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    New Contribution By Quemex

    message: I found this giant modified car picture on the net. I think dis is da biggest car that has been modified. =)

    amazing car

    KDI: Really, this vehicle is big and maybe has the title for most big nicely modified vehicle in the world. The vehicle is maybe based on a bigfoot or a giant truck. Just look at how big it is when you compare to the small cone and the big building near to it. I wonder how expensive is the very big chrome sport rims.. Or maybe.. this is just a replica of a big vehicle. However, it is very attractive!



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    5 Responses

    1. apisZ says:

      Haha gempak t0h.. Sport rim 18 kaki.

    2. apa2 ajer says:

      mak ooiii..
      besaq kedabak macam nenek gajah.. ini dah sebesar 1 unit rumah teres 2 tingkat ni

    3. apa2 ajer says:

      macam raksaksa transformers versi Jepun la pulak pun ada

    4. er.. keta mainan??
      cool.. XD

    5. babyboy says:

      pergh.. dump truck pun dia org nak modi..
      camne nak bwk kat tapak pameran tu ekk..

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