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    Banking institution in Malaysia shouldnt have a problem in approving a loan especially in automotive market as they have not much burden on it. Now many of Automotive company in Malaysia has started to invest on their own credit organisation that will provide car loan to their own car buyers such as Naza Credit and Suzuki. But unfortunately, there are more restriction if applying loan from the credit organization and it is harder than from banking institution. Below are news from bernama about bank should be proactive in approving more loans.


    It is not the government’s role to function as a bank to address lending or car loan issues, International Trade and Industry Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said today.

    “Banks should do their job properly under the circumstances. They should not be so stingy in processing applications,” he told reporters at the soft launch of the National Mark for Malaysia Brand and Brand Entrepreneur Conference 2009 here.

    Also at the launch, Raja Muda Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah delivered the keynote address.

    “If banks are not proactive, the economy will shrink,” he warned.

    Muhyiddin said the government might assist businesses by giving soft loans and grants but “the bigger chunk of loans would come from the banks”.

    He was commenting on a recent suggestion by Tengku Tan Sri Dr Mahaleel Tengku Ariff that the government should act as a banker to address lending issues by banks.

    The former group chief executive officer of Proton Holdings Bhd said that lending issues needed to be dealt with first so as to spur economic activities, particularly in the motor vehicle and construction industries.

    Muhyiddin said that banks should have no problem in giving out loans as they were in a resilient position with low non-performing loan rate and higher liquidity ratio.

    “They may just be having psychological problems about what is happening in Europe and the United States,” he said.

    The minister said businesses were still exporting and ordering goods and products, adding that “if the export facilities are not granted, who is going to export?”

    Earlier in his speech, Muhyiddin said that banks needed to start lending and consumers needed to spend more for demand to increase.

    “Only then can the wheels of the economy start churning, cross-border trades increase and the economies of nations pick up speed,” he said.

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    1. lapuce says:

      No matter how Govenrment is asking all banks to be proactive they are still reluctant to give loans to customer. I had this experienced today when I was told that my car loan has been rejected with very simple reasons:
      a) I am a new customer to them with no record for any loans, thus they are not able to compare or judge whether or not I would be a good paymaster,
      b) although I have 15 years working experienced in the previous company and just joined a new company (due to good salary package) that is less than a year, they feel I am still very new to the company,
      c) they said the loan amount that I asked is too high, where the value of the car is RM 135k and I only asked for RM 105k loan, even though the expected monthly repayment would be around 16% of my basic salary and I can afford to pay it monthy, they still said it’s rather too high loan I requested,
      d) even though I am cleared from CCRIS and CTOS, they still refuse to approve my loan.
      And this is ONE of the reason why Malaysian goes to ALONG!!! Obviously Government do not and would never see all this or hear about this. Banks are not helping people at all. But of course if you have “kakis” in the bank or a relative to some Datuk’s or Tan Sri’s, they would approve your loan within a day at most within 2 days. I have lost my respect towards this particular bank that I am dealing with and I will tell all my relatives and friends not to take loan from this particular bank. They are either too stupid or they have no money in the bank, that’s my conclusion.

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