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    Some of us specially car fanatics oftenly love to look different and unique from others. They modify whatever they can to reach their level of satisfaction. One of the most important car parts that can be modified is the car lamp/lights. Below are some of the available tail light / tail lamp for some car that attracts the eyes of people around with the retail price of the lamp.

    According to research, LED can response faster than filament bulb. In short, LED Tail Lamp tends to be safer at high speed where cars at your back can see the brake light faster than filament bulb when you hit the brake pedal.

    Proton Waja LED Tail Lamp  = RM650

    proton waja tail lamp led

    waja bmw tail lamp led proton waja bmw tail lamp led

    Proton Gen2 LED Tail Lamp = RM650

    gen2 led tail lamp


    Honda JAZZ TAIL LAMP LED = RM900


    Toyota Yaris CRYSTAL Tail Lamp LED = RM800

    Toyota Yaris CRYSTAL Tail Lamp LED


    Toyota Vios CRYSTAL Tail Lamp = RM700

    Toyota Vios CRYSTAL Tail Lamp

    Toyota Avanza LED Tail Lamp = RM650

    Toyota Avanza LED Tail Lamp


    PERODUA MYVI [LA-5268-1] 3D Crystal Tail Lamp Made In Japan = Rm750

    Myvi Tail Lamp

    The lights specified above usually comes with 1 year warranty. Price for Buying the tail lamp online is included with the shipping fee.

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    11 Responses

    1. bagus, kreatif, Insya Allah bisa terus berinovasi

    2. amanda stankevicius says:

      Proton Gen2 LED Tail Lamp = RM650 how much would that be in australian dollars plus shipping. i live in australia

    3. virusxxl says:

      Adakah menjadi kesalah atau tidak jika menukar lampu depan dan belakang contohnya seperti projector atau lampu belakang yang fancy dan menarik yang mengubah design asal kereta? JPJ kacau tak? JPJ ni kadang2 dengki spoiler tinggi sikit pun tak boleh …bumper lain sikit pun tak bole…apalah!

    4. pening says:

      Macam mane nak dapatkan lampu projector depan untuk vios?dan jenis modelnya?i‘m stay in seremban..pls..help me.

    5. enongbagaskara says:

      untuk lampu avanza lead tail lamp, kalo boleh tau belinya dimana dan harganya berapa?

    6. Norman says:

      Ade tak untuk saga blm?

    7. ericlee828 says:

      mana bole beli perodua myvi 3D Crystal Tail Lamp?

    8. iqmal says:

      Mana boleh saya beli untuk honda accord model 2006?

    9. syamzri12 says:

      hi guys… where can i get the LED tail lamp for Honda JAZZ? where is the shop? and how to contact? im from kuala lumpur here.. thanks in advance…

    10. steven tan says:

      Got nissan almera tail lamp led .

    11. dennis says:

      got mazda5 2006 model rear lamp

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