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  • LEXUS RC 200T

    How to modify cars? Especially on the under hood performance, this is a list of engine performance modification suggestion from Dori Dori Auto Works.


    The first stage of engine modification to increase engine pickup, power and response includes

    1) drop in air filter : open pod air filter like simota or k&n
    * improves engine brething, increase power and engine response.

    2) spark plug cable performance parts
    * imporove engine response, better cold start, reduces voltage fluctuation from ignition coil to spark plug.

    3) iridium spark plug Denso Iridium IT20
    * better firing power, more powerful and cleaner combustion

    4) voltage stabilizer
    * improves engine response, more stable bettery voltage, reduces voltage drop from additional accessories.

    5) custom exhaust work
    * increases engine performance, suits Automatic and Manual transmission cars without sacrificing comfort and fuel economy. 4-1 for manual and 4-2-1 exhaust system for auto car

    6) grounding body polish : swap basis with T/Body learning
    *Better throttle response, increases engine response.*Re-adjust idle speed to factory setting

    Our other suggestion:

    7) engine grounding cable

    8) exhaust extractor without catalytic converter

    Bagaimana menambah prestasi enjin kereta. Upgrade enjin dan modifikasi enjin

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    1. Benjami says:

      klu blh jd mcm one stop centre kereta info…lg bgus byk info blh kgsi.tq

    2. kdi says:

      hi benjami, macam mana tu? boleh terangkan lebih lanjut? cadangan anda dihargai.

    3. Muhamad Bin Barahim says:

      My problem
      1. I have 1 Family MPV CAR – NAZA CITRA 2006
      YEAR 2008 THE car having Leak Raditor tank.
      N lead to cylinder head crack. Panep workshop appoint by Kia is Kah Yong, .
      Frok that year the car

    4. Azlan says:

      Upgrade yang diterangkan tu ikut urutan ke?

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