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    Buying New Car and Used Car in Malaysia

    There are many brand of new car and used car for sell in Malaysia. To buy, you need to know what actually you need and the budget must fits your needs.

    For example, because of the fuel price getting higher, you need to consider which car is the most fuel efficient available in Malaysia. if you are not worried with the fuel price, then think of another main criteria to choose your car. Maybe you need spacious vehicle then go for MPV. Other criteria is performance, design, luxury and technology.

    most fuel efficient car

    Then you decide to between used car or new car to buy. There are some advantages and disdvantages of new car and used car

    New car vs used car. Which car is right for you?

    Consider the following.

    Owning a brand new car is exciting. But financially speaking, it makes more sense to buy a used car. As soon as you drive a new car off the lot, it loses a great portion of its value. This is because your car is no longer “new”.

    New cars lose about 40% of their value within 3 years, then depreciation starts to slow down. Why not buy a used car and allow someone else to take that depreciation hit?

    The previous owner will have absorbed the steepest part of the depreciation cycle. At that point the costs of owning and operating the car will be reduced. The money you save on depreciation will surely go a long way.

    Another benefit of buying used car in Malaysia is lower cost. By buying used car you pay less. You will also save on financing costs, insurance premiums, registration and licensing fees. You don’t have to worry about paying sales tax.

    Malaysia used car? Is it worth for me?

    buying used car

    As with everything else there are a few downsides to buying a used car. There are greater chances for costly unwarranted repairs. You may very soon have to do major maintenance on your used car, including replacing tires, battery, brakes, muffler, and perhaps even the transmission.

    A used car is usually less reliable. You don’t know exactly what you’re getting into and how the previous owner treated the car. However, every situation is different and some used models may actually be far more reliable than some new car.

    So, Get and read tips to buy a used car!

    malaysia used car

    If you can pay cash, go with the new car way. Enjoy the feeling of knowing you’re the original owner of a new car in mint condition. Nothing can replace that feeling.

    Otherwise do not hang your hat higher than you can reach. Practice financial prudence. Save your money and comfort yourself knowing that one day you will be able to afford that new car of the dream car. One day when money is no object.

    For info, interest rate for used car or used vehicle is around 4-5% per year.

    While new car, new vehicle or unregistered car interest rate of loan is 2-4%.

    Usually for local or Malaysia new car interest rate is higher than outside new car such as Honda and mitsubishi.

    malaysia new car

    What you say, readers?

    Beli kereta terpakai atau kereta baru sahaja?

    P/s: jawab jangan tak jawab.

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    6 Responses

    1. Sempoyo says:

      mmm.. kalau ler nak pikiak skarang ni, nak beli kereta baru, mahal sangat. Beli Kereta Terpakai murah tapi risiko rosak pulak. Beli jela kereta baru! wawawa

    2. NuR says:

      what’s the tips for buying a used car? normally, what should we look for? if i choose to buy a used car, what is the best between go directly to the dealer or can i just buy it through internet? i’m too afraid to take the risk but yet still financially unstable too..huhu..

    3. ahmadmizi says:

      tengok kereta jugalah kalau kereta mahal, baik beli kereta baru kalau kereta murah, beli kereta terpakai ja

    4. rahimi says:

      normally we look for the condition of the car whether it is still in good cond. Then, to buy a new car, it is advised that you should do some survey through internet about the standard price, year, spec and the best deal you can get. then try to go to the shop/showroom. get sufficient info before you buy any car. -usahasama auto network enterprise

    5. azameel says:

      Nur, in my opinion the best way to buy a used car is to buy directly from owner usually from advertisment on the net or magazine or even newspaper.You can ask a lot more about the car from the owner of the car rather than asking the dealer who actually doesnt own the car.Plus you can get cheaper price with direct dealing.And sometime used car dealer can do a temporary repair just to hide the problem of the car where eventually it will break down again sooner or later.n what to look for?it is the condition of the engine,make sure no weird sound or heavy vibration,condition of body(rust), whether the car had a major accident or not(accident may disturb the chassis and effect the stability and safety of the car ),make sure the car is not cut and joint (kereta potong) ask the service history of the car and warranty if it is still available.

    6. Isaac says:

      One day when money is no object, i’ll feed the poor and buy my a superb car ;)

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