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    Window tinted films, also called window tint, is a transparent plastic film or metallic laminate which is applied to glass windows . Many of car owners love to install window tint at some tint shop just to prevent heat and makes your car looks cool with variety of window colours.

    A lot of car window tinted shop claims that they have the best tinted film original from USA, while many of them are cheating when they provide LOW QUALITY and cheap film from China, Taiwan and Korea.

    Which Tinted brand



    This will happen if you use cheap and fake brand of tinted film (not make from USA)?

    – Temporary heat rejection functionality.
    – Heat rejection depreciate more than 50% for non original product within 1-2 years time.
    – Color will start to fade obviously.
    – Orange Peel effect appear
    – Bubbles appear
    – Obstruct drivers’ sight
    – At the end, we will waste our money for reinstall new tinted film!

    OMG!!! is Ugly!!!.


    Too many brands and product of window film in market today. How to decide which is the best value tint for our car?
    Not all window film brand carry original USA product, somehow, we do not know how to differential one to another, so, we have no choice to believed what has been convinced by the tinting business owner or sales person.
    Recently I do some study on and google on this issue in Raytech tinting website : http://raytech.com.my/
    Here, I have some useful tips to share to everybody, how to determine a good window tinted brand that selling USA original product.

    1. Search of USA manufacturer Information on that window tinting brand.
    (This is first step)
    2. Visit the USA manufacturer website for further information.
    3. Look for principle authorized certificate.
    4. Manufacturer/ brand original packaging.
    5. Brand logo print on window film.

    Taking Raytech Window Film as example on our research.

    1. Search of USA Manufacturer Information on that Window Tinting Brand.

    On Raytech official website, we can see its USA manufacturer is called Commonwealth Laminating & Coating, Inc. (CLC) from Martinsville, Virginia USA. We also can see their factory processing video on their website.

    window film factory


    2.  Visit the USA Manufacturer Website for Further Information.

    Search for the manufacturer official website. After that, click to locate the CLC worldwide distributor. You will find Ray Tech company name and address like below which shows that Ray Tech is one of the authorised distributor of original product from USA.

    Raytech Tinting Sdn Bhd : 15-17G, Jalan SR8/1 Serdang Raya, 43300, Seri kembangan, Selangor Malaysia


    clc window film usa


    3. Authorized Certificate from Principle

     In window films industry, strict rules are implied for obtaining the rights to sell the products from manufacturers. If the outlet has no proof of authorization, then their products’ place of origin will be highly questionable.

     raytech window film tinted


    4. Manufacturer / Brand Original Packaging

    Quality products must come with proper packaging with the brand name stamped on it and they will provide longer warranty period.

    window film usa


    5. Brand Logo Print on Window Film

    Not only on the packaging, you will found the brand stamped on the product itself, not just a blank tinted film without brand stamped on it.


    The rest of all brand of original packaging

    All brand logo


    That is all the 5 easy step to determine the originality of a product and the quality depends on your budget.

    For now, after some survey made, we found Ray Tech have the best SOLAR SAFETY tinted film specification from their new product:

    Centurion RX-6mil
    Film Thickness : 6mil
    VLT :58% UVR : 99% IRR : 95% TSER : 62%

    Centurion RX-4mil
    Film Thickness : 4mil
    VLT :58% UVR : 99% IRR : 95% TSER : 62%
    (This specification is already the best in Malaysia compare to other brand and we are using it now for testing. It does very well in heat rejection and we will update if the tinted film deteriorates through time)

    tmp_Raytech Advertisment1782895852


    For America Standard, and IWFA requirement 4mil safety film thickness and above are classified as safety film. The safety film must get the ANSI lab report or certificate on the break strength impact before the product can be release in to the market. Further more, safety film now is coated with heat rejection material and become best selling product in Malaysia.

    However, never make mistake that safety film is unbreakable. Every safety film has its break strength limited. Raytech 4mil Safety film can support up to 134lb break strength. Window tinted with safety film can break if the strength above the supporting limit. Although the film is make in USA.

    The best idea of safety film created is to delay window breaking in time by theft or robbery about 20 to 30 seconds. Thus,you can drive away your car.

    [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyo7UXV3AKU 425 344]



    The Company Ray Tech has grown to become one of the world’s leading companies in windows films industry. With a global network expanding to America, Europe and Asia, Raytech International Windows Film develops and markets a wide variety of products, ranging from automobile films to architecture films that comprise elite quality and durability, to earn the Company an outstanding reputation from customers worldwide.

    All Raytech Window Films are exclusively manufactured in the United States at our world-class facility in Martinsville, Virginia. At this site, CLC have invested in a broad range of production and manufacturing equipment including precision laminating and coating machinery, and a state-of-the-art dyed film line.

    Commonwealth Laminating & Coating, Inc. (CLC) is a leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of solar control window films for Automotive, Architectural, Safety & Security, and Specialty applications. The films are designed to offer solar performance including heat rejection, glare reduction, and UV protection. They also offer privacy, safety/security, and aesthetic enhancement. Our worldwide distribution network is professionally trained to offer each dealer a consistently superior experience. Wherever your location, our team is able to assist you with film selection,installation methods, tools, and delivery.




    Below are other information about window tinting…
    It is available in many different compositions with varying effects on the optical and mechanical properties of the underlying glass.Solar protection sunscreen films are layers of highly technical and very advanced plastic that are applied to your window glass changing its characteristics considerably.Tinted glass is a beautiful, tasteful way to add interest to your glass surfaces. Tinted glass or glass film is great for rooms that need privacy without sacrificing natural light. Glass film helps hold broken glass in place and reduces splintering.



    Below is some facts about car tinting and some car tinted shop information that we want to share:
    JPJ REQUIREMENT FOR CAR TINTING: Kaedah 5 (1) dan Kaedah 5 (3),Kaedah-Kaedah Kenderaan Motor (Larangan Mengenai Jenis-Jenis Kaca Tertentu) Pindaan 2000, menetapkan cermin cermin depan hendaklah telus cahaya tidak kurang 70%, manakala cermin belakang dan tepi hendaklah telus cahaya tidak kurang dari 50%



    VLT (Visible Light Transmission): Consider this carefully if you do not want to get into trouble with JPJ. As above stated, please do not exceed the amount. Please be also advised that our stock glass / window do have a certain negative percentage of VLT simply meaning do not choose tint VLT up to 70% exactly for your windscreen as your stock windscreen may have, e.g. -2% VLT, simply brings to 68% VLT only
    UV (Ultra-violet) Rejection: Having a high UV % is recommended. Most of the high-end good tint brand usually have up to 99% UV rejection. It is important as UV radiation can lead to faster ageing of the skin and risk of having skin cancer caused by ultra-violet rays.
    – IR (Infra-red) Rejection: IR simply mean heat. The higher IR rejection a tint have, the better it will do in head shielding. If you guys are looking for tints that can really keep your car cool, look for tints that have high IR rather than VLT. However, high IR tints usually cost a fortune



    These are the checklist that you need to ask before installation!!!
    1) Does the film contain metallize material that will cause rusty after several years?
    2) Normally most of the reflective color film will become “discolouration or fade” after certain time (probably 3yrs).
    3) Always ask whether is the film made of korea!!!Korea film will fade after 6months of installation.Its easy to tell the different by a touch on the film to see whether its thick enough. (at least 1.5mil)
    4) 2ply film(1.5mil) will be reasonable for the side and rear windscreen due to its double sputter coating of chemical for higher energy rejection.
    5) Price in not the main subject to determine the film is the best or worst. Most of the shop are using conventional film. Meaning all of them got their supplies from the same manufacturer which produce similar things without brand.
    6) Choosing Accessories shop for tinting service is a no – no as they are not as professional as those which only sell window film. And also they dont have a proper environment for installation. They are the so called “kedai runcit” semua gua jual, semua gua buat!
    7) Due to competition between all the window film industry, most people tend to use korea film to lower down their cost.



    V-KOOL® is a revolutionary window-coating which offers the best optimum solution to the problems that cars and buildings face from the intense Malaysian heat and sun. This multi-accolades winner was initially developed for the United States Air Force and NASA respectively by Southwall Technologies Inc. V-KOOL® films all have a special optically coated materials which selectively absorb, reflect and transmit specific ranges of electromagnetic radiation; or in layman terms, V-KOOL® films have a visible-light transmission of 73%, and rejects 94% of the heat-carrying infra-red.
    V-KOOL® was developed by Southwall Technologies located at Silicon Valley in the U.S. This technology was initially developed for specialized applications ranging from the Stealth Bomber, the Space-Shuttle, and now to your cars, buildings, and homes.
    In the Malaysian automotive industry, the trusted Spectrally-selective V-KOOL® films are incorporated as an OEM (Original-Equipment Manufacture) component by majority of renowned auto-manufacturers. Our presence in the architectural industry is equally prominent when all PETRONAS stations and The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Kuala Lumpur are protected by V-KOOL® technology.
    So, what do USAF air force pilots, NASA astronauts and more than 18 million drivers in the world have in common?
    They trust in V-KOOL® to provide a clearer view, a cooler world; day and night.




    RayBarrier, Ecotint’s top performance film, is a breakthrough in conventional window-tint films. Manufactured using ultra-fine nonoparticles of antimony tin oxide (ATO), RayBarrier offers one of the best levels of solar protection available both for the home or the car.


    RayBarrier is manufactured using nanotechnology, one of the world’s most advanced thchnologies in material sciences, which utilises smaller-than-microscopic particles as building blocks. This makes it possible to create extremely capable high performance objects to the most exact and demanding specifications.


    Each ATO particle in RayBarrier is only 10nm* in length. Its diameter is two to three hundredth the wavelength of visible light, making the film virtually colourless and extremely transparent.


    The ultrafine ATO gives the film the incredible dexterity of rejecting and transmitting only selected rays on the electromagnetic spectrum. Thus RayBarrier offers an unprecedented level of total solar heat rejection without compromising on clarity and visibility.


    It is this revolutionary technology that sets RayBarrier apart as the gold standard for ultimate sun protection.

    HOW RayBarrier window tint PROTECTS YOU?

    Besides total solar heat rejection, RayBarrier’s unique nanotechnology offers you superior all-rounder features when compared to conventional window-tints.

    • Optimum heat shielding
    RayBarrier has a 63% sunlight radiation transmittance and cuts out more than 80% of heat-bearing NIR. this keeps the temperature in your vehicle at comfortable levels without needing to blast your air-conditioner.


    Heat shielding effect of RayBarrier

    • Ultra high clarity
    RayBarrier cuts out heat, not light. Up to 80% of essential VL is let through – well within the RTD requirements for vehicles – giving the dirver a clear and undistorted view of the road.

    • Effective UV rejection
    RayBarrier rejects as much as 99.5% of harmful UV rays and protects you as well as extends the lifespan of interior fittings.

    • SMARTag – friendly
    Because of its unique nanotechnology, RayBarrier is compatible with the usage of the SMARTag and other remote devices such as handphones and walkie-talkies.

    • Durability
    RayBarrier is extremely hardy and can withstand intense solar heat without bubbling or distorting. Unlike organic films which deteriorate over time, RayBarrier maintains its first-class performance throughout.

    • Shatter resistant
    The film’s high tensile strength and resilient adhesive prevents the glass from flying when shattered upon major impact.



    Car window tint price is varied with its quality. Usually normal tinting services from tint shop in Malaysia charge around RM600 to RM2000. Anything below the price range is considered not so good and price above RM2000 is normally giving you the best quality of car window tints including for your own safety and car protection with window tinting insurance.


    So guys? How about you? What brand do you choose and how it performs?

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    49 Responses

    1. Niemans says:

      Thank you KDI. The information was informative.

      I want to bring to our readers attention to be careful about when they ask their film specialist about the film they want to install-will I run foul of the JPJ law? I can say that every the tint shop will say their films are (listen carefully) ‘JPJ Compliant’. The will not say ‘JPJ Approved’.

      As far as I know JPJ have not approve any tint in the market. So, if you do not want to pay saman if caught; I suggest that buyers go for the lighter tint which already available in the market. But really, the tint is very light and if you want to park in a taman chit chat with your girl, you won’t get the privacy feeling!

    2. bob says:

      I just install AIR COOL tint on my citra. I use the latest tint film AIR COOL DUROGARD that feature safety when knock by object. If someone try to break the windows, the can withstand the hammering more than few times. If the glass break it won’t drop into pieces, just withstand at the place. It cost me Rm700, the cheapest in the market, while others brand that I surveyed cost around RM1500 to 2300. Heat rejection 80% and UV 90%

    3. hairee says:

      Mengarut jer semua tinted niii …….. Sape nak bagitau produk diaorg tak best …… pada aku lagi gelap lagi bagus .. tu jer
      buat macam kat siam tu ….. gamble jer tinted gelap ..

    4. awg1031 says:


    5. Niemans says:

      Contrary to popular believe the darker the tint doesn’t mean it will offer the best protection. Have we have to ask ourself why do we want to use a window film in the first place?

      That’s right I hear you..to cut away the heat or glare right? To keep yourself cool right? Always ge the tint that offers high UV and high IR rejection. The higher it is the more expensive the film. Of course we have to look at our budget. Then we try to get the best with what we can afford.

      I am not hitting anyone out there but the midset of the darker the film the better it is doesn’t hold any water.

      Mind you that when you’ve installed a very dark film you’re putting yourself and other road users at risk because when you drive at night you hardly see what’s out there.

      The other day I saw a BMW pseudo M5 parked at Mid Valley (at night) nearly reversed into a family walking pass. The mother is toddling two small children. Had that accident happen I think the driver won’t see the light of the day anymore.

    6. bob says:

      you are right !
      study n survey first the brand that meet ur budget. get the best out of ur money.

    7. Hairee says:


    8. kej@m says:

      rilek bro…
      xyah maki² org bro…masing² ade pendapat sendiri..xyah gaduh² kt sini…
      xde gune pun bro…terpulang la kt masing²..nk pakai yg gelap ker, yg cerah ker…
      cume pada yg pki tinted gelap tu, kene la hati² lebih sikit…
      susah nk nampak time malam² tu jer…
      jgn gaduh² bro..cool k..


    9. Joko says:

      Murah tu bro… kat kedai mana tu ? leh bagi tau tak , aku nak pasang ket keta baru aku ni..

    10. kej@m says:

      bro bob,
      brape thikness tinted tu bro…
      aku tgk v-kool punye 4mil..tp harge ble tahan gak tu…
      wira jer die nk 600 utk cermin sisi…lom depan ngan blakang lg..

    11. Thanks for the info. We use Johnson window films as they provide the best for our customers.

    12. Niemans says:

      Midland Tinting,

      Welcome to our forum. Love to hear from you about automotive tinting happenings in UK. Over here we share anything about cars. Of course in here you’ll see that we also write the comments our mother language the Bahasa Malaysia. But nevertheless we’re passionate about cars.

    13. bob says:

      joko n kejam !
      aku pasang kat AIR COOL cheras batu 11, selangor. Pasang kat Citra aku, kalu kete sadan munkin murah lagi. Aku pasang keliling melainkan cermin depan tak pasang. kalau psg lain arga.
      Ini tinted kalau org nak pecah cermin , susah nak pecah. safety. Aku ada amik promotion kat dlm complek kat bangi utk produk yg sama tapi amoi tu kata arga rm900 dan booking gan dia kat situ. Bayar rm10 pun boleh, tapi aku tak pasang kat dia aku terus pegi centre dia lagi murah. Rm 10 bole amik balik. Cermin approve jpj punya 50% light visibility.

    14. kej@m says:

      oh..pasang keliling jer..aku igt depan skali…
      slalunye utk cermin depan la yg paling mhl…
      tp harge yg ko dpt tu mmg murah..
      bole la aku tukar nnt..yg aku pki skrg ni dpt free mse bli kereta dlu..
      die bg tinted murah jer…jenis xthn haba..

    15. iskandar says:

      aku punya tinted luar negara punya tarak heran pun buat kecoh aje i.m orang kaya aku jutawan apa NAK KESAH ………………..

    16. kej@m says:

      bro iskandar..
      nape nk kecoh² bro kaya ke jutawan ker…
      org lain xkecoh pun dieorg kaya, dieorg jutawan..
      kiteorg kt sini bincang pasal tinted kereta..bkan sape kaya..ok?..


    17. Lily says:

      Ly pkai brand auto tint hrga 580.Mhal ker x pndapat korang?Hrga utk full cermin..dpn,kiri,knan,blakang.Tp msa bli kreta dlu dpt baucer 2 rat,jst tmbh 380..

    18. deq says:

      hi,sy nk tint kete,atos..tp low bdget la..dkt gmbak ni,ad offer smapi rm50,tp a windows only la..plg2 pn,bdget 200 la,tp at least yg ade qlty cket.anyone can tell me where shud i go n what type of film wd be ok within my bdget?thanks in advance.


    19. azameel says:

      for rm200 you wont get much,
      kalau rm50 tu mmg cosmetic semata2,
      darker doesnt mean more heat rejection and look for the percentage of infrared rejection, NOT UV,
      kalo pg kdai sume ckp UV 99%, tapi yg penting reject infrared,
      so kalau RM200 punye budget mane2 pon dkat same, dont expect much,
      btw, tinted aku pon rm188 je hehe,

    20. BB says:

      hai all…cakap murah,siapa boleh lawan perfect cool…ko rang buat safety rm700,aku buat rm500,lagi 5mils…kerja cun.filem berkualiti…normal filem hanya rm300 jer…kedai ni memang murah lagi profesional in tinting…kat air leleh melaka…webside mudah.my juga ada iklan nya…boleh masuk tengok la…

    21. deq says:

      for rm200 you wont get much,
      kalau rm50 tu mmg cosmetic semata2,
      darker doesnt mean more heat rejection and look for the percentage of infrared rejection, NOT UV,
      kalo pg kdai sume ckp UV 99%, tapi yg penting reject infrared,
      so kalau RM200 punye budget mane2 pon dkat same, dont expect much,
      btw, tinted aku pon rm188 je hehe,

      em,tinted 188 tu katne?includg labour eh?film jenis pe ye?tq;)

    22. gabby says:

      aku wat tinted murah je kat brothers shah alam untuk citra satu kereta termasuk cermin depan rm400,sbb aku tak mampu nak tint kete mahal2..ikut bajet gak…

    23. azameel says:

      deq, haah skali labour, full satu keta, 5 window + windshield
      skali labour, brand NS cool tint, kalo x silap infra red injection 55% je rasenye
      aku buat kat kajang, searchla kt google Ns cool tint tu, mesti ade punye

    24. Lily says:

      jwb la pertanyaan ly tu.. :-)

    25. deq says:

      azameel,ha’ah bru plan nk g c2 wkend ni,die ade 2 cwgn kn?1 kat cheras n kajang kn?igt nk g cheras..oh,u pakai yg promotion rm180 type A 2 ke bro?color pe?so far,ok x?w/manship pn ok eh?thanks to u ;)

    26. azameel says:

      haah..180 bkn 188, lupe plak,
      tataula nk ckp mcm mane, sbab aku pon jarang kuar pagi, pastu aircond plak rosak, so ok la kot,
      workmanship tu biase2 jela, die ade warranty brape lame ntah, aku pakai kaler ijau,
      tapi kale die x reflective, just kaler biase je.

      owh, Ly , azameel sndiri pon pakai tinted 200 je,
      tataula mahal ke x arge tu,tapi brand mcm ok je, pastu dapt diskaun 200 tu kire murahla tu,
      infra red rejection doe brape percent? kalo tinggi ok la tu,
      x kirela tinted tu mahal ke x, janji puas hati pakai, sbab duit pon dah kuar kan,
      kalo dah bli brg tu jgnla banding2 dah, bak kate pepatah ntah dari mane, biar menyesal bli dari menyesal x bli..hehe

    27. deq says:

      hehe pepatah pe 2?1st time dgr,bgs gak ek? ehe..oh,a’ah dh g dh hr tu..wat kaler htm,kat cheras..igtkn mlayu,cine rupeny..tp xpe la,aku msyrakat majmuk ehe..puas ati gak la ehehs thnx bro

    28. azameel says:

      owhh, ok ar tu
      budget tinted, same ar ngan aku,
      student lg kan..tpi kalo puas ati ok la

    29. pesal pes says:

      macammana kalau dah tinted 50% gelap murah punya then wat satu lagi layer tinted yg UV dgn infra red rejection yg mahal punya…?
      good idea? bad idea? JPJ approval? side effect? comments?

    30. deq says:

      pesal,aku rs bek ko mntk suggestion org kedai tu..sbb kdg2 ade side effect gak kalo nk double layered ni..or myb org tu akn suh ko bkk lu yg lame tu.

    31. gabby says:

      takde masalah rasanya, sbb aku baru double tint cermin citra aku kat brothers ampang..kene rm130 je..gelap cam wish..hehehehehe..aku tint skali lampu aku depan belakang..cost me about rm75..sbb lampu citrakan besar..

    32. pesal pes says:

      owh… gelap cam wish compom tak lepas JPJ… Wish punya cermin memang natural gelap takde tinted, tapi ni kereta wish yg import nyer lar.. tak macam yg local punya wish, agak cerah lar cermin dia, rugi2 beli wish local ni…
      ade member aku citer cermin wish yg gelap kaw2 tu kalau test dgn alat jpj memang akan lepas, punya.. betul ke aku tak tahu lar… kalau member aku tipu, aku ni pun penipu…. huhuhu
      anyway gabby, thanks, nanti aku nak double layer cermin ku…

    33. mapcrackhead says:

      macam mau detect ecotint itu fake or real one?

    34. nik says:

      Say my budget for my 320i e90 is rm1800,
      which would be best;

      1) Ecotint
      2) V-Kool
      3) RayTech
      4) 3M
      5) Kristalbond

      Pls advise, thanks guys!

    35. Niemans says:

      The tint you mentioned above all represent quality and the budget you have is sufficient for the mid high range films. Mind you, you’re driving an E90-surely money is no problemo.

      It doesn’t matter which one you choose but make sure the installation and workmanship is excellent. Always look for high UV and heat rejections. And get a very good front windscreen film.

    36. nik says:

      tx bro,
      but based on my budget stated,
      which brand would u personally opt & which package in particular?

      Money is 1thg, but most importantly, money has 2b well spent, no? :P

      Appreciate ur wise opinion 4d most value for money package, tx again dude!

    37. vexxan says:

      hi guys, how do i really know what i get is what i paid??Coz,i just had my front wind shield installed with V-Kool Elite,which cost Rm950 for my Honda Crv.I was away for lunch and left my car at the tint shop to do job.i hv a feeling this new tint is not as effective as the previous one,coz i feel abit more sun heat at the front than the side when the sun shines on both sides.Any where u can verify it???Coz to me V-kool Elite and Perfect looks the same and there is nothing on the film which tells them apart,but they cost alot different.Any ideas,guys??TX

    38. qriusje says:

      Hi guys,
      I got my MPV fixed with Wingard tint for safety purpose n it cost me RM 1300.
      Is that a fair price?
      The youtube demo was rather convincing.

    39. siti says:

      baru lepas tinted 4 hri lepas.guna tinted 3m. memang best..
      masa mula2 smpai kedai tu was2 jugak sbb siti xpenah drg 3m.
      tp bila dia dh explain..siap test guna alat(utk tengok brp pratus uv tinted tu)….terus jtuh cinta.
      sbb kan siti ni first customer dia pg tu n siap bodek2 sikit bro tu,siti dpt harga rm400 je untuk satu kereta.
      mmg bagus sgt..siti dh try jemur kereta…mmg cool.
      mmg tak menyesal langsung..

    40. arie68 says:

      Boleh bagi spec mana yang JPJ lulus. Senang saya nak tinted exora saya nanti.
      Jenama, spec dan harganya sekali. Taklah tertipu dan disaman JPJ.

    41. Joko says:

      Artikel kat atas tu dah dijelaskan, bahwa syarat JPJ ialah VLT ( Visible Light Trans.) mesti jgn kurang 70% bagi cermin depan dan 50% cermin sisi dan belakang. Yang lain macam UV dan IR tu tak kesah, tapi ciri2 ni tak menjejaskan warna kegelapan tinted. Lagi tinggi IR lagi kuat tapisan haba serta lebih mahal. ketebalan 4mil – 8mil (Kalis pecah)pun tak kesah. Tapi untuk MPV, cermin sisi ketiga (last) tak kesah bubuh gelap lebih 50%.

      Tak kira apa jenama pun ko nak pakai, syarat JPJ hanya kepada ciri2 VLT sahaja.

      Kalau ko punya kereta MPV, pakailah yg tinggi penangkis habanya (IR) sebab nak harapkan air-cond ajer tak memadai, selain dari ambil masa nak sejukkan ruangan kabin, masa cahaya matahari terik, kepanasan tetap mengganggu keselesaan penumpang yg duduk di tepi tingkap. Minyak pun kuat sebab kompressor kena kerja lebih.

    42. kawan_liza says:

      3m Rm 400 murah nyer ….. pasang kat maner?? .

    43. al-asil says:

      cik siti,

      kat mana ye siti pasang tinted 3m tu yek? share la kat sini

    44. black evia says:

      kata orng tinted nie. klu kita pasang mkin hari(makan masa jgk la)
      dia akn mkin nipis..cth;gelap akn jd mkin terang dek kna matahari memanjang..
      so.. adakah itu perkara biasa?..
      xkira la,tinted mahal @ murah.. smpai masa wrna akn jd luntur..
      kdg2 merekah,bouble2 kt tingkap..

      soalan nya..
      berapa lama jngka hayat sesuatu tinted film ni?..
      & bilakah wktu yg sesuai klu nk gntikan dengan yg baru?..

    45. mel says:

      kalo yg mahal2 punye biase x luntur
      kalo murahnye cpat le luntur
      bubble tu pon biase jadi kat tint yg murah
      nk senang sket cari tinted yg ade warranty

      bile nak tukar? biler nampak x cantik ataupon dah rase panas tu tukar la
      xpon tukar bile wallet penuh hehe

    46. robert says:

      Dear Friend.
      We are registered limited company in Uganda East Africa under the company law act. We well established reseller of various products in East African region with our head offices in Uganda and different branches in Kenya, Rwanda, DRC Congo and South Sudan.

      We are much interested in some of your products and would wish to start our
      business transactions with your company.

      with large volumes each,we prefer that you firstly open credit insurance
      line for our company The terms will be open accounts with credit insurance coverage and payments to be made 90 days after B/L date via T/T transfer.
      Our company is willing and ready to cooperate with your insurers to enable them investigate the creditworthiness of our company. For example upon your advice we shall be sending detailed company information including audited financials books for your onward transmission to your insurers.
      Awaiting for your soonest, kind response and further advice.


    47. max says:

      I dont agree with the statement above regarding Korea made film…which i know SunNano from korea does provide one of the best film in the industries.
      They provide accurate IR reading tested with the machine they provide (mayb u guys will say that they only test their film, but on the spot i pass them raytxxh sample film as well as v kxxl film non of them provide genuine IRR rating which surprised me). They provide the machine to measure true IRR rating on the film and after install on my car, they do test again on my car window.
      On the other hand, on every square feet of their film, there will be serial number and model code printed on it. It makes me feel more confident with their products. Because i tint before my car with Raytxxh, it doesnt have the serial number on my window film and yet they claim my film have high IRR ratings about 95. When i tear it out and check, my film they install only 76% which is much lower than what they claim is.
      It makes me feel disappointed with that brand.
      Truely, in market , alot of the accs and tint shop claim their products from korea which is originally made in china. Thats what confusing us as customer.
      Maybe u guys should try to tint with SunNano Window Film.
      Good quality with cheaper price compare to US brand and they do provide long period of warranty up to 10 years. Performance wise is much better than US products. Most important part is they provide genuine Infrared Rejection and film.
      No HANKY-PANKY….

    48. ZamBoboi E46 says:

      Den baru pasang tint untuk kereta BR-V den kat seremban 2. Nampak iklan mereka kat mudah.Sebaris dengan mee kari railway. Memang kemas dan murah kedai tu. TINT3D.
      Dealer honda saya ni nak je paksa saya pasang tint kat kedai panel mereka tapi den pernah ada pengalaman pahit bagi dealer pasang tint untuk keta baru den. Mereka selalu pasang tinted murah tapi caj mahal. selepas 3-5 bulan, terasa panas plak. Saya pernah pergi kedai Raytech dan windgard utuk survey tapi harga terkejut :(
      Kedai ni memang puas hati. Sejuk dan selesa kereta den :)

    49. Sam says:

      Saya tinted perodua aruz saya dgn tinted raytech. Windscreen ultra 70 yg lain centurion rx ( black). Kualiti mmg best,sbb dia tser lbh kurang 62%. Tp harga mmg harga yahudi la. Tp berbaloi la utk bg dr sndr dan anak2 sejuk duduk dlm kete.

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