhl says:

      Apa pun minggu depan mimpi menjadi kenyataan exora aku sampai. MENJADI HARAPAN AKU DAN RAKYAT MALAYSIA model ini tidak mengecewakan.Tahniah Proton.

    11. Niemans says:

      Exora exposed

    12. Niemans says:

      Latest information on the Exora exposed with full test drive by our local reviewer Hezeri Samsuri. It gave a fair review, at least local automotive reviewer maintains its integrity. So, Jeremy Clarkson..back off!

      I am only taking exerpt from the review that I think generate interest amongst our reader, and those in [ ] are my comment; here goes:


      cbt May 17, 2009 Author: Hezeri Samsuri

      On dashboard
      “Many were a bit unhappy with the dashboard, claiming it felt cheap [ooh oh]. We think the material used is far better than the other Protons or even the local Peroduas, but the boring colour schemes makes the plastic looks cheap. Even the dashboard of a Mercedes-Benz looks less appealing when the grey tones are used. We suggest that a darker colour will look better than this ‘sickening’ greyish monotone.”

      On plastic panelling
      “The plastic panel near the front quarter window kept popping up, suggesting a small QC glitch [biasa lah]. Before one start to bash Proton, let it be known that the current Honda Civic also has the same problem. Thankfully, Honda has ractified the problem and perhaps Proton should learn from them.”

      On air-cond vents
      “Unfortunately, we found out later that if you turn on the blower at the maximum setting right after leaving it in the hot sun, the slats have the tendency to ‘close on its own’ [??]. This happen with a loud noice, and we were shock at first. Perhaps the slats should be made a bit tighter.”

      On Power window switch
      “The power window switches on the rear doors are located at a place where one will normally rest his/her elbow. Many times our passenger accidentally pressed the button, proving that the button should be relocated.” [Don’t they ever learn from GEN2 which also have the similar problem?]

      On Seatbelt Buzzer
      “This is the first Proton to comes with a seltbelt buzzer [horray!]. Others do away with a light warning but the Exora will start buzzing once you are moving. We suggest that Proton should wire it ti the speedometer as it can be pretty annoying at times. Have it buzzing only when the needle goes beyong 15kmh so that when we move the car at car park speed, we will not be bothered by the beeping noice [good suggestion bro].”

      On pitying Proton
      “The salesmen in all the showroom admitted that the biggest worry from the crowd is about the Exora’s 1.6L Campro CPS engine. This is where we pity Proton as many Malaysian are ‘not being fair'[huhuhu]. The Avanza came out with a 1.3L engien but the public response was not that harsh.”

      “The Exora has better power to weight ratio but somehow Malaysian believe this might be the most underpowered vehicle on planet Earth.” [huhuhuhu]

      Problem Starts
      “Problem however started showing up when we took our unit to Kuantan, with the whole family of four adults and two children as well as a boot full of luggage. We tried to maintain a cruising speed of 110kmh on the highway, but the engine ‘felt strain’ and the gearbox kept shunting back-and-forth from 3rd to 4th.”

      “On the Karak highway, near Selesa Hill Homes stretch from Kuantan toward the tunnel, the Exora could maintain a steady 90kmh up the steep incline. Unfortunately, the engine was at its max and the computer had ‘TO SHUT DOWN THE AIR-COND’ compressor to concentrate more on performance [wow!]. The result-a HOT AND NOISY CABIN, plus the temperature needle showing higher than normal.”[wow and double wow!]

      On the bright side
      “Proton knows that the market wants a spacious MPV with good features. This Proton has achieved, but somebody in the planning department has ‘forgotten’ that the bigger your car is, the more things you tend to throw in.” [fully agree.]

    13. MIE says:


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