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    Have you heard about gyroscopes?.Gyroscopes is one of the important instruments used in the old and modern aircraft.It consists of gimbal, frame and also rotor.You can watch in the youtube on how it is operated.Normally for aircraft it give you the attitude indicator.Now the concept applied to the Bridgestone Falcon Concept Car.For this concept car it is equipped with two tilt sensors and also fives gyroscopes.The Gyroscopes in this Falcon do not affect the balance, but they are merely used as a sensor.So, this is the combination of a car and an aircraft.

    Designed by Samir Sadikhov the Bridgestone Falcon Concept Car is more than just your standard old rocket auto, it’s also a Segway!.** The vehicle stands up in its front two wheels when it switches to city mode which makes it easier for handling those tight streets and tight parking spaces.

    Falcon is an innovative concept both “unprecedented” and dynamic suggesting an elegant synthesis between two worlds – that a car by its front aspect and double rotatable jet propelled engines by its rear aspect. These engines are giving a lot of extra power when you do race, and they push up the rear of vehicle to reach the vertical position for the city mode then they turn off.

    Variation to rocket type vehicle, the Falcon Concept Car has only two wheels at the front side, and no wheels at the rear.

    **Segway (from our second paragraph) = The Segway is a two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle.

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