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    Proton-Mitsubishi ventures to develop a new model for Proton is one of the successful cooperation between Malaysia and Japan.We hope that this cooperation will make Proton to be more competitive in .Read the detail news from bernama below:-


    The Proton-Mitsubishi venture will see another successful cooperation bid between Japan and Malaysia, says Japanese Ambassador to Malaysia, Masahiko Horie.

    “Originally Mitsubishi was a partner. At one time they had retreated. But I heard recently Mitsubishi will again rejoin as partner and I hope another Malaysia-Japan cooperation will be put into implementation,” he told Bernama in an interview here.

    National car manufacturer, PROTON Holdings Bhd‘s wholly-owned subsidiary Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Sdn Bhd was reported to have signed a development agreement with Mitsubishi Motors Corp of Japan to develop a new vehicle model for Proton.

    Under the agreement, they would work out the details of work, target specifications, job sharing and time schedule as determined by both parties.

    Masahiko said Malaysia and Japan had concluded the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) in 2006 which is expected to not only reduce Customs tariffs within five to 10 years to zero but also provide for a more wider scope of cooperation between Malaysia and Japan.

    On another note, the ambassador said Malaysia continued to be an attractive destination for Japanese investors.

    “I have been explaining that Malaysia is a very good destination for Japanese direct investment.

    “There are 1,400 Japanese in Malaysia and since the year 2000 many more Japanese have returned to this market,” he said.

    Masahiko said the basic advantage of Malaysia for foreign investments was its very good infrastructure and relatively high level labour force, political, economic and social stability, and high number of English speaking people.

    He said Malaysian workers were also very faithful to their management and were diligent and hence there was very little job hopping.

    In China for instance, the Japanese representatives or presidents in operation have informed that keeping a staff was relatively more difficult there.

    Most of the time, after being trained well for a few years with the hope of making them the leaders or heads in the factories, these workers put in their resignation as they get pinched by other companies.

    Job hopping is common but that is not the case in Malaysia. “They (the workers) are very happy,” he said.

    This is an advantage for Malaysia, Masahiko added.

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      mitsibishi + proton?? okla tu,lps ni sumer kete CBU jepun terus tukar lambang proton je …baru meletupp

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