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    Gull wing doors, from the idea of making the door just like a bird named Gull. The gullwing usually related to luxury theme. Another type of door like scissors door are mainly for sports look. This gullwing cars are very unique and really nice. But the disadvantage is you need more space around your car to open the gull wing door up. In Malaysia, we rarely see this type of door style. Only in luxury sports car like the new Mercedes Benz SLS AMG.
    Legendary Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gull-wing
    New Mercedes Gullwing already in the market either a V8 or V10 engine.  As far as horsepower is concerned, there should be plenty under the hood even for the most demanding enthusiast.  Most experts are predicting about 500 horsepower to above 650 horsepower.  In addition, for transmissions, expect all wheel drive with paddle shifting and maybe Mercedes 7-tronic automatic gearbox.  It is said that Mercedes will want to create about 6,000 of these Gullwings per year.
    ipd Volvo C30
    ipd (International Product Development)’s Volvo C30 comes draped in the colors of the Swedish flag (it may seem that the Subaru Impreza was similiarly inspired!) and puts down 384 horsepower of punishment onto the tarmac through the front wheels.
    The interior features a thoroughly custom fabricated dash, highlighted by a touch screen in the floating center stack and a heads-up instrument display. A unique feature is the fully functioning gull-wing style doors.
    Miami Super Bowl Hummer Limo Gullwing Doors!Luxury and Comfort.
    The Nuvis is, apparently, Hyundai’s latest in a proud tradition of concept cars that’ll never reach the street. Seems fitting gullwing doors are making a comeback in proper Malaise II-fashion, and this concept is certainly bringing the heat with it’s full-length set. The styling is actually not too bad for the vehicle type — if you don’t look too hard at the squinty face. According to our super-secret sources, the Nuvis will be playing the part of Thunderhawk should a remake of M.A.S.K. ever hit the silver screen.
    The citroen modified package comes with gull wing door.
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