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    Just want to know more about what is the best brand for car audio amplifier? I am curious to know more on how to have a good sound system in a car with the cheapest audio system or lowest budget. Below is some of the tips to install amplifier (tips pemasangan amplifier) that i found. Hope anybody can share your experience about your amplifier system and good brand for it.



    Amplifiers can really turn your system on. With more power you’ll achieve a cleaner, more dynamic sound at higher volumes. But installing an amplifier yourself can be tricky. Be sure to plan your installation carefully.

    Never mount amps or other components directly to the metal of your car. (That’s just asking for noise problems.)

    Instead, use screws with rubber isolators when you have to mount to metal, or mount the component to a non-conductive board and then mount the board to your car’s body. And before you drill holes to mount anything, hook the component up and give it a test run in your chosen location. How smug will you feel after finding that noise problem can be fixed simply by moving your amp to a new location… before you’ve drilled?

    Amps are sensitive to electrical and motor noise, and they can interfere with your radio reception. They should be mounted at least 3 feet away from your head unit.

    You can mount an amp under a front seat. This is close to your head unit, so you’ll be able to use shorter cables to both the head unit and the speakers, but larger amps won’t work here.

    Mount an amp on the passenger side firewall; you won’t have to remove the seat, but again only a very small amp will fit.

    Better yet, mount your amp in your trunk, where it will have plenty of room to breathe, which is important because…

    Amps produce a lot of heat. You’ll see cooling fins on an amp. They radiate that heat into the surrounding air to help cool the amp. For these fins to operate properly, they need a few inches of air space around them at all times. Also, try to keep them vertical. Amps should not be mounted with the fins facing downward (because heat will radiate back up into the amp).

    Guys, lets talk about amp brand here! How many watts is enough for subwoofer and speaker to be fitted with amplifier?

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