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    Benji’s Proton GEN2

    Today, we want to give you some information about about this modified Proton GEN2 H-Line.The owner of this Proton GEN2 is Benji Marshall from the Wests Tigers Rugby League Team.All of this information we got from Brisbane Proton website from Australia.Benji modify his car with the help from the Fast 4’s Magazine.This car already showed in the 2007 Brisbane Motor Show.From what we can see, we already know that Benji really love his car.Both interior and exterior are so smart.


    With striking orange colour at the both side from the front to the back, this GEN2 really looks like a tiger.Iā€™m sure that many people will stop and stare at this car.It is suitable with the Proton badge and Wests Tigers Rugby Team Logo which is tiger.One of the major changes that we can see from this car is its scissor doors.Other modifications are sports exhaust, modified cold air intake, and also customised body panels.


    The interior of this car also received aesthetic modifications with the seats had been changed with the full custom leather.An X-box also equipped with this car.For the audio systems, this GEN 2 equipped with DVD sound system with three screens, 2 power amplifiers and also 2 subwoofers. Nice and powerful sounds for sure!


    For the sports rim, Benji used chrome colour 22ā€ alloys rims wrapped in 35Z Profile Tyres.For better handling this GEN2 used adjustable air bag suspension and also different strut brace.


    Two Subs and two Amps for this car audio systems.

    We would like to congratulate Benji for his beautiful Proton GEN2.

    Read the detail specs of Benji’s Proton GEN2 below:
    Full Custom Leather interior
    DVD Sound System with 3 Screens
    2 Power Amps
    2 Subs
    22″ Alloys with 35Z Profile Tyres
    Different Strut Brace
    Adjustable Air Bag Suspension
    Extractors & Sports Exhaust
    Modified Cold Air Intake
    Customised Body Panels with:
    -Running Boards
    -Scissor Doors
    -Black/Orange Harlequin Paint


    Looks different from the standard GEN2 right?


    You can play games in this car! Haha..maybe for your child.


    The engine still standard..nothing much different.

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    9 Responses

    1. NuuV says:

      Nice bro..we proud Malaysian Brand :-)

    2. Niemans says:

      Nice interior and quality workmanship. The mod itself costs more than the car already.

      He only goes for aesthetic, ICE and ride handling and minor engine tune up features. I think the next step (if any) should be doing some serious engine tuning, maybe adding in a supercharger or a bolt on turbo system for NA engine would be nice. In Aussie he will have no problem finding one.

      Frankly the 22″ rim is faux pas for a car of this size.

    3. Joko says:

      Peh.. aku ingat kalau aku nak masuk kereta ni, kena bukak kasut lah kut (barefoot), takut kotor carpet cantik tu..huhu

    4. yob says:

      kalo ade duet sume bole jadik…haha

    5. apisZ says:

      1st time tgk keta buatan malaysia pkai rim 22..

    6. apa2 ajer says:

      west tiger tu pasukan yg ditaja oleh Proton.. so Gen2 ni Proton bagi free ke kepada semua ahli pasukan ragbi tu? Memang cantik la tambah2 rim 22′ tu.. tp kalau letak rim besar gajah tu best x bawak? sapa2 da pengalaman…

      lain2 aku suka pintu depan dia ( org malaysia pun da byk buat ), skrin siap ada function game lagi ngan carpet.. interior aku x suka sbb colour oren terlalu menonjol tapi kalau colour hitam aku suka.. kalau nak buat interior mcm dia sapa2 yg pakar agak2 makan brp RM minimum ?

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